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This morning UK retailer Clove gives us our first proper look at the white Samsung Galaxy Nexus, with some real, official promotional images. You might notice it's a bit different to the picture that was doing the rounds previously -- turns rival retailer MobileFun fudged things yesterday and used a fan render on their site rather than an official photo.

In any case, what you see above is in fact what'll start shipping in the UK during the week commencing Feb. 6. Clove's asking price for the white Nexus is £500 (~$780), which is about the same as you'll pay for the black version in the UK right now.

Source: Clove

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OMG another Half and Half mess!

XavierMatt says:

Exactly. ALL WHITE, or nothing.

Salviati says:

No thanks. Perhaps they could provide a black back cover to really re-enforce the Ice Cream Sandwich theme.

briankurtz79 says:

So tired of them half assing these white phones. The Oreo/icecream sandwich theme sounds cool though. That's how I have my white evo.

jwp1223 says:

I am sorry, but that is sexy!

Dragonithe says:

Now they need to sell this one in a 32GB variant and hopefully the back cover can be replaced by a black version (if there sold seperate).

MrRedJoker93 says:

If Sprint is going to release the Galaxy Nexus, they should also release the white version. Please Sprint?

BoNg420 says:

Wouldn't matter to me because my case would be covering the back and you would never know.

I'm not much for white phones but that's pretty sexy.

Prime82 says:

That's one sexy phone! ;-)

S_C_B says:

That phone does not look good at all. It should be all white or not at all.

robertllacy says:


ckeegan003 says:

Blah, I'll stick with my black and grey Verizon version. Just wish i had a proper vehicle mount with pogo connecters. Tell me when that's coming out.

BMO8888 says:

Im Feeling the white look!

TuxDotKing says:

I'm not feeling this one. Then again, I thought the white Nexus S looked bad until I saw an actual picture of the phone (not an advertising render), after which I thought it looked awesome.

jimmyk0789 says:

I was hoping tge first would be white to beacuse i have a case and wont see thr back

animatedroid says:

why cant they offer some deep colors rather than white all the time. perhaps a burgundy, steel amethyst, brush metal silver. white is so.... bland.

belmore says:

Looks a lot like the 3GS. But I like it. I still prefer the original color scheme though. I'd actually prefer an all black version over my dark grey.

lostmarine says:

I agree all black would be better, but Samsung is probably sick of Apple who would probably try to sue them and say they have a patent on the color black.

Rigelian says:

White phones are a visual eyesore.

jhhoffma says:

Yuck, I don't get it. Best case scenario is that it shows all your palm grease everytime you hold it, worst case is that it yellows over time on it's own.

15israellai says:

Darn, I am going to get the GN but now they announce a 32GB version and a white version...kinda spoils my fun and makes me consider putting it off.

Taz89 says:

i know its not all white but i think that looks damn good...the nexus s in white was the same and it looks good in person.

Meh, no thanks. I don't think this looks good at all.

MarkSeven says:

It's not bad, but it's not great. I wanna see an all black one. As far as the bezel being black, they shoulda let the fans vote. It probably looks better in person tho.

tdubrpdx says:

I hate black bezels on white phones. Please see the iphone 4s on what a white version is supposed to look like.

MrJazz says:

OMG - it look like a marine mammal!

Cmon Alex, you should know better than this. People outside Europe won't pay the VAT, so it won't be $780 for us. It'll be about $650.

onixblack says:

When it comes to phones I really don't want one side one color and the other another color