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While we're not expecting to see the Sony Xperia S until early March, we're gradually seeing more and more details on the device trickling out. British retailer Clove has received a copy of the Whitepaper for the Xperia S and within its 18 pages we get a pretty detailed look into its specs. 

The Playstation certified device will come pre-loaded with a copy of Need for Speed Shift, and will come bundled with a micro-HDMI cable.

The 720p display is protected by a "shatter proof sheet on scratch resistant glass." Disappointingly the on-board storage is listed as "1 to 1.5GB" although at least we do get microSD card support expanding this. Taking a look at the rear 12mp camera, we see it sports a 16x digital zoom, a f/2.4 aperture and the 3D sweep panorama mode previously found on the Xperia Arc S

Delving into the software, anyone who's ever used an Xperia device will be right at home. The Timescape application is still there, along with an "infinite button" which acts as a smart filter within Timescape. 

We've already seen mention of support for GLONASS, but we also see that USB tethering and WiFi hotspot functionalities come built in. 

If you're liking the look of the Xperia S, hit the source link to take a look at the whitepaper in its entirity. 

Source: Clove
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There are 9 comments

movielover76 says:

The onboard storage limit really killed what looks like a good device, I mean please at least include 8GB

vinny jr says:

Who the hell are these asses putting the specs together on these devices??? You put a great looking phone out with a fantastic camera along with other great specs and then only give the phone 1.5 gb of interior storage?????? I don't understand that, the phone will not sell with that memory, I refuse to buy a phone that has 2 years ago memory capability installed in it. It cost just about nothing to bump a phone with 16 mb of int memory, the little bit of space that is required to install that memory is nothing. This ass hole who designed this phone would be out pounding the pavement looking for a new job because that shows lack of brains. Having an sd card helps but will not take the place of built in memory. I will not buy a phone without plenty of memory. This phone is a failure because of that.

onesie13 says:

1Gb of RAM, its 32GB of memory. Rage much?

Chewitt says:

I really dont know where they got the white paper from but its wrong.

Internal phone storage Up to 1.8 GB
Flash memory 32 GB eMM

So upto 1.8GB of ROM for App's 1GB of RAM and 32GB storage and it has NO SD Storage as can be seen on the official white paper from the SE Developer World site.

Also i used the handset at CES and can confirm that the handset has the above spec.

icebike says:

If you don't know where they got the white paper from how can you say its wrong?

Clue: tap the clove link above and read the white paper DIRECT FROM SONY.

Android Central's own specs page shows a microsd slot

Maybe they should just release the damn thing so everybody can stop guessing.

snowsquirrel says:

No where in that spec does it mention an SD card slot. The 1.5/1.8GB internal is for the OS only. 32GB is plenty for me, and it will be faster than an SD card. Removeable batteries waste a lot of space. So I am all over this device like white on rice.

Anyone know some place other than expansys to buy an unlocked one? Their customer support is severely lacking.

Chaostheory says:

Just a heads up. My friend and I both have the X10, and the battery on both died in a little less than a year and a half. Repaced with a Mugen. With the new quick charge feature on the S I'm really hoping that they improve their battery tech.

ChillFactorz says:

reading both Sony site and Clove site white papers I notice that Cloves whitepaper on page 2 has it listed as Version 1, and the Sony Whitepapers from above link has it listed as Version 2. Variants? Another question both have Flash memory as 32gb eMMC, is this for SD card?

Chewitt says:

Chill It is an embedded SD same as the early WP7 handsets like the HD7.

Clove will have an out of date paper that they are giving to people, very poor on their part to be doing that.