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Walmart has made some subtle updates to its app -- now v1.4.1 -- that should help customers looking to ease the headaches of shopping this holiday season. Now in addition to online ordering and shopping cart management, you can view the localized ads for specific stores in your area. After letting the app view your location, you can see the newspaper circular for each store, and see if there are any special deals. You can swipe through the pages casually, and if something catches your eye you can tap into a certain page and get a simple list of the items on it.

The app with the updated UI is out now, and can be downloaded at the Google Play Store link above.

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derek5l says:


radgatt says:

I miss my discount card :(

abtxpress says:

Either this announcement is late or its not in the market yet? Last update was Nov 21?

Gspot82 says:

Good job on building to the holo ui guidelines walmart

Does it sync with the 'People at Wal-Mart' app?