Just because it's been with us for a while doesn't mean the LG G2 isn't one of the very best Android smartphones you can buy

Eight months on from the launch of the LG G2, many other flagship class phones have come our way from the likes of Samsung, HTC, Sony and even LG itself with the Google branded Nexus 5. Talk is beginning to turn towards its replacement, the G3, already, but that doesn't mean the G2 is dead. Far from it.

We love the LG G2 around these parts, and consider it one of the very best smartphones to come across our desks in 2013. But as we enter 2014 with the Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC One M8 fresh and shiny, I would still recommend the G2 as a phone to buy to anyone who would listen. Read on to see why.

The hardware still runs with the best of them


Even with the Snapdragon 801 just starting to hit devices, there's no-one in the world that could claim the Snapdragon 800 in the G2 is "old hat." When this phone launched in August 2013 it was as bleeding edge as you could get at the time, and it still more than holds its own today.

Then there's that display. It's absolutely stunning to look at, being a Full HD panel at 5.2-inches. The edge-to-edge glass helps add to the illusion that you're actually touching the display itself. Bright, great colors, sharp as can be, it's a glorious thing to look at every day.

But let's face it, the G2 is still a beastly thing. It can handle anything you throw at it with ease and while there's no microSD card slot available, there is a 32GB model widely available that should relieve at least some of the storage worries of a lower capacity device.

Plus, Knock Code is coming.

Extremely ergonomic


Moving the power and volume buttons round the back was a bold move, but one that paid off. With those out of the way, LG has shrunk the side bezels to the point they all but disappear. Throw on-screen buttons in to the mix and what we have is a slightly larger display than the Samsung Galaxy S5, but in a smaller frame.

The G2 is also a fantastically comfortable phone to hold and to use. Whether it's just my hands, I don't know, but the rear buttons are absolutely millimeter perfect to where they need to be for easy use. After the initial novelty wears off it becomes second nature. Add this to the compact frame for a phone with this screen size and you've got one fine package.

Stellar battery life


That 3000mAh battery might be sealed in, but you won't often finding yourself wishing you could swap it out. The G2 is a warrior when it comes to battery life, and you've really got to push it beyond normal, everyday use to get to where you need a charger before bedtime. LG did it right.

Still one of the best cameras you'll find on an Android phone


Until the Galaxy S5 joined us, I'd have probably said the G2 was the best camera on an Android phone. Now, it's a little less clear, but it doesn't affect the quality of the pictures the G2 can produce. Its 13MP sensor with built in OIS is paired with LG's own camera app with a whole bunch of different modes to help you take great pictures.



Here in the UK you can snag a 16GB G2 around the £300 mark, which puts it on par with the Nexus 5. Sure, you get LG's software – though it is at least now KitKat in most places – but for plenty of people, that'll be just fine. It's not our favorite user interface, but LG has added a bunch of cool stuff like Knock On/Knock Code that's well worth considering. And you can always throw a launcher on there.

We could talk about it for hours, but it all boils down to this: The LG G2 offers fantastic value for money, in many instances offering a high-end smartphone for mid-range money. The extra battery life and the superb camera push it – in my opinion – ahead of the Nexus 5 at its current price point here in the UK. Not bad for an 8-month-old phone.

Your experiences

Those are just some of the things about the G2 that I love enough to recommend it to anyone that will listen. But what about you guys? If you've been rocking a G2 during the past 8 months share your own experiences with us in the comments below. Good, bad and the ugly, we want to hear them all!


Reader comments

Why I'd still tell anyone who listens to buy an LG G2 today


I love my G2. But my biggest dissapointment is GPS. Ut is unusable and i already sent my G2 to service center. GPS problem still occur. I cannot use Waze or Google Maps properly.
While Samsung always keep updating their OS and apps, LG software is stagnan and rarely updated.
LG please do something about this.

Posted via Android Central App

almost everything google makes is still in beta lol.
I rely on google maps navigation to get to any unknown location with my nexus 5
The hardware on the G2 is very similar to the N5, basically different button layout, slightly larger screen, larger battery and 8 mpx camera instead of 13.

Since my N5's gps is rock solid, and the hardware is close I'd say LG's GPS software is most likely the cause.
It could be a hardware problem but that seems less likely since you've already gotten a replacement.
I doubt it's google maps itself, as you said waze don't work either.
This is most likely software or the GPS hardware itself. Have you tried a stable custom rom (AOSP based, not LG) to see if that solves the problem? that might eliminate the possibility of it being an LG software issue?

Google maps only swings the beta flag to keep frustration to a minimum. its very simple, it works on other phones, and it doesn't work on the poor guy's.

I had the same problem with my AT&T LG G2 when it launched. They didn't fix it for months. IMHO the G-Flex is the better phone. Better battery, camera and more ergonomic. The display is actually really, really good as well. If they would have offered the G-Flex on VZW when I switched, I would have bought it!

You need to enable location settings and set Google maps to high accuracy!!! That might actually be the fix? (All joking aside)

Posted via Stock Nexus 4*

That's what I had to do. When I first got it, it would tell me I was in a parking lot near where I was. High accuracy fixed it right away.

Posted via Android Central App

If it wasn't for the gps problem and blurry low light video I would still have it.

Posted via Android Central App

Mine did too, at least the second one (I had the first replaced under warranty for a camera issue). Great phone otherwise, but perhaps a bit too large. Recently switched to a Nexus 5 and am extremely happy.

GPS works just fine on the LG G2. Turn on high accuracy in settings

Posted via Android Central App

Ironically, my LG Nexus 5 has the BEST GPS lock I've ever had or seen on a phone. I consistently get a lock within 10 second in downtown Chicago... INSIDE THE LOOP! the first time i launch the GPS (although sometimes at a stop it goes a little funny) and about 2-3 seconds out in the open the first time i launch it.

I just want to clear things up.
After i uninstalled WAZE the G2 GPS is locking again and work well.

It appears that Kitkat on G2 is conflicting with GPS. So this is a software issues not an hardware. My G2 is running well now. Just waiting for patch or waze update to solve this problem.

I love G2 and will recommended to all my friend to buy.

Posted via Android Central App

Cannot believe that android central editor recommend a phone with the ugliest UI. Whatever about the normal people don't care. So what they have so many better options than buying a phone with the ugly UI.

Posted via Android Central App

The UI is what u make it on this phone.. it's fully customizable almost like a water down nova launcher ..unlike touchwiz... Sounds like u have never owned one or used it as a daily...and the writer of this post has ...just sayin!

Name 3 phones that meet all of the following... top 3 Android camera, top 3 battery life , top 3 screens, top 3 processor, available in the top 3 carriers in the US ...
Case closed!!!
Posted via Android Central App

Yea a launcher you don't like can be so easily replaced and if laucher replacement isn't good enough for you their is always custom roms.
Hardware quality is the most important factor, whether or not you like the look of their launcher is like the least important as long as you can replace it.

Custom roms may be too much to handle for some people, but installing a third party launcher anyone can do.

The Note 3 fits all 3 categories and IMO is the best Android phone available today

Posted Via AT&T Galaxy Note 3

If u want a phone that big sure!!! I had a note 2 and probably will never do a phone that large again... But for the 1st 8mo of me owning a note I felt the same way.. But in full scope I don't know that it's "the" best ... it's one of em...surely

Posted via Android Central App

Love knock knock app it allows me to use action launcher with out losing the knock off feature of the phone.

Posted via Android Central App

If the UI on this phone was a custom ROM, everyone would be posting about how awesome it is and giving the devs a pat on the back.

I just ordered one of these, and I was fairly impressed with the UI after my first couple hours playing with the phone last night - it gives you a lot of customization options and there's nothing really wrong with it. My gripe right now is that they don't give you the option of adding a recent apps button (have to long-press Home). But it actually gives you many more options than the stock UI of my last phone, the Motora Razr HD.

I ran a lot of ROMs on the Motorola phone, and it's not as if they deviate THAT much from AOSP. The experience of using CM is essentially the same as using AOSP. Paranoid Android introduced some real new features, but I don't personally find them useful. PIE controls are cool but I find them to be more of hassle to use than the normal softkeys. Halo is truly useless, I don't see how anyone can debate that. It's just worse than normal notifications. And I don't personally have a desire to change the DPI of the phone to make stuff smaller.

Yes, it's recommended. It's also one of the best phones of the past 12 months in our opinion. That's the good thing about opinions, everyone is entitled to one :)

I know you guys are working and all and gotta remain professional but idk how you can comment like this in reply to a person like that. Id use my editor superpowers and change his name and pic to douchbag

If it's anything like the system's I build, Editors wouldn't have the ability to do that. You'd have to get someone who's an Admin in the CMS to handle that. Even then, a username change might only be able to be done via MYSQL.

Drupal lets you grant pretty much any permission you want to any user type and even specify custom user types. Ultimately it's up to the Admin to specify.

Posted via Android Central App on my daily driver, the Droid MAX

UI is completely subjective. It is very customizable and I do not find it ugly. Personally I like it better than TW (I had a Note 2) can't say about the new TW on the S5, but it definitely looks better now.

I don't like any of the manufacturer UI skins. Stock Android is plenty beautiful. It's simple, and easy to use.... Easier than the skins by far. I wish these manufactures would focus on making great features. Not gimmicky crap and mucking up Android stock UI (cough Samsung cough). That's why I use a moto x and a GPad GPE.

Posted via Android Central App

Without UI Skins those OEM specific features you like wouldn't be available.

Even Google is somewhat doing it. Say "Okay Google" to a standard device with the Google EP launcher on the home screen and nothing happens.

Certain features need certain hooks.

Posted via my SPARK enabled Sprint LG G2, K00949438Yd FRAMILY!

Not really true. There is no need to change the interface to add a system level feature. Motorola does it with active display and touchless control. You just need the framework and settings menu for the feature. That's how those features are baked into the OS. It has nothing to do with the user interface.

The point I was trying to make is that quite unlike Samsung; manufactures should stick to making really useful features not gimmicks and Fisher Price UI's. It can be done.

As for the Google Now Launcher; the feature for hotword detection did not at all require a UI change to work. Google could have simply tied the AOSP launcher into Google search to get it working. They added a new UI to differentiate the KitKat on Nexus 5 from other devices that just had jellybean at the time. Personally I think some elements of the GN launcher are nice looking and other elements make it look more Fisher Price, and I'm glad it's not baked into KitKat as a system app.

Posted via Android Central App

I agree, add only a few actually useful features cleanly into the existing stock android UI and apps instead of samsung's method ...
Throw a bunch of half working crap against the wall and see what's sticks approach.

I can't believe AC just let's anyone comment. I think, at the very least, one should possess the ability to be halfway coherent in order to post.

Posted via Android Central App using an LG G2.

UI is subjective and easily changed by the user. There are facts he points out such as the processor and camera.

With launchers available in the Play Store the UI should be the least of your concerns. A good screen, battery life & audio quality is more important to me. I personally don't care for the buttons on the back, but that's just me.

FYI, knock off (double tap to turn off screen) doesn't work in any empty spot while using third party launchers. You have to use the status bar. Its actually a deal breaker for me to use third party launchers.

Posted via Android Central App

You can download an app for "knock off," apps like "screen off." then use the double tap gesture through Nova launcher.

Posted via Android Central App

Actually I use screen off double tap gesture with nova and sick sky launchers works fine for me.

Posted via Android Central App

Agreed. Stock Android as in Nexus is overrated and the only advantage it has over skinned ones are the fluidity since obviously bare-bone UI will be lighter.

Its a bit of a myth that OEM interfaces are 'skinned'. They are usually rewritten, custom code, not covered up stock, ther is no Google UI underneath. Often OEM 'skins' are lighter, faster and more efficient than stock, which often uses less hardware acceleration.

What makes some slower are background services or even deliberate pauses, but a good OEM will usually left you turn those off, LG is one of them. Side by side with an N5 the G2 is a match in terms of performance, and often faster.

What exactly is wrong with the ui? It's more customizable than most of the other stock phones that I've seen. What other phones are you referring to that is better? I'm not trying to start a pissing contest, I'm sincerely interested because I didn't realize there were so many more options that are better.

Posted via Android Central App

I'm with you love the added customizations added by LG, you can even download the KitKat icons from the LG store that work on the stock launcher . Who else gives us themes for the stock launcher icons?

Posted via Android Central App

I only wish this were true of the AT&T version. They were being dumb and removed the theme ability. :(

I still don't understand what some people have against the UI, just don't get it. I've been using it since December and it's pretty impressive imo. Going from three HTC flagships to this was definitely a change, but a welcome one. So much more customization! And honestly with as beautiful as the screen is, the UI doesn't bother me at all. Oh and everyone always talking about the camera... I am simply blown away by this camera!! The video at 1080P 60fps is just rediculous! I love it!

I still recommend this phone too... Outside of updates it's a great device!... My girlfriend has it and it's her 2nd LG ... From the G1 ... They're nice phones

Posted via Android Central App

Most carriers just got the most recent version of KitKat (4.4.2) so I would say it is doing quite well on updates... unless you have Verizon.

According to Droid Life KitKat is available via the upgrade assistant pc tool (plug the phone into your computer) for the Verizon version now. It's a 2 gb update so no ota (at least not yet).

Posted via Android Central App on my daily driver, the Droid MAX

unfortunately if you have Verizon your usually screwed on updates, they take forever to approve them.
their compulsive control of devices they allow and slow updates are part of the reason I left.
They seem to be a little better with flagship samsung devices, because they sell so many but other than that I don't think they give a crap.
That and the very limited hardware choices and the fact that they said I could only keep unlimited data if I paid for phones at full retail in addition to their high prices made me leave.
So many more phone options and quicker updates on AT&T or T-mobile.
I only buy unlocked devices and never directly from the carrier so that I don't have to wait for carriers to approve updates, it's the only way to get speedy updates. Updates directly from the phone manufacturer or better yet Google. that's the way to go.

Even at basically the same prices and with tiered data, I'd rather be on AT&T if I needed the coverage of one of the big two carrier's Just for the options of buying any unlocked GSM device I want and just being able to pop the sim card in and go.
Luckily for me I live in an area with excellent T-mobile coverage so I save a lot compared to my old Verizon contract and still have unlimited data. Though I know T-mobile isn't an option for everyone due to coverage gaps that exist in many places, I'm just lucky because I'm on the east coast in NJ where their coverage is pretty great.

I'm reading on Reddit's LG G2 page that the VZW KK update is now available using the Upgrade Assistant (as of yesterday). Perhaps check that?

Upgrade assistant? I may just be confusing things here, so this may be a dumb question, but what exactly are you referring to?

Posted via Android Central App

I don't have a VZW variant (AT&T here), so I can't say for sure. But from what I see on Reddit, apparently when you plug in your VZW G2 to your PC, the AutoPlay will prompt you to install the Upgrade Assistant. From there, you can update to Kit Kat. Please take this with a grain of salt since I'm just relaying what I'm seeing on Reddit's LG G2 subreddit.

Hmmm I don't remember that ever popping up when I plugged into my pc but I'll give it a go right now. Thanks for the reply.

Posted via Android Central App

Ok no biggie I'll figure that out, but aside from that I got the upgrade assistant installed and it says I have an update available but it's not seeing my phone... I can only assume that's because I'm rooted? Otherwise I don't know what's up with it

Posted via Android Central App

It's not totally Verizon's fault. The OEM's have a lot to do with it because it takes time to destroy the UI of Android. Motorola got KitKat to Verizon 3 weeks after the Nexus because they do things the right way.

Posted via Android Central App

Oh I'm not relieving Verizon of any responsibility. They are one of the worst if not the worst at updating. I'm just saying that the OEMS could help by getting the updates to the carriers sooner.

Perhaps Google and it's OEM's should grow some and tell the carriers how it's going to be. Apple did that and they manage to get updates out on all carriers at once and on the date they said that they would months before. The carriers need Android. They would not have a choice but to comply. Instead the OEMS take forever to make an update and then the carriers take forever adding their crap to it, and we finally get an os update 6 months after the code was released.

Posted via Android Central App

Smaller android OEM's don't have the clout that Apple has, Samsung does because they sell so many devices, but LG, Motorola and any other smaller OEM's don't have that kind of power. Look at sales figures for the different OEM's and you'll see why Verizon takes forever and doesn't give a crap about pushing out smaller OEM updates fast.

Of course the OEM has something to do with it, but when AT&T and T-mobile's version already have the update, the delay at this point rests solely on Verizon.
Verizon has always been like this, that's one of the reasons I left them.

Yeah but many people I know who have this phone have a serious issues with the GPS as another person mentioned.. and LG has been slow about fixing it... And just now getting Kitkat out for a company trying to break into major play...on its flagship device... Kinda slow...But again the phone is great!

Posted via Android Central App

I think it might be LG's software, my Nexus 5 and Nexus 4 both made by LG have perfect GPS.
I think LG might need a little more talent in their development team.

I have no problem at all when using Sygic and the GPS.. The sound is better than the N3 I had, and my N3 dropped calls like a mofo. My LG2 has recently developed a problem with the headphone jack. Overall, I am happy I switched from N3 to LG2.

People are saying that the update is available through Verizon's update center (and maybe PC?) today on the forums and Reddit. Haven't checked yet myself.

I agree with him i have the g2 on sprint and its still fantastic i still have friends who are amazed by the power button glowing when u turn it on and the knock on feature is cool even if the button was on the side i would still use the feature and the camera is great i like the stabilization feature. I came from an s4 and i can say this without a doubt im going to get the g3 because the g2 hasn't failed me yet

Posted via Android Central App

I bought my wife a G2 the day the M8 was announced. I had finally convinced her to come over to Android, we knew what the S5 was offering, and as soon as I found out what the M8 had to offer officially, I bought her the G2.

I agree! The LG G2 still holds it's own with the recent flagships. I haven't had mine since launch, but it is definitely the best/most fluid/most ergonomic/best display/best camera/best battery life/best user experience of any phone I have had to date. Nothing I have seen thus far in 2014 has tempted me away. For now I am quite content. Excited to see what LG has in store for the G3.

Nice way to suck up to all manufactures.

At least the verge is not afraid to bash manufactures if they do something wrong. All I see here is always safe articles and not one editorial ranting about bad things in phones. Get a feeling that the editors are scared to bash manufactures maybe except Jerry on podcasts.

Posted via Android Central App

Are you saying that this better than the S5, One M8, Z2 and soon to be coming G3. You will recommend this phone to people over all other phones just to save some dollars? It's not like they are going to keep changing phones every day, better to spend little more and get the latest one compared to buying last year's phone.
And once G3 is released soon this phone will never get updated. First of all LG is so bad at updating their phones and we all know they will forget this one after new flagship is released. You might say that normal people care less about updates, but still why not get a phone that is current and better chance of getting updates and support over a longer period.
My theory don't buy any flagship that is at the end of their cycle.
Finally my bad, everyone has their opinion. Sorry for sounding rude, will go and get some coffee and will chill out a bit.

Posted via Android Central App

For some people, it's not about the latest, but about quality at the right price. That's what this write up is about. The hardware is still above mid-range, but the price isn't, which is why it's worth your time if you're in the market for a new phone. $650-$700 might be doable for some people looking to buy a phone outright, but most are only willing to spend between $400-$500, and are willing sacrifice bleeding edge for a quality device that saves them a couple hundred dollars.

+1 ... And if you're willing to sign a contract it's generally free or nearly so at this point.

Posted via Android Central App on my daily driver, the Droid MAX

Or do buy a flagship at the end of it's cycle because you know EXACTLY what you are getting. Bugs have been ironed out and forums are filled with experiences to help you make your choice.

Yeah and it's not like it doesn't run on 4.4.2 i hope LG does update it to the next version when it's released but people should buy it for what it offers out the gate and not what it may get in a future update.

Posted via Android Central App

htc was bad on updates too, this is my first lg phone and is the best phone i ever got, thanks to this phone i did not buy the s5 or the m8 just the battery alone is a big plus for me when i dont have to charge it for 3 days and i have it for 6 months now, and yes i still recommend this phone.

Was thinking you were a huge dbag and then you went ahead and wrote those last two sentences and totally redeemed yourself!

Price matters and the truth is the Snapdragon 801 is a very minor update over the Snapdragon 800
, your not going to notice a real speed difference between the 800 and 801. Not really worth the price premium especially if your a Next customer paying for your phone outright.
The One M8 is overrated with a much worse camera in my opinion, the S5 is kind blah with tons of useless features that only half work and other Samsung bloat that slow down their phones, I got rid of my S4 after 5 months because I hate the bloat and extensive UI changes in touchwiz.

The Z2 is a true worthy alternative for me since I don't like Samsung's bloated UI and I don't like the HTC camera's low 4mpx
But for many the huge difference in price between the Z2 and the LG G2 may not be worth it.. For most users your not going to notice a difference in speed, or camera quality for almost all common picture scenarios with a smartphone and frankly 3 GB of ram on a device without a bloated memory hog UI like samsung's is kind of overkill with a lighter UI like Sony's or Stock android. I have 2GB of ram paired with a snapdragon 800 processor and never notice any slowdowns.

This. Until the G3 comes out, the Z2 is the only phone that I think gives the G2 a run for best superphone. Once you factor in the price difference between the two though, the Z2 is hard to justify if you are buying off contract.

i think the one m8 is overrated, and i also don't like how everyone gushes over how good it looks. when i get a phone, i don't get it for looks. the only good thing is boomsound

What exactly makes the M8 and S5 so much better than the G2? The 801 is only marginally more powerful than the 800. They all have 1080 screens, the G2's being the largest even though it is smaller than the S5 and M8. The G2's camera is phenomenal and stands up fine next to the S5 and is, from what I have seen, superior to the M8's. You are getting a phone that is on par performance wise with the current flagships, has a larger screen in a smaller body, and costs a couple hundred less. Why wouldn't you recommend it over a S5 or M8?

He never said that. But believe it or not everyone can not afford the latest and greatest. For the majority of people this phone will serve them just fine.

I agree with him. Would I recommend it over the HTC One M8? No. Over the S5 or Note 3? Probably not. Over the One M7 probably. Over the lagfest that are the S4 and Note 2...Absolutely!

Posted via Android Central App on my daily driver, the Droid MAX

I'm actually researching phones, and I'm personally glad I saw this article. I'm not able to afford the latest and greatest - I'm still using the GNex on Verizon, which I got for $.01 when switching from Sprint - and my contract is nearly finished. I can then get the G2 for $.01 on Amazon, and based on this article, have a fast, reliable phone with great battery life and an excellent camera. I would love the G3 or M8, but that's not in the cards for me financially. I will also upgrade my wife's phone at the same time, so dropping hundreds apiece is out of the question. Thank you, Mr. Devine, for this informative article that will help me in my decision-making.

I really enjoy the implication that the best way to suck up to a manufacturer is to write a brief article praising an eight-month-old phone that will end up being relegated to free with contract soon.

I see a lot of bum lickers on these forums. In my opinion id buy a 8310 and a digital camera, cellotape them together and have a better phone.... call it ghetto g 2... But seriously you seem obsessed by this phone...

Posted via Android Central App

Who is this guy?!?!?! Smh ..what's Ur site I'd like to visit it??????????????_______________________

But then u have people complaining ooohh to many M8 post oh too many S5 post... If you don't agree with the subject hit fu*k!n home button on your phone and enjoy the remainder of your day ....smh!!!

Posted via Android Central App

OK, so in a future article in which the writer states *in the title!!! * that he would recommend the device, you would prefer it to "rant" about the negative aspects of the device? I honestly hope I'm simply feeding a troll here, because your comments have no pertinent information to back up your claims.

Edit: you added your reasons for the comments. As specious ad the reasoning may be, you at least added them.

Bhatech, please, do us all a favor and just leave if you don't enjoy the website. You're wrong, editors talk about the things they don't like all of the time here, as well as the things they do like. You're either new to the site and therefore haven't experienced these events just yet, or you're selectively seeing what you want to see. Good day.

The Verge?!?! Are you kidding?!?!? They love Apple and seem very biased about it to me. Has the Verge ever suggested Apple had a bad idea??!?! Sure, they'll bash anyone but Apple!

I love the G2 on AT&T . I hardly ever use the back power button due to the knock on feature and I am not accidentally raising the volume or shutting off the screen because there are no side buttons that are right where my fingers are. The battery is strong and the processor fast and sure. Even little things like the IR remote that knows when you are home and puts the TV control on the lock screen. No complaints and I have had it since launch.

"there's no-one in the world that could claim the Snapdragon 800 in the G2 is "old hat." "

You don't read the comments around here, do you?

Posted via Android Central App using an LG G2.

Moto X has a great rear facing speaker (well, as great as a rear facing smartphone speaker can be). Having used both side by side, I'd say it beats out the speaker on the G2

I love this phone.
Some things that would make it better:

Option to turn off auto focus in video recording
Speaker volume needs to be a little louder
GPS could be better at staying locked on

Posted via Android Central App using an LG G2.

Haha just messing around. I'm sure it must be terrible to have so many phones to play with that you have to decide which one gets a SIM.

I'll probably pick one up after the G3 comes up. Price drop and a still a great phone.

Posted via Android Central App

I pair mine with Nova and the screen off app. All the cool features of the stock UI but a more stock look. I could be happier.

Posted via G2 + Nova

Lol I tried to edit but think I waited to long.

A G3 or Z2 would probably make me happier haha.

Posted via G2 + Nova

Rocking the LG G2 I have to say its been one of the best phones I have ever had. I want to get a GS5 though but I also don't want to give up my G2

Posted via Android Central App

On thing I noticed on my Ladies G2 that I wish I seen on more phones.. when u get a call it doesn't bring up the dialer screen to take up the entire screen ... It pulls up a small window to ignore or answer the call .. But keeps u on the same screen... I love that ... Like don't interrupt my current operations..
Posted via Android Central App

Don't forget that it is an option.
You can turn it on or off in Call Settings.

It's one of many reasons I chose the G2 over the Note 3.

Also, (flame bait coming) Note 3 users don't like to acknowledge "Quick Memo" on most LG devices because we don't actually need a pen to do what Samsung says can only be done with an S-Pen.

One last thing. Like true multitasking? "Slide Aside" literally freezes up to 3 apps for later use. (Those apps won't leave the memory or their previous state until you go back to it).
They don't get pushed out of memory.

Posted via my SPARK enabled Sprint LG G2, K00949438Yd FRAMILY!

My battery died really fast...

It's only been off charge for 4.5 hours and it went from 100 to 33 percent :-(

Posted via Android Central App

Something is draining it, that is not normal. Mine can go 1.5-2 days. Jump in the forums and take a look around, there are tons of LG G2 battery threads.

Charge it to 100%. Then, before removing the charger, reboot the phone (power off and restart). After the phone fully reboots you can remove it from the charger.

Download wake lock detector to see what is draining your battery. That isn't normal. In fact many consider the G2 to have the best battery on the market my wife and I own the G2 and the Droid Maxx)

My only complaints with the G2 are the build materials and the UI. The build materials aren't much of an issue, as I just use a Diztronic case; funny how it takes a $10 case to make a $600 phone feel like a premium product.

But the UI is just awful. I have nothing against adding features, but changing things just for the sake of it is stupid. There's no unity to the software skin. The status bar and navbar don't even match. How does that get by in a design review? Why are the fonts so messed up? Why is the settings menu a daunting mess of options that are horribly organized? Why do I need icons for NFC and GPS when they aren't active? Why do I need an icon for headphones? Why is there no multitasking button option with all of the other included customization? Why do all the icons have to be changed from their AOSP default? Does all of that really sell a phone?

It boggles my mind how a few online devs, not working for a multi-billion dollar company, can throw together a better OS experience in a few weeks/months via a custom ROM, whereas LG designers, getting paid a huge amount of money, throw this mess together over years of "refining" an OS. HTC somehow figured out how to make a good skin, so it's definitely possible to totally overhaul Android and make it good. Come on, LG.

The only real custom Rom is CM, and it has its share of bugs mist of the time. The other roms are all based off something else, so they are mostly just adding or changing existing code. Devs usually build for themselves and if people like it, cool. Manufactures have build to masses of people, making what they do a bit different. Ya, the ui is not my cup of tea, but no ui is, even stock bugs me.

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On KitKat the nav bar and status bar match as for those nfc and Gps icons when not in use do not appear in my status bar unless you are talking about the toggles but then it's customizable so you can edit the toggles to whatever you want?

Posted via Android Central App

What do you mean when you say "a few online devs can throw together a better OS?" All people have done is mod AOSP a bit to add some more options. Using CM is barely different from using AOSP.

i had the htc hero,evo,evo 3d,evo 4g lte, samsung alaxy s2,s3,s4, iphone 4s, 5 and this is my first android lg phone is great that i got 4 more for my family.

I would have gotten this phone if it had not been released late on sprint I ended up getting the htc one m7

Posted via Android Central App

I agree that the G2 is still top notch in terms of hardware and user experience. I dislike the "skin" but throw Nova Launcher on top of it and all is good. In fact, set it to Nova Speed and it feels faster than my Nexus 5.

I disagree with the back buttons part because I find myself needing to shift the positioning of the phone in my hand to find those buttons. First world problem, I know. However, the phone's overall ergonomics is still excellent although there are better options out there if that's your priority.

Posted via Android Central App

I need an upgrade, can't afford the M8 or S5. G2 and S4 are the same price at my carrier. Priorities are camera and battery life. LG seems to have the edge in both, but S4 is still more appealing. Has the S4 aged that poorly over the last 12 months?

I've had both. I like the g2 way better. Knock on/off, screen, and if your on Verizon, better Rom support.

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Plus the G2 has the snapdragon 800 the S4 had the 600. Just thinking about what has a better long term shelf life at this point

Posted via G2 + Nova

It's not that it's aged badly. The S4 was a mediocre (but over hyped) phone when it launched. The G2 is a much better phone than the S4 and yes i had own both.

Posted via Android Central App on my daily driver, the Droid MAX

I was really tossed between the S4 and the G2 last year. I chose the G2 and have never regretted it. The display is awesome and the battery life is good, even if you use it a lot like me. The KitKat update made it even better even though it introduced a couple bugs on my phone. I'd recommended it over the S5 or One 2 any day. But I'd also say if you haven't gotten the G2 I'd hold off and get the G3 or at least wait and see if the G3 is worth your getting it.
LG G2 (4.4.2) T-Mobile

Only two bugs I have are the SwiftKey reboot error and Google music will randomly stop. The 2nd one needs to be addressed right away.

What are you experiencing on your end?

Posted via G2 + Nova

I don't suppose it's possible to get rid of the on-screen menu button and change it into a multitasking button?

Xposed is awesome with the G2 you can change the colors, size, and shape of the nav bar and it's icons.

Posted via Android Central App

there are only a few things that bother me about the LG....2 of which I can take care of with a custom ROM.

the UI, imo, isn't that great looking....no big deal though. I use android because of custom ROMs.
menu button instead of multitasking, and no getting rid of it....again, custom ROM

but wireless charging....damn if I haven't been spoiled to death by my nexus 5 and its wireless charging. I can get through a day with my phone no problem, but being able to plop it down on a my charger and not have to deal with a cable has been awesome.
wireless charging might be on my "must have" list for my next phone.....its just so nice.

Amazon has a wireless charging pad adapter that goes under your case, if your interested.
Ordered mine yesterday.

Posted via my SPARK enabled Sprint LG G2, K00949438Yd FRAMILY!

I bought my white G2 a Month after launch, and won't trade it or sell it. Use it daily and still in awe. still a near perfect phone for me (minus the No SD Card slot). I used to buy the latest phones every 3 months, b/c i was a tech junkie. this phone stopped me in my tracks. I won't upgrade to the S5 or M8. I will wait on the G3. Love the button layout, love the bezel-less display and battery life. and i love the quick window cover...and the feel of the phone. I'm on Kit Kat now, and it works great! Oh, and I LOVE the UI. no issues with it and i am not sure why people complain about it. i turn off the stuff i dont want...but there are tons of things i do like about it...and keep. very customizable

I got mine in January, and I don't think I've ever enjoyed a phone like it was still new for as long as I have with this one. My only problem (and it's getting to be more annoying by the day) is that my knock-on comes and goes. Knock-off works just fine.

Awesome, the best phone I have ever owned. Don't have any complaints and the wireless charging has really spoiled me

Posted via Android Central App

But then again all the major oem's have had flops/busts so you need to try and forgive and forget. If I had gone with the recommendations of past lg phones I wouldn't have ended up getting my awesome G2 :-)

Posted via Android Central App

I've owned HTC and Motorola Android phones prior to last year. I took a chance on the Nexus 4 mostly because I was curious about LG. Loved that phone so I one-upped away from the "pocket lava maker" Evo 4G LTE for the LG G2. By far the best Android experience I have had. It is the only stock launcher I have kept because I love all the Nova like modifications. I run mine with an LG Kit Kat theme so the icons and font aren't annoying at all, and I have my task bar reduced to essentials so it isn't cluttered. It feels the best in the hand of any phone I've owned and the beautiful screen has me always changing high res wallpaper just so I can oohh and aahh at it. LG has converted me from HTC.

Great write up! I'm always a fan of nice bright LCD after having LCD and OLED. No comparison outside in the sun!

I was also glad to hear your take on the buttons on the back. Most people complain about it - not who have it but reviews. I might like that!

Does it have glass on the back? I'm not a fan of that. I know the G1 did.

Loved this phone except for the camera. It took ages to focus and most of my pictures turned out blurry. In low light it was even worse, especially with the flash. I know there's a camera mod but my phone was already updated to kitkat and there wasn't a root method available at the time. Not sure if there is even now.
I'm actually kind of bummed because I got the phone based on Android Central's glowing review of the camera, which Richard has parroted here as well.

I know that each phone can be different, but I've read many other people's posts about the terrible camera on the G2. Thinking about getting another one and putting the Google camera on it though.

While I like the camera quite a bit, in certain conditions the shutter/focus does take far to long which has led me to mf'ing the G2 from time to time.

I guess no camera is perfect but the G2 can provide some beautiful pictures.

Posted via G2 + Nova

Hit Xda for ioroot25 that works with KK and then grab the camera mod apk from xdabebb's thread. It will back up the stock camera and install the mod.

Just bought this phone, LG's UI packs the same or more functionality compared to Touchwiz, without the added lag. Never thought this was possible, but comparing my G2 to the S5 (in terms of UI speed) it seems like the one that has the snappier 801 processor was the G2.

Battery life it's ok, and in my country the S5 costs more than double than the G2, so GG LG, GGWP.

I have had my G2 since it's launch and is still my go to phone every day. I own many phones and continue to buy the new flagships as they come out, but have yet to find a better all round fit than my G2.

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I've been using G2 for almost a 4 months but I used original ROM just once - on the first boot.

G2 + CM 11= really THE best phone you can get for now.

Don't like UI? Don't like bloatware? Don't like clouds in a every piece of a phone? Flash custom. Simple. Waiting official update? Forget it - even Google supports their devices for a limited time and includes extremely frustrating features like their social things everywhere.

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Same here and really like the OGP unlocked on Tmo's LTE. Mine is still running fast and the only gripe is my GPS sometimes wonky. Oh yeah and it is still running KitKat here in the states while other nations have KK.

The only gripe i have with it is LG's skin...The only ones i can tolerate are sense and the moto x one which hardly has anything done to it :p

A great summary for an excellent phone. I dare say the G2 camera still leads smartphone cameras with the possible exception of Nokia PureView phones.

Very few, and only minor, software issues out of the gate. LG improved their software update cadence; AT&T version got Kitkat a little over 3 months after it dropped. The software still needs some polish but it's not bad and LG are getting better.

The otherwise excellent ergonomics are spoiled by the glossy back. Fixed very exquisitely with a svelte Poetic Sand Black case. But still.

Wish the QNote slide up shortcut was configurable for something like Evernote or Keep. LG shouldn't waste their time with note taking apps.

Wish list:
1. Move the settings in the notification shade to a quick settings style pull down like the Nexus 5.
2. Menu button long press to go straight to the App Drawer.
3. Shorter long press times. The UI is fast enough that long press times are a bottleneck.
4. A 64GB or 128GB version would have been welcome for such a powerhouse flagship.
5. More accessible manual controls in the camera app. Not essential because auto mode has a terrific success rate.

Irrespective of the subjective traits, there's no denying this phone is all business and unbeatable (almost unbelievable) value when free in 2yr contact with AT&T during the holidays.

Lastly, Google's pendulum seems to have swung back on SD card support in Android. The G3 will need to support SD cards.

Love LGs small bezels and in general this phone. I already had an S4 when this came out but if I didn't I would own this phone. Patiently waiting on the G3...

Agree just took g5 back to Verizon bad reception couldn't be overcome. Using g2 again older phone but runs faster than g5. I guess I'm in the g3 line for now.

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I bought g5 had reception issues so I took it back and reactivated my g2.

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I've had my G2 since January when I switched from a Verizon Note 3. It's been a great phone. I've rooted it. Put Xposed on it. Tried out a few ROM's. It's a killer phone. I'm interested in the OnePlus One now, and I don't have $400 outright to buy it. So I'll probably have to be selling my G2 to get it. If I have the money for the OPO I would keep my G2 as my backup phone. I feel like it'll easily last me another year or so.

I love my LG G2 I love how sleek it looks and minor things about this phone that might dissapoint could be fixed with an update

Posted via Android Central App

At the price it is now its a no brainer. Its like an N5 thats made properly, and reliable. Its just as fast., if not faster in places, has far more features and the screen is vastly superior. The thin bezels still amaze me, its gorgeous to look at.

I recently bought a used G2 since my S3 was getting a bit long in the tooth. This is a really great phone, thin bezels, great screen, great camera, awesome battery life, and fast as hell. Fortunately I haven't had any issues that are mentioned above.

I was thinking of getting a Note 4 in the Fall. But I may just pick up a G3 since I've been so impressed with the G2.

Rocking a G2 with CM11. Smoother than LG's software, and prettier also. Keyboard also better. Battery life the same. Awesome, that is :) Wouldn't trade this phone for anything.

Couldn't agree more. I love my LG G2. This phone is seriously amazing. Even still

Posted by me somewhere on my phone.

I still have and love my G2 32GB. I have a upgrade burning a whole in my pocket but the M8 and the S5 have not wowed me enough to move from the G2. Waiting on G3 then Ill decide.

Best phone I've ever owned. The extra software is comprehensive and maybe overkill, but it all works. That's the kicker for me, a ton of features half of which you'd be forgiven for thinking would be crap, are superb. Great phone. Great retrospective Richard!!!

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I bought it on a black Friday sale and never looked back. It took longer for the update than I liked but the camera was the big seller for me and the screen resolution is more than fine. I wish it had an SD card slot even at 32gb.the amount of pics I take can fill this puppy up. I am an annual passholder to Walt Disney world and I walk into a park with just my LgG2 and fine with the battery results and picture quality. I came from an S2 and have been fully satisfied. My wife is about to upgrade from A Motorola Photon Q and wants to upgrade to an LgG2. So we're happy happy happy here in Orlando with the phone... Sprint service on the other hand in the area has been horrible. But the battery still holds up even under Sprint service. Would recommend

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I bought the G2 over the S4 as I was starting to get tired of Samsung's gimmicky crap. Most of the G2's gimmicks can be shut off, and the phone is the most reliable smartphone I have owned (It's not the only one I have owned). I will continue to buy LG G series as long as the power button stays on the back... That was possibly the smartest move made with the phone. Knock-on is probably the greatest ease of use feature thought of.

Mine is fantastic... If I were to buy the next new thing, it would be the M8 for the speakers, and blinkfeed... That's all I miss from my M7...The G2 is faster than the aforementioned, but I like the HTC better than the Samsung

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Love this phone, and I'm a phone a-hole. Recommended and purchesed by 4 or 5 friends of mine and they love theirs. Stupid battery life, very good camera, top drawer screen, fast as all get-out...best deal on the market now. Free on AT&T if contracts are your thing.

I've just got a debloated factory KitKat ROM and Nova launcher, along with xposed framework on a rooted phone and it's great. Using 8sms for messaging and swipedialer for phone functions and I'm 95% to a stock Google experience while retaining a hardware optimized factory ROM that pulls 35 hours on a charge regularly.

It virtually outclasses the S4 (wifes phone) and M7 One in every respect. Save yourself a couple hundred dollars and get this thing on contract.

It's a great phone...when it is functioning properly. I have had the phone replaced by Verizon twice for GPS issues and once going on a 2nd time regarding the G2 randomly disconnecting my headphones because of the slightest tap.

I came from 4 years of iPhone and love this damn phone. I'm amazed how you can customize without rooting and the like. Kk was a great upgrade. I think the reception better than most of my iPhones,but I would love for a flagship phone to tout the best reception today.

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Gotta say I absolutely love my G2 and wouldn't trade it for any other phone out there. I have tried pure Android on other rooted devices I have had and all I can say is that it bored me to tears. It is the first phone I have owned that I have no desire or need to root or install a custom rom. Everything just works really nice including the gps and I love the display. The ui works excellent and is beautiful In my opinion. Just my 2 cents.

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I am loving the G2. My fiance and I picked two up at launch. We weren't happy with the nexus 4 battery life. Battery life was really important because we run our business with them. We are constantly on the move. Overall this phone is great. The we're a few detractors. Once I set the phone up, it was smooth as silk. Camera was also important to us. We are a professional photography team and occasionally use it to document shoots (BTS). Size is perfect for us. On the fence for a phablet, but not practical for me. Need to be able to pocket it easily. No need to upgrade anytime soon. Will see what g3 has to offer.

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I still recommend it to people. 2 already bought them and very happy with it.
Pretty much everything is great on that phone.

Moto X VZW

I loved my G2, however there were a few minor annoyances all software fixable it would seem. Like said there are issues with GPS, not everyone seems to experience it but a decent amount of us do, i had alot of issues with this even with custom roms improving it.

Second, i would constantly have the issue where you tap the screen to turn it on, swipe to unlock and then the screen would turn off. After searching a ton of people had this issue and there was no resolution at all, it was to do with like the proximity sensor if your finger was near it.

3rd, though not as noticeable the multitasking wasn't great, it used alot of ram already so only a coupld of recent apps would stay in my memory before clearing.

I would definitley try it again in the future if they fix stuff up

I still love my G2 and none of the readily available new phones has me more interested. Now I am in truth interested in the Find 7 and One Plus One but those aren't yet readily available.

If I didn't like the latest news shiny, I'd still have my G2. I don't believe it ever for the respect it deserved.

And while I'm enjoying the S5, the battery hasn't been nearly as good as I experiences with the G2 and I really miss wireless charging. Hurry up and release the backs ready! The rest I find a wash as I use Action Launcher.

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Has anyone mentioned how sweet the camera hardware is and that if you go over to another site with three letter ending in xda ;) you can find a hack to make it do 4k video and 60fps slow mo. That is insane!!!!

Just picked up a mint Lumia 1020 w/Nokia camera grip for $250 locally. Updating it to 8.1. Nice cheap addition to my M8 :)

I also recommend the phone (LGG2 Sprint variant) but i noticed that after the update (Kitkat) the call menu sometimes the screen turns black and becomes a little sluggish. Someone with the same problem or similar?

I just ordered one of these. I had been considering it, but this article nudged me the rest of the way. The total cost was $450 for the 32gb black international version (I'm moving to Hong Kong soon). I chose this one due to the large battery, good camera, good screen and small bezels.

I really wish that the UI was a lot different. Especially for someone like me who has no patience to always use Nova. Hopefully when the G3 comes out it is dramatically improved and all the G2 users also get the update.

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Every time I see the G2 the screen blows me away. I don't know what it is but no other screen grabs me like the one on the G2.

I have had the G2 longer than ANY android phone I have tried so far.
It simply is THE best android phone on the market. I wish it had the always listening from the moto x.
I Like the LG UI. It's clean, doesn't lag like samsung devices. Battery life, camera etc are all Top notch.
People can bash this phone all they want, its the best android phone out right now.
Couldn't care less if anyone disagrees with my opinion of the phone.
I talked two friends into getting the G2 just a few days ago. They BOTH love it.
LG makes a quality device. Very Happy with my G2. 4.4.2 out of the box.

I have the Nexus 5, and really like, friend at work has the G2 on VZW, he bought the sgs4 to replace his Thunderbolt which except for battery use served him well. He somewho got VZW to take the Sammy back he hated it. Found the LG far superior. I'm interested to see its replacement.

So finally made my way to Best Buy last night to see the M8 and S5. I was impressed with both as they really are nice. The white S5 would not be my choice over the black/gray version. It feels like hard plastic vs the very comfortable soft touch. I usually use a thin case so I guess it doesn't matter but the black one feels quite nice. I do not like the huge chrome sides of the S5 but that would not stop me from buying it.

The M8 was a rose gold color and felt nice. Felt similar to the M7 in fact. The camera seems fine and I get HTCs point of view that for most people's use of a camera phone it takes good/fast pictures. I could not see using it without a case as it would get scratches probably very quickly in that anodized body. And like the G2 is a bit slippery, the black S5 I could definitely go caseless though.

Couple things I liked about each better than the G2 and a couple things I like better about the G2 over these 2 new flagships.

Posted via G2 + Nova

i recommend this phone for a ton of my customers such a great price cheaper than the s4 and a better overall phone

Coming from a Gnex, this phone was a no brainer. And it cost a whopping 1 cent. The speaker isn't too great, but it works. Aside from that, this phone is incredible. With Spark, streaming video content at the highest resolution is easy, and it looks amazing. Is it perfect? No. Battery life--never have to worry about losing it on a full day.
Oh and it plays Flac files, as well as 24bit Wav files, stock. It's a multimedia powerhouse.

Good phone, but not great phone. Ugliest UI ever. Everyting was fine with it but there just weren't any stand-out features.

That main camera cover glass they advertised as being sapphire isn't even close to sapphire - I have been very careful with the phone and it has more scratches than other non-sapphire covers in phones I had.

I compared the G2 display with the HTC One: while it is good, One's display is superior: you can notice color shift when looking at an angle (red changing towards yellow etc.), this is not present on the HTC. This of course doesn't affect regular use.

I would rate this phone 4 out of 5. Now it is a good buy because the price is very attractive.

Best phone I have ever owned. i use it almost all day long constantly listening to audio books, checking email, watching videos playing an occasional game, checking traffic, social media, text messaging, info searching and much more. It is never slow or laggy and the battery is a freaking champ. I plug it in before i go to bed and still have 20% battery life left when I do.

The only complaint i have is that on occasion people on the other end of my call cant hear me very clearly. It might have something to do with my case because it doesn't happen when i have headphones in with a mic.

I am very happy with this phone.

Got VZW G2 in November for $50. It's my first Android (had Palm Pre-2). I don't root and such yet. The reception is absolutely phenomenal, and I can't believe how fast it is, or how long the battery goes. Never a problem with GPS. Its always exact, even inside steel buildings and cars. No problem using SwiftKey either. I just disabled slide-aside and rarely use Qslide. The slippery back requires a case like Tudia UltraSlim. When Chrome updated a few months ago, some things stopped working like listening to a radio station website in background. The Dolphin browser solved that. I got the Nokia DT-900 wireless charger, but it makes the phone too warm and takes too long. The stock charger is extremely fast and it doesn't get warm. Only Palm/HP had a great wireless charging system. I just charge it 1 - 2 hours per day, and I try to keep it between 30% and 85% or so. I've read that avoiding 100% is best for any Li-Ion battery. I think the camera is very good, though CU and other websites think it's not as good as Samsung's on the 4. I also don't think the screen quality is the best, but it's "excellent". I love my G2.

I had LGG2 in few weeks ago, it s neat smartphone. But I don't like android apps have lot of fucxxxg ads. Also sometime it s frozen Kit Kat! I exchanged it and I love IPhone is Really much better.

Battery life very good, no problem on GPS. I like rear botton this is a good position for myself to press and control. The camera still good when compare with other (iPhone, Note3). Screen is the lovely part for me G2 look bigger than other (feeling).

titipong - Bangkok

Posted via Android Central App

When I bought my G2 I figured I would keep it until the summer of 2015 and trade out for the newest and shiniest phone on the market. I have never enjoyed a phone more than this one. I like it so much I intend to keep it for another year with little to no interest in the S5 or M8. GPS issues aside, LG hit a home run with this phone.

I just got a G2 32gb,2days ago and just learning the jiff of how it
Works, I had the GlxyS3,+S4,over the last 12months,so I will use
my new G2 for at least 2 months as my daily driver to see if I like
it and if I do I'll hang on to it!

tPosted via Android Centralm App

After not being able to choose between a Nexus 5 and a G2 and reading this article, I bought the G2 today.

I'm more than satisfied by the speed, but there's way too much bloatware. The GPS is a mess, and sometimes there voice repetition on the other end while in-call.

Those are the negatives until now. Other than that, it's absolutely amazing. Blazing fast!

Posted via Android Central App

I'm really considering this phone right now. I have been researching for a new phone for a while and to be frank if you look at all the new phones on the market things are getting really gimmicky really fast. I really dont think we need a second camera for depth information. Google's new camera app does what the HTC m8 does but better with one camera. Which brings me to samsung's bells a whistles. I think the public should be informed that you can use the camera and a 3rd party app to accurately track your heart rate and as for camera performance and waterproofing I have done alot of research on these new phones and the G2 needless to say you might nowt be able to go swimming with the G2 but there definitely is some underlying water protection going on that people don't really talk about.

Now lets be real if we are on this site we are willing to get a little more in depth with our device. I am a android purest. My nexus 4's death was a really sad for me. That being said. lets not let LG's bloatware get in the way of a great phone. Install cyanogenmod 11 on it get a pure android experience with a great camera and a sleek nexus feel without any stupid home buttons.

lastly I want to say if anyone has at&t and is getting a new contract this phone is FREE ONLINE. this is a no brainier for me but I am going to miss those HTC speakers but they arent worth the 200 dollar premium.

Great battery life (i can get 30+ hours with 3 hrs on-screen time and my normal usage), amazing screen, perfect size, relatively stock ROM (def not AOSP but EXTREMELY quick and responsive, and customizable with TB and xposed), and FAST...

I was skeptical no having removable storage or battery, but not missing the SD card as much after signup up for Spotify premium and the battery life is fantastic. once the battery starts going bad I can always crack it open and replace, but I dont think ill ever miss having to carrying a spare battery with me everywhere I go. If it's full when I wake up it'll be at 30-40% when im ready for bed again. NBD

Mine came in the mail yesterday. Played with it a bit, although I won't be putting a SIM card in for another month. I didn't do much real testing, but I was impressed with the screen, form factor, and smoothness. It's very nice to have such a big screen in a reasonably sized phone. The only thing I'm dubious about is the very slippery back. I'm worried I'll drop it, and I don't like to use cases.

The LG G2 is one of the few phones that make me smile when I pick it up and use it, in spite of a very busy interface. That is my first criteria for a new smartphone. I think the screen is just the right size, I like the buttons on the back and the feel of the phone, the beautiful high resolution screen with great color, and now Kit Kat as the operating system. With a free phone for a 2 year contract available at ATT, it is an extremely attractive proposition to replace my 2 year old HTC One X which I love, but I'm getting the itch for both a hardware and software improvement. However, I'm reluctant to renew another two year contract. Also, now may not be the right time to change with the LG G3 about to be introduced in June or July. I have heard that the G3 will have a larger 5.5 inch screen, which may be too large, and a higher resolution screen that may drain the battery more than the G2. I know the reasonable way to go would be to wait until the G3 comes out and judge whether the changes are worth the upgrade and cost over the G2, but I'm interested in the group perspective.

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I've owned the G2 on Tmo since it came out. So let me give you the quick and dirty.
Battery! , no seriously this thing lasts forever
Screen, rivals samoled for color depth with all the benefits of lcd.
Camera, crystal clear shots even in low light
Knock knock: Its one of the best features I've used on any smartphone
responsiveness, snappy screen and app loading
Speakers internal / external: louder than all my other phones

Only the Verizon version comes with built in Qi, however that can be fixed with a 10$ universal Qi to usb charge pad.
All the bloatware... .really who needs visual voicemail

I had this phone for a week then had to return it, because during phone calls it would make crackling/popping noises. I knew it wasn't an issue with my carrier since it didn't happen with my other phone. From what I saw it was a hardware defect in some of the early ones off the production line. But I traded it for a Nexus 5 which I love! Although besides the reception issue I loved everything about the phone, especially the extra features and amazing camera. But the LG software was a bit cheesy. The LG software on the flex and G pro 2 looks much more rounded off now. So if the G3 is like a mini G pro 2, I will want it!

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I love my G2 but if there ever was a phone that was in dire need of a Google Play Edition, this is it! (And don't say "Nexus 5!!!" because if you've ever had both you would understand.)

Adding to my post above, I forgot to mention that it's obvious (to me) that Android Central periodically highlights a variety of different models, probably because companies like LG advertise on the site. Also, I updated my Verizon G2 to KitKat. A "Software Upgrade Assistant" program installs it from your PC. It looks better, bugs are fixed, and it's even faster. I have no problems with it at all, though I wish the screen could be adjusted besides just brightness. The screen looks like a low/mid-range LCD TV to me. It's just a little "washed out". It should have blacker blacks and a deeper color range for watching a lot of video. Viewing angles are excellent.

I love the G2 and agree that it's one of the best android phones out currently. The customization you control right out of the box is crazy awesome compared to other "big name" manufacturer handsets. Pound for pound, I'd argue that only the Note 3 TRULY competes with it, but that's only my personal opinion.

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The G2 is the best phone I've ever had. I usually get a new flagship phone every 6 months but this phone is bug free, has killer battery life, and an exceptional camera. I can't bring myself to part with it.

The only knock I have against the G2, HTC One both is no MicroSD.
All the top tier manufacturers listened this time and included MicroSD support.
But all of them made the same mistake this time and assumed bigger == better.
I liked the size of my S4, I like the LG G3 and Sony Z2, but they are tooo biiiig.......

Absolutely Love My LG G2, Traded in Note 3 due to its sheer size, The Phone has all the best stuff including battery life, camera, software, hardware. No LAG's, No Restarts (like touchwiz from samsung force closes). The Screen is absolutely Amazing.
I have use HTC One, Note 2, Note 3, S4 and heaps of other Smart Phones, Heck after purchasing LG G2 I don't even feel the need to visit GSMARENA to get updates on what's latest and what's new in the mobile market (as I never feel the need and I had been an avid tech reader)
Will Keep this phone till it lasts, Snapdragon 800 coupled in LG G2 is perfect for 32-bit Processor operations, Will Wait and see what 64-bit Snapdragon and QHD or UHD display's in phones have to offer in the future, most importantly their battery life should last more than 2 days, LG G2 does last 2 days of Medium Usage, Compared to Note 3 this phone lasts 1.5 times longer and other models like S4, HTC ONE etc the battery on LG G2 is double!

I've had all the top phones of 2014 and 2013 and am loving my G2! Now that I see the new crop of phones I think I will stick with the G2 into 2015. Just not seeing the upside of paying a premium for a new phone. Will look at the new moto X next year when the price comes down. You can pick up a new or used G2 for less than $300 right now!

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I just ordered a G2 for $0.01 on contract (Verizon) from Amazon with free shipping. Thanks for your recommendation! I realize this was from a number of months ago but, believe it or not, I still don't need a 20MP camera, 3GB of RAM, and 2560x1440 resolution on my phone. I can't believe I'm getting this for a penny!

I was expecting to buy the Droid Turbo as my next phone but realized it wouldn't do anything I need better than this phone and for the price I didn't think I could justify anything else. The Snapdragon 800 is still an excellent CPU and the Adreno 330 is still a great GPU at 1080p resolution. It has 32GB of storage an 2GB of RAM so I think it will work great for all my needs. This phone sits right in between the Samsung GS4 and GS5 as far as features go - leaning more towards the GS5 with the CPU and GPU at least.

My LG G2 is sooo the best phone I've ever owned, I haven't had an iThing yet though, but compared to my SGS, SGS2, SGS3, SGS4, HTC One X, Xperia Z and Xperia Z2, I love the glass, it's in my pocket all the time and it's still unscratched, I bought it 6 days ago and with no usage, just on standby, it's still 85%, with the kitkat 4.4.2 update too ( which raped the shit out of my S4 ) it's fluid, and responsive and even though I can tell the difference between OLED and IPS LCD, it's negligible tbf, I only bought the phone on the strength of the battery, I are more than impressed, my bowling game ( PBA Challenge ) looks as phenomenal as is did on my S4, except It doesn't roast my LG as much as it did my S4, the internet pages load flawlessly and Flash is no problem whatsoever, in regards to the dodgy button placement on the back too, the double tap screen to wake up is extraordinary, and since when do people constantly need to alter the volume on their phones any way ? .All in all 5/5 10/10 all day, thank you LG for restoring my faith in the fact that decent powerful cellphones can actually hold their power and be useable after all.