Apps of the week

Apps you need to try

Everyone here at AC is back home and resting their feet after a couple weeks of the usual globetrotting that comes with being a tech-blogger every now and then. That means we're spending time playing on our phones and tablets using some of the great apps you'll find on Google play.

Have a peek at the ones we recommend you give a look at this week.

Andrew Martonik — Motorola Connect

Motorola Connect

As Motorola starts offering up even more devices that connect to your phone over Bluetooth, its newly revamped Motorola Connect app is the one-stop shop to keep them all in order. Whether it's a Moto 360, a new Power Pack Micro or a soon-to-be-released Moto Hint, Motorola Connect can help walk you through the setup and pairing process and then give you info on the connected devices. That saves you from fooling around in the Bluetooth settings pairing things manually.

In the Power Pack Micro's case, Motorola Connect is where you go to see the device's battery level, current location and initiate the pinging process to find it when lost. For the Moto 360, Connect is where you'll see your health information aggregated from the watch, as well as let you customize its exclusive watch faces.

Best of all, Motorola Connect works on any modern phone, so you don't need to be going with all Motorola devices to make use of it.

Download: Motorola Connect (Free)

Ara Wagoner — Google Photos

Google Photos

Since I began writing for AC, my screenshot folder had exploded, and they all have to be cropped and get to the computer for me to rename and post somehow. Google+ Photos Auto Backup has been a godsend for this, it automagically uploads the screenshots, I can crop them quickly, and then download them in batches to rename and stick in my posts. And they're all in G+ if I need to find them again.

Also, as pumpkin season is now here, my G+ Photos will be something of a log for the many, many gourds I'm about to disembowl, brine, butter, and bake.

You'll find google Photos installed on most Android phones, or you can manually install it with the Google+ application (free) from Google Play.

Phil Nickinson — TED


I love learning things from people, and about people. And the official TED app is a quick and easy way to digest stories from the various TED conferences worldwide. New talks are added all the time, so you never run out of content. And it looks great on a tablet. Chromecast support is still lacking, however. But while that's a strike against it, it's not a huge one, nor does it detract from the importance of the stories being told. Definitely give this one a look.

Download: TED (Free)

Richard Devine - Run Forrest Run

Run Forrest Run

Why did it take so long for someone to make an endless runner game out of Forrest Gump? When you think about it it's probably one of the most obvious themes if you were looking for one, but now we have just that. Run Forrest Run follows the general process of most endless runner games – you run, you jump, you slide and you collect stuff. But this one stars Forrest Gump, and for that reason alone it's worth at least a few minutes of your time.

It's actually pretty challenging, too, as far as these games go. It's not a new idea, but come on, it's Forrest Gump.

Download: Run Forrest Run (Free)

Jerry Hildenbrand — Over


Over is an app that lets you add artwork and text to your pictures. The app has an easy to understand interface that will let you get all fancy and creative, and included editing tools help you turn any picture into a unique memory — or funny meme — suitable for sharing just about anywhere. Included are custom fonts and clipart, and in-app purchases can get you a ton more from the Over store right inside the app. I've found the included "stuff" is adequate, and won't rail against the in-apps for a paid app. Especially when it's on sale for 99-cents right now.

Download: Over ($0.99)