HTC One M9 accessibility options

An important but often overlooked feature on our smartphones has to do with accessibility. In fact, if you've never dived that deep into the settings on your phone, there's a chance you've never seen them before. But for a good many folks out there, accessibility features mean the difference between being able to use the phone and having an expensive toy that simply won't work them whatever reason.

We're continuing to take a look at the accessibility features in some of Android's biggest smartphones. And here, now, are the accessibility options on the HTC One M9.

HTC doesn't stray too far from the stock accessibility options provide in basic Android. But it does go just a tad further. There's the usual TalkBack support. That's standard to Android and will read aloud things that are on the screen. It's a godsend if your vision is impaired.

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Switch Access

After that comes a new one to Android 5.0 Lollipop. (It's also been added to the HTC One M8.) Switch Access is a cool feature that allows you to assign hardware key combinations for other actions. Say you never want to turn the volume down. You could remap the volume-down button on the M9 to serve as a physical home button. Neat.

Other accessibility features on the M9 include:

  • Font size: HTC has once again included the option to increase the font size within its own apps. By default it's set to medium.
  • Captions: Puts captions on images, when available.
  • Magnification gestures: Zoom in on the screen by triple tapping. From there you can pan around or pinch to adjust the zoom level. A triple tap and hold will temporarily zoom in.
  • Color inversion: Another important one for a lot of folks. Whites go dark. Darks go light. This may affect the performance of your phone.
  • Color correction: Another feature new to Lollipop and aids those who have various levels of color blindness. The M9 only has an option for Deuteranomaly (red-green), though. (Same as the M8.)
  • Notification reminder: Will ping you repeatedly if you have pending notifications. Can be set between 15 seconds and 5 minutes.
  • High-contrast text: Makes things look a little weird, but a lot easier to see.
  • Power button ends call: End a call by hitting the power button.
  • Auto rotate screen: This is checked by default (and should be), so that the screen will rotate. That doesn't necessarily mean that every app will rotate, however. (And that includes HTC's launcher.
  • Speak passwords: Will read them aloud.
  • Accessibility shortcut: Gives you a quick way to toggle accessibility options on and off.
  • Text-to-speech output: Several options for the way text is read back, including how fast it's read back.
  • Touch and hold delay: Lets you adjust how long you have to press and hold before an action is triggered. But default it's set to short.

And that's it for the accessibility options on the HTC One M9.

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