Best first-party Google Pixel Watch bands 2023

We absolutely adore the stunning Google Pixel Watch because of its distinct circular design and its clean UI. There's so much to love about this Android smartwatch, but its looks and lightweight build are definitely what give it an edge over the competition.

Whether you choose the Wi-Fi variant or the LTE model, the Pixel Watch comes with Google's Active Band as standard. It's good, but if you don't want to wear a rubber band all the time, you can always buy one (or a few!) of these best first-party Google Pixel Watch bands separately. Google's own options are expensive, but they'll offer a perfectly seamless and secure fit with your Pixel Watch.

Stunning Pixel Watch bands that are made by Google

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Google's own Pixel Watch bands are standout options, but they are costly

While you have a diverse array of options to pick from the best Pixel Watch bands available out there, third-party offerings can't match the fit and finish you'll get if you go for one of the best first-party Pixel Watch bands for your new smartwatch. There is no doubt that the Google Pixel Watch is a looker, so it only makes sense to pair it up with the right accessories.

The Active Band that you get with the Pixel Watch is ideal for everyday use. You can wear it to work or when you're working out, and there are plenty of colors to choose from. It's also the cheapest first-party Pixel Watch band you can get.

Rubber straps don't exactly scream luxury, which is why you'll need the Metal Links Band for special events and formal occasions. We understand that spending $200 on a smartwatch band may not be affordable for everyone, so if you want something classy to go with dressier outfits, one of the leather bands made by Google will do the job too.

For those who value comfort over everything else, the soft and cozy Stretch Band is a good choice. If you want something that's just as comfortable but looks more stylish, the Woven Band can be a suitable alternative.

Watch bands are good for changing up your wearable's look, but you also need to keep it safe. So, make sure you've got one of these best screen protectors for your Google Pixel Watch as well.

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