Best OnePlus 12 screen protectors 2024

Buying one of the best OnePlus 12 screen protectors is an obligation, not an option. Unless you like having tiny scratches and scrapes on your brand-new phone's face, put a decent screen guard on your device as soon as possible. Anything can cause little nicks and scratches, from buttons to keys in your pockets.

There are two main types of screen protectors you can choose from for your OnePlus 12. There's the standard tempered glass which prevents shatters more efficiently. Then you have plastic films which provide far better touch response but aren't always as durable as glass protectors. A third option to consider is liquid screen protection. At the end of the day, it all boils down to personal preference and your lifestyle. Butterfingers are recommended to stick with glass options.

Protect your OnePlus 12's display with these screen guards

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Glass or film, a screen protector is better than nothing

Don't be brave, rocking your expensive flagship in the nude could prove to be fatal. Put on one of the best OnePlus 12 screen protectors to keep its crisp and vivid AMOLED panel intact. Happily, none of the best picks cost more than $15 at max.

For the best overall pick, we chose the highly-rated Willone Screen Protector. It's a cheap four-pack that has two sturdy tempered glass screen protectors for the OnePlus 12's display both of which have undergone the oleophobic treatment. This means you don't have to worry about nasty smudges or fingerprints on the screen guard. On top of that, you also get two camera lens protector films.

If you don't like glass, we recommend the affordable soliocial 2 Pack Hydrogel Screen Protector for OnePlus 12. This is a basic two-pack of hydrogel plastic screen protector for the OnePlus 12. There aren't any camera lens guards included but you still get great value considering the price. Hydrogel screen guards deliver much better touch response as we have seen in our testing.

After you're done picking out a nice set of screen protectors, grab a sturdy case for your phone. Feeling unsure about what to buy? We've researched and short-listed all the best OnePlus 12 cases so you don't have to. From basic thin cases to MagSafe-compatible bumper covers, there's a lot from which to choose.

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