Google's Pixel Buds Pro may pick up one of the Pixel 7's best calling features

Holding the Google Pixel Buds Pro in hand.
(Image credit: Ted Kritsonis / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • The Pixel Buds Pro will apparently receive Clear Calling support in a future update.
  • This feature uses machine learning to filter out background noise and improve the voice of the person you're speaking with on the phone.
  • Google will also reportedly roll out a super wide band speech capability to its premium earbuds.

Google is reportedly adding the Clear Calling feature to the Pixel Buds Pro, which will improve voice quality during a call with the help of machine learning.

The feature first arrived on the Google Pixel 7 series last October, reducing background noise using AI smarts to help you hear the call much more clearly. Citing a source privy to Google's plans, 9to5Google reports that Clear Calling will be available on the Pixel Buds Pro via a future update.

Clear Calling is only compatible with smartphones powered by Google's Tensor G2 chipset. 9to5 notes that it's not clear whether the feature will function independently or require a Tensor G2-powered Pixel phone to work with the Pixel Buds Pro.

If this pans out, the feature may set the Buds Pro apart from many of the top wireless earbuds out there. Launched in July of last year, Google's flagship wireless earbuds already feature active noise cancellation and a few other premium capabilities that were added recently, such as spatial audio and a 5-band EQ.

In addition to Clear Calling, Google is tipped to introduce a "super wide band speech" capability as part of the same major update. This will improve call quality by going from 16Hz to 32Hz. By transmitting a wider range of frequencies than traditional Bluetooth voice calls, the feature results in more natural-sounding audio.

Finally, the update is said to include more Digital Wellbeing capabilities that will presumably analyze what you're listening to and at what volume level.

9to5 claims that this update will arrive in the next few months. If this comes to fruition, these upgrades would make the Pixel Buds Pro a more compelling option for wireless earbuds.

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