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Out of the blue today, we're seeing reports of two major British online retailers listing a white (GSM, 16GB) Samsung Galaxy Nexus for launch in just over a month. MobileFun and Clove both show the device with a £500-ish (~$775) price tag, and Clove says it's expecting stock from the week commencing Feb. 6. MobileFun also has a handy promotional shot of the phone, showing that the white Galaxy Nexus not only exists, but looks like a white Galaxy Nexus.

There's no word yet on when (or even if) Verizon will offer a CDMA/LTE version in white, but the good news for importers is that the white GSM version should be a pentaband model, just like the original. If you've yet to pick up a Galaxy Nexus, let us know in the comments if the prospect of owning a shinier version in a different color could push you over the edge.

Source: MobileFun, Clove; Thanks to eveyone who sent this in!

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RussBad says:

I knew this was comming!

RamboDroid says:

#1 I want to see the back!! It the back is styled like the E4GT White with the grey hump and grey camera bezel I would love this!

#2 I have the black E4GT alreay so when that white poped up I was so mad cuz i want to get the GNex on Sprint when it hits. But I've always wanted to try and sport a white phone. Maybe this is a Sign come early sprint Sprint will launch the LTE with the White GNex!! #Dreaming

renzi555 says:

That picture was a mockup from Droid-Life.

I want that phone :/ please may the white version be a sign of it coming to T-mobile! Or ATT since its pentaband

harry rait says:

When the hell does it come to India? Can't wait to get my hands on one of these. =D

jimijames says:

White rectangle with rounded corners... here come the Apple lawyers!

turdbogls says:

i really hope they stick with a black front and just to the back in white like the nexus S. looks Soo much better that way IMO. an OLED screen begs to be surrounded by black.

Small_law says:

Sexy, but im happy with black.

dco50321 says:

Talk about pure vanilla android goodness!!

wyseguy77 says:


Touchpaddle says:

I always keep my phone in a case, so a white phone won't matter much to me.

My current phone, Galaxy Nexus, is in a black case,... if I have the white Galaxy Nexus,
only the the edges around the screen will show up as white... which makes it look ugly. :)

It does kinda take away from the "flow" of the perfectly black status bar and navigation buttons that are indistinguishable from the bezel, but man, white looks SO NICE.

ecobranon says:

I thought the bigger news from across the pond today is the announcment of preorders for the 32gb GSM galaxy nexus
Anyone wants to buy my 16gb gsm galaxy nexus, drop me a line!