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1. Best Google Pixel Watch 2 bands
2. How to pick the right band

The second-gen Google Pixel Watch 2 is nearly indistinguishable from the first Pixel Watch. The plus side of this is that the Pixel Watch 2 is backwards compatible, so you can reuse your old Pixel Watch bands on it.

If you're looking to switch up your Pixel Watch 2's look, there are plenty of excellent watch bands available. Google's own straps look and feel great, but if you want to opt for a third-party brand, you've got a decent assortment to choose from as well. So sit back, relax, and have fun picking one of the best Google Pixel Watch 2 bands that we have rounded up for you.

Best Google Pixel Watch 2 bands

How to pick the right band

Many of the best Google Pixel Watch 2 bands overlap with the best Pixel Watch bands because Google retained the same connector system on its second-gen wearable. The propriety connectors make it difficult to find a perfectly fitting third-party strap, which is why our top recommendation is the first-party Google Pixel Watch Woven Band.

Google added new colors along with the Pixel Watch 2 release, but it was the same band as the one that launched with the original Pixel Watch. This eco-friendly watch band is made of recycled fabric and plastic materials. The lugs are plastic, which won't sit well with everyone, but you do get the added benefit of the entire thing being waterproof. This stretchy woven band isn't adjustable, but it expands and contracts to fit most wrists.

If you're looking for something breathable, the newer Google Pixel Watch Active Sport Band is a great pick. This silicone band comes in plenty of signature Pixel colorways. It has cleverly placed holes all around the band to allow for better airflow, plus it's waterproof, too. The Google Pixel Watch Active Sport Band is the ideal band for working out, outdoor activities, or doing anything that's physically demanding.

For third-party bands, we love the affordable TenCloud Metal Link Band for Google Pixel Watch. This metal links band is unbelievably cheap, coming in at a fraction of what the official Google Metal Links Band costs. Since $200 is too rich for nearly anybody's blood, this under-$10 stainless steel band is a superbly cost-effective alternative. You can choose from one of three metallic hues to match your Pixel Watch 2.

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