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It's Appday Sunday and that means we're back with more of our favorites to share. Every week we bring a handful of great apps to the table and share them with everyone. Sometimes they are new apps, sometimes old standards, but every time they are apps we love to use.

Give these a look and then take a minute to tell us all about the apps you are using and love so we can give them a try. We all find some of our favorites right in the comments on these posts!

Jared DiPane — Runkeeper


New Year's resolutions are kind of dumb, but I decided this year to set a goal to be more active. Specifically, my goal for this year is to log 150 miles of running, outside. I've used Runkeeper in the past to log my runs and bike rides, and now I am back with it. Runkeeper allows me to quickly and easily set my goal, and track my progress.

You can see how far, how long, how fast and plenty of other details about your run. Once you are completed, you can log how it felt, whether it was good or bad, and what hurt after the run. This allows you to track progress in more than just how far or how fast you can run.

Anyone else interested in joining me with 150 miles of running this year? I'm starting with 1 mile runs in January, then will up it in February. Let's do this!

Download: Runkeeper (Free)

Russell Holly — Worms 4

Worms 4

I honestly can't remember a time when I wasn't a fan of the Worms franchise. It was one of those games by younger brothers and I would play against one another constantly, and in college it was the perfect time-waster between classes. I've played them all, and now that Worms 4 is out on Android I have an all new reason to fill whatever room I'm in with the tiny explosions and strange insults that seem to always bring a smile to my face.

Download: Worms 4 ($2.49)

Ara Wagoner — Google Fit

Google Fit

New Year's Resolutions are a pain, but the biggest part of sticking to them is reminding yourself to meet your new goals consistently. My resolution isn't so much a health goal as a lifestyle goal — keep sparkle in my life, not my glass — but the more immediate goals I've set for myself are to ween myself off soda and start walking more as I get ready for my first Disney vacation in five years. And as I try to get walking and push myself for more, I'm turning to my wrist and the Google Fit app on my Huawei Watch to keep me honest.

Google Fit measures my activity through the watch and through my phone, and will notify me once I've reached my goals. And because you can't wear a smartwatch for every physical activity, Google Fit has manual entry for just about every activity you can imagine, from skiing to ping pong. So quit making excuses and get off your couch!

Download: Google Fit(Free)

Jen Karner — Wally+


I've never been great at keeping a balanced budget. I always mean well, but I've managed to nearly dig myself into a hole too many times to count. I've played around with plenty of the budget apps on Google Play, but my favorite by and large is Wally+. It's still in beta right now, so I'm hoping for more features, but it already works really well. It's easy to use, and lets you take a peek at your current finances with a peek. One of the best features by far is the ability to ta each expense with a location, so you can easily see where it is you are spending your money. Wally+ helps me to see how much I'm saving, and what my daily budget is, so that I have money when I need it.

Download: Wally+ (Free)

Andrew Martonik — Under Armour Record

UA Record

This may seem like a cleverly-timed pick because of the proximity to the new year (and its associated resolutions), but I wanted to drop a note on the Under Armour Record app because it has just been updated with an entirely new look to correspond with the launch of the company's new connected fitness gear. Although the UA Band and HealthBox (the new devices) are still in pre-order status, UA Record can actually be used without Under Armour's hardware, as it has a pretty strong dedication to staying open to integrating with any device or service that wants in.

The new UA Record app gives you a single place to pull in health and activity-related data into one place, and see how it all works together to hopefully improve your lifestyle and how you feel on a daily basis. It may start with simply pulling in your steps from Google Fit or your Fitbit, and eventually graduate up to logging your runs from MapMyRun and workouts from MyFitnessPal, but no matter how much you put in UA Record can keep it all in one place.

An app like this may not stick for everyone, but it has a great interface and its interaction with all of your services and fitness devices definitely helps the chances that you'll keep it around.

Download: Under Armour Record (Free)

Phil Nickinson — FlightRadar24


Eventually, our plane was going to land. I just didn't know where. Or when. And not that I could do anything about it in any case, but there's at least something a little comforting about knowing where you are when you're stuck in a holding pattern, waiting for the fog to lift at home. (Spoiler: It didn't.) And for real-time flight info I've been using FlightRadar24.

It's full of options — basic flight search and info, and it's great for when you're curious about the plane you just saw fly overhead. Just point the app toward the sky and it'll find what's up there. There's a free version to get a feel for things, and the semi-full smash is $3.99. After that there are a few in-app upgrades available — realistic search icons, arrival and departure boards, and custom alert settings. It's powerful stuff, and a must-have if you fly a lot and obsess about flying a lot.