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Motorola is having a back-to-school sale on the Moto X, allowing you to save up to $125 on a new, non-contract device. You can now snag a 16GB version for $299, 32GB for $325, or a 64GB for $375. Moto Maker is in full effect here as well, so you can design your own device and won't get stuck with something impersonal.

Add-ons like wood backs will cost you a bit more ($25), but you're still saving a ton off the regular price either way. The promo is only good through Thursday, July 31 at 11:59 p.m. ET — so you better get at it while the getting is good. If you're short on cash, you can finance a Moto X for a little as $25/month too. Head over to the link below to get started.


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You can save up to $125 right now on an off-contract Moto X


That's awesome! I'll personally be waiting for the X+1 and other phones coming out later this year.

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Where's tdizzel raging in all caps that they are not clearing stock?

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I just hope that they continue to sell the X after the X+1 comes out... Just in case the X+1 isn't the god machine I'm hoping it to be. I need to replace my X (VZW version + Tmo SIM = workable but far from optimal) and I'm waiting with baited breath for this announcement.

Its deja vu. I just ordered a moto x using a $125 discount from slick deals. Such a good discount on a great phone.

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u were prolly high at the time u posted this, thinking its funny to troll on something u have no idea what on when it only sounded funny in your head at the time, bc ur comment makes zero sense

I'm always tempted to grab a Moto X when they offer these deep discounts, but as great a device as it is, it's still a year old now, with the new version surely just around the corner.

I'm actually waiting for the update Droid Maxx. This phone rocks, with a full 1080p screen and all the current features it will be a tough act to compete with.

Love this phone so much. Got both X and G and they are both the best phones I've ever had. Use the X as my daily driver but always find myself using my G daily for small tasks and playing games aswell (such as now for writing this comment)

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Good for you, but I can't understand why someone would want a Moto G to back up a Moto X : / For games, too? Ok. It's a great device for the price, but let's not get carried away. Just curious.

Lol I had the moto G unlocked UK model since Christmas but decided to upgrade my sim only contract on o2 and chose the X so rather than get rid of my moto G that was brought as a present for me I have kept it. So nah its not a backup in my eyes it's just another phone to use without filling up my Moto X 16gb storage.
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OK, you're just asking for people to ask you for invites. No one would have known to ask if you never said that...

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I got my eyes on a OPO now. Being so hard to get makes me want it more lol. And the specs are better. Moto let me down on the update for my g. Gone spend the $350 on the OPO some time in August

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What? Barely anyone has 4.4.4 and they are still way ahead of other manufacturers.

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I have heard this before but that's not my point. No update at all since January is my point. We were supposed to get 4.4.3, the powers that be halted that due to a security issue but there is still no word on when the Sprint/boost model will get it. Everyone will say that's on the carrier but when I get the opo I'm switching carriers too. That's why I'm getting the opo or n5. Screw the middleman

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Ready for the next thing, the X+1 and then I will wait a few weeks for it to be like $200...I can promise not to be an early adopter off contract like I was with Moto X...

I will just use my HD Maxx, I am to cheap to up grade a phone that is not dead.

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I ordered a new Navy Blue & Black 32GB Moto X from Moto Maker and saved myself $125. I like the current model.... don't want a huge phablet-size phone. This one is perfect for me.

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