HTC One with a dbrand skin

We have a really special giveaway for you guys this weekend! The team over at dbrand has sent us an HTC One with their awesome skin in Ferrari red and black carbon fiber already installed, and one lucky Android Central reader is going to win it! We'll get to the contest in a minute, but first let's take a look at the dbrand skin on the device.

Win an HTC One courtesy of dbrand and Android Central!

Made from 3M vinyl, dbrand’s skins are precision-cut to match the cut outs and shapes of each specific device. With a range of textures including titanium, carbon, wood, and leather, and a variety of colors for each finish, you're sure to find the perfect look for your device.

One reason I personally like to use a skin on my device is for that added layer of protection. Many people don't want to cover up their beautiful phone with a bulky case, but no one likes to get scratches or dings either. While skins can't do much against drops, for daily wear and tear on your phone skins are a great solution.

HTC One with a dbrand skin HTC One with a dbrand skin.

While I don't have experience installing the skin on the HTC One, as it came installed on the device we're giving away, I have installed one on my BlackBerry Z10. It's not a complicated process, and if you take your time and follow the instructions dbrand provides, you will be assured of a perfect fit on your device. The skins are durable and will stand up to normal wear and tear so you don't have to worry that it's going to start fading or coming up at the edges. However, if you do decide to remove the skin, you will be pleased to know that the 3M vinyl won't leave any sticky residue behind.

All-in-all, dbrand has a great product for a reasonable price. A skin like the one installed on this device will run you $20, but since they are so durable and carefully crafted, it's money well spent. Also worth noting, you don't have to purchase a full skin. The pieces are sold separately, so you can mix and match the colors and coverage however you like. You can check out all of the options over at their website and keep up on their new products and other announcements on Facebook. You can check out our review of the LG Nexus 4 dbrand skins as well.

Win an HTC One courtesy of dbrand and Android Central!

Now, about that contest. As I mentioned, dbrand sent us the HTC One you see in the pictures above, with their skin pre-installed. This is the Google edition of the HTC One, so it's not tied to any carrier.

To enter, leave a comment below. Just one comment. If we catch you spamming and leaving multiple comments you will be disqualified from the contest and probably banned from future contests as well, and nobody wants that. The contest is open world-wide, but it's up to you to make sure this version of the HTC One will work on your carrier. The prize is just the phone, and the winner is responsible for any service and accessories. Good luck everyone! We'll announce the winner next week.


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Win an HTC One courtesy of dbrand and Android Central!



I love Giveaways. Thanks Dbrand and Android Central for this.

P.S. The only thing I hate about the giveaways that I never win :P

Got to get one of these as the camera on my Galaxy S4 is no comparison!

Posted via Android Central App

It appears as on the day of the wedding, a great event are dressed in their finery, and you dress this great smart phone with the best skins

Jessica, Pennsylvania.

What a fantastic giveaway. I joined Sprint in April (arg I knw I knw) and I just swapped out for the 4th time my Samsung Galaxy S3- I would love that phone but for some reason it has an allergy to me, I miss calls, text callers can actually access my voicemail, It's frozen black screened more than anything (ARGHHHH)

I wanted the HTC1 originally, my heart sooo desired it's incredible features, stylish contours, great feel and SOOOO much more but Nooooo my techy IT Engineer Geeky hubby was addicted to the S3 (but now he's also regretting his imaginary hype)

Sorry to ramble really not a rambler...
I was just always taught there are no coincidences, that I happen to stumble upon this remarkable giveaway, after exchanging the 4th s3 last night.

SO please GOOD LUCK to EVERYONE participating May you all have the best of luck with these contests- Thank You for this opportunity

I look forward to following @androidcentral and @philnickinson on Twitter

One Love


I have to laugh at all the debate about the beautiful, aluminum body, the quality build, and having to protect it with anything.

Thera no way I'm gonna put a case on this phone if I win it.. already gorgeous in my sight. .. :) good luck to all

It's look like formula1 in compare with others it should be in museum of modern arts to teach others how to design shells. Tnx for honour us with this phone!

Pure precision

Gorgeous phone HTC is da bomb and ohhh how that skin works so wonderfully well too :)

Posted via Android Central App

Pure precision

Gorgeous phone HTC is da bomb and ohhh how that skin works so wonderfully well too :)

Posted via Android Central App

Hope I win woooohoooo would love one, especially the fact they don't sell the Google edition anywhere outside the USA :(

Me, me, me, me..... Pick me! That HTC One loops amazing in the skin and being Google Edition is double win!

Posted via Android Central App

The little girl inside me is screaming for this phone. I want it!!! I want it !!! I want it!!!!
May I please please please have it !!!
All the love
The little girl in me (and you too)

I love google edition phones!! Please send it to me!! Need a phone like this for our android game project.

Posted via Android Central App

The HTC one is such a good phone, and the camera has some cool effects, that skin looks really smart aswel so winning would be awesome :-)

They should have had this color scheme as one of the defaults. Reminds me of the droid DNA.. looks lovely.

Yes please! I've been waiting for this phone's price to fall into my work's price range, but my own would be so much better! :)

Wow, this One looks absolutely amazing. I like it more than the original look. Great job on the carbon fiber.

Nice cover! I'd love to have an HTC ONE!

I'd would like to thank android central in advance for letting me WIN the HTC ONE with preinstalled dbrand skin!:)

Wow, I love that, first I thoughat it was a new variant of the HTC One. I would so SPORT that. Thanks Matsudo

Hey Please pick me I never win anything, Hook a brother up it is surely sweet with that skin....

Posted via Android Central App

It looks really nice! I might get one for my nexus 4 but I'll wait to see if I win first XD

Posted via Android central app on my LG Google Nexus 4

Awesome! The give-away gifts keep getting better over here!!
Hope I get this great phone with the cool skin :)

Only 1750 comments so far? Psh. Bring it on! I would love to win one of these awesome phones.

This Dbrand skinned HTC One is a absolute beauty! I have never owned or even played with a google edition phone, I Would be absolutely stoked to take this ferrari skinned google powered beast for a drive... Here's To Chance!

Posted via Android Central App

I am a die hard htc fan and have been carrying the htc One X for past 1.5 years, fell in love with the amazing htc ONE since the day it was launched and been have longing for it since then. Hope Android Central makes this dreamy phone of mine come true..

Posted via Android Central App

All I would need to do is get my pimped out HTC One out of my pocket and the ladies would follow. :P Need to get this.

Well I want this phone badly..... HTC one+ stock android.... Best combo

Posted via Android Central App

The HTC One is a beautiful device and you would think a skin would ruin the look, but this skin actually enhances the look. Thanks for another great contest.

Posted via Android Central App

Very nice! Made an incredible deal by first touch screen mobile company and first android phone too!!

Posted via Android Central App

Never been much for skins on mobile phones but the One does looks pretty good in these, and I guess the aluminum surface makes for a nice flat surface to stick them on.

ERMAGHERD! HTC ONE! What a slick looking device that model is. If you don't want it, I'll take it. I'll pet it and pat it and call it George.

I want it!! It matches my MC colors. Yes I'm in a motorcycle club. Lol I need this phone haha! Give it to me Android Central! :) love you guys long time!

Posted via Android Central App with Samsung Galaxy S4

My girlfriend wants a htc one for her birthday. I swear, please please help me out. We have a 2 yr old daughter and barely make enough money to pay our bills. Please help me, please. It would mean so much, I log in to your app every 4 hrs. I enjoy your website so much. This would mean the world to me. Thank you for considering me. I love android!

Posted via Android Central App

In all honesty, I would not do that to a new HTC One. I think the way the phone looks is awesome and am dubious that placing these 'layers' on it would improve it's looks or provide much protection. To be fair, I have not seen any phone with this applied to it and am open to being convinced. Are you confident enough in the product to try and convince me?

This phone looks boss, and that skin makes it look even better. It even comes with pure Android! Who would say no to it?

**** I never win but won't stop me from continuing to try right, as YOU CANT WIN IT IF YOU NOT IN IT ;-) ****


My friend has a HTC phone he loves it, so gave it a try.. the speakers are amazing!! The camera is cool, I decided I want to switch to android instead iTunes this phone is definitely on my wish list

I just bought an HTC one 64gb on at&t about 3 weeks ago. I was on a shared plan with my fiance who is now my ex. The plan is in her name and 3 days ago when I found out she was cheating on me and I left I told her I was going to get my own plan so she decided to call at&t and report my phone stolen and add it to the blocked list essentially turning my $850 phone into a wifi only iPod touch lol
So here you are to save the day in a major way and give me this beautifully dressed and protected Google edition HTC one with the awesome dbrand ferrari red and black carbon skin
I honestly don't have the money to buy a new phone of this caliber after just buying the one I have now just three weeks ago at full retail and you guys would really make a huge impact
on my situation right now and give me the freedom to choose the service provider of my liking so lets do this . What do you say ?

This looks really slick!
Thank you all for your great app and awesome give aways!

Posted via Android Central App