You can preorder the new Amazon Echo Frames (3rd Gen) now for a nice discount

Amazon's new 2023 Echo Frames.
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What you need to know

  • Amazon's third-gen Echo Frames are available for pre-order at a reduced price that will disappear quite soon.
  • Amazon's own designs are here for $194, for all five designs, but will rise to $269 after its December 7 launch date.
  • Amazon's partnered designs with Carrera Eyewear can be pre-ordered for $314 before rising to $389 after launch on December 7.
  • The Echo Frames 2023 has received quite a few upgrades to its comfortability, audio experience, and battery life.

Amazon's 3rd-generation smart glasses are finally appearing for preorders, and you should act quickly. As spotted by The Verge, Amazon's third-generation Echo Frames can be preordered today for $194, an "introductory" price won't last forever. Once the launch date hits on December 7, they'll be available for a steeper $269 price tag.

Consumers can purchase the glasses with prescription lenses, blue light filtering, or as sunglasses. It's worth noting the designs vary between rectangle, square, round, or cat-eye lenses.

Amazon also partnered with Carrera Eyewear to bring some premium-edition designs to the Echo Frames in 2023. Pre-ordering this version will cost you $314, with its full price jumping to $389 soon after it launches alongside Amazon's other third-gen designs.

The Carrera-designed Frames are only offered as sunglasses or with blue light filtering, doing away with the prescription lenses, unfortunately.

A look at Amazon's third-gen Echo Frames in black with rectangular lenses.

(Image credit: Amazon)

Amazon announced its 2023 Echo Frames during its wave of product introductions in September. The audio smart glasses will arrive with some upgrades above its 2nd-gen counterpart, such as a reduced temple size and better tips for a more comfortable fit behind the ear.

The kicker is the work done internally as Amazon will now offer a custom-built speaker driver and a completely redesigned open-ear architecture. The Echo Frames should deliver much more impactful bass and other audio improvements. When outside, the Frames are said to be "2x louder" for clearer calls alongside Alexa's improved wake word attention on windy days.

Battery life is always a talking point, so the Echo Frames 2023 are said to offer 40% more continuous media playback and may provide 80% more power for phone calls.

Considering you're not popping earbuds into your ears to listen to audio, Amazon has taken strides to preserve a user's privacy during use. The company stated the Frames are built to direct sound directly into your ears while working to limit how much spills out to others around you.

More importantly, there is a mute microphone button and a voice recording function.

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