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Whether you just got your Android as a holiday gift, or you've been using one for years, you need some great apps to allow it to be all it can be. That's where we can help.

We live and breath Android and Android apps. When we find one we want to recommend, we share them right here, every week. These are the apps we love to use, and think you should try for yourself. Of course, we want to hear what apps you find indispensable, too. Shout out in the comments with any apps you think are worth a closer look.

Phil Nickinson — Evil Apples

Evil Apples

Once you introduce someone to Cards Against Humanity, their entire worldview changes. (And you also learn just how twisted your friends really are.) But it seems we've unleashed a few monsters, and now the wife and I have been caught up in a mobile recreation of CAH in Evil Apples. It's not nearly the same, but it passes the time until we can all get together again for a few rounds of awfulness. Just try not to look and folks any differently after playing.

Andrew Martonik — Xbox 360 SmartGlass

Xbox 360 SmartGlass

Yup I still use an Xbox 360, and I don't use it for a whole lot at that. I play some FIFA 15 and use it for occasional media viewing, so I hadn't ever actually tried Microsoft's SmartGlass app for the console. I installed it last week and am glad I did — SmartGlass lets you handle a lot of the things on your Xbox from your phone so that you don't always have to have a controller in your hands.

You can navigate the whole interface, check out your games, browse for new content, manage your friends list and send messages as well. Typing on your phone beats the heck out of using a joystick to do one letter at a time for any kind of text entry, and the SmartGlass app is worth it for that alone.

Of course if you're more up with the times there's an Xbox One version of the app, but for now my 360 is holding strong and I'll keep using this version.

Ara Wagoner — DeviantArt


If I ever need to lost myself for an afternoon — or three — DeviantArt is one of the many places I'll go. There's no better place to find awesome fanart and remind yourself of all the shows, books, and movies you've loved over the years. For years, DeviantArt had no official app on Android, but as part of their new design push, they've released mobile apps for iOS 8 and for Android.

The app allows art-lovers to browse, comment, and upload as normal — lurkers like me who don't have an account can still easily use the app to scroll through fan comics and mashups — but there's one thing missing to make this app truly useful to any Android user: the ability to download content. While not all art on DA is meant to be downloaded, a great bit of it is available for download on the website, but can't be downloaded through the app. If you could, DeviantArt might be the last wallpaper app you ever need.

On a more personal note, I want these headphones. A lot. DeviantArt has the best-looking toys that don't exist.

Download: DeviantArt (Free)

Jerry Hildenbrand — Photoshop Touch

Photoshop Touch

Adobe's Photoshop Touch brings a simplified version of Photoshop to Android. Layers, selection tools, masking — just about everything you would need (or want) to do with a mobile device is possible with Photoshop Touch, and the edits are intuitive and easy. You can edit any image stored on your phone, or any picture you've taken with the camera. It's a great and easy way to turn an average picture into real art. There are two different versions — one for phones ($4.99) and one for tablets ($9.99) that supports bigger and higher resolution images.

If you have a phone or a tablet with a built in stylus, you'll really want to pay special attention here. Using Photoshop Touch with something like the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 or NVIDIA Shield Tablet is simple, and makes for some awesome results. Whether you're an artist, or just want to get fancy with your doodles, Photoshop Touch can help.