Verizon Tiered Data Plans

We all knew it was coming, and now we have a bit of the details -- and they aren't as bad as anyone thought.  As you can see above, Verizon will still be offering unlimited data to 3G smartphone customers, and they have added in a very light version that should appeal to the people who aren't using a ton of data each month -- you know, the normal people.  What's not quite as appealing is the 3G Tablet plan breakdown, but with no word from other carriers that could be as good or better than anything the other carriers are offering.  The short version for what we're told will start Oct. 28:

3G smartphone plans

  • $15 per month for 150 MB
  • $15 for each 150 MB of overage
  • $29.99 unlimited data

3G Tablet plans

  • $20 for 1 GB (with $20 per GB overage)
  • $35 for 3 GB (with $10 per GB overage)
  • $50 for 5 GB (with $10 per GB overage)
  • $80 for 10 GB (with $10 per GB overage)

What say you?  Better or worse than expected?  Sound off in our Verizon forum! Thanks, anonymous tipster!


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Verizon's tiered data plan details leaked


If you think about it, its really only $15 for 299mb per month.

Edit: just read the actual details where it says $.10 per mb over 150 mb. AC's paraphrased version makes it seem like you have to reach 300 mb before you get charged extra.

I couldn't agree more! I feel so relieved Unlimited will remain available! I really hope Unlimited will be available for 4G too...

That was my fear too!

Now that unlimited data is not going anywhere, I can honestly say thank you Verizon. Now we don't have to break up.

I think its pretty clear they want to force those tablet users onto wifi. Especially for high usage things like movies etc.
(I can't imagine how else you could chew up 10 gig on a tablet other than movies/porn. Its not like you download linux distros on the damn thing).

Yeah, I saw that and was like "wow". I don't want a tablet that's tied to any carrier anyway, but still. Wow.

We pay $30 for 3g unlimited anyway so who cares? If anything it will save some people money.

However, the tablet pricing is ridiculous, but shouldn't matter for the BB Playbook peeps as they will just connect using their BB phone.

Wow, I thought it wasn't possible to be worse than AT&T, but with no 2Gig option they pretty much force everybody to the unlimited plan for smartphones.

The 150MB is way too small. Even for people who just browse the web occasionally.

While, yes, the 150 MB is too small, at least they have an unlimited plan for new customers. AT&T doesn't even have an unlimited plan, unless you were grandfathered into one. And their top plan caps at 2 gigs. It's easier to hit 2 gigs than 5, I'll tell ya that.

Agreed, and the 150MB is way too low. I wonder about the tablet though. I know a guy who plans on using the tablet as a normal computer, because hes always on the go and cant use a desktop anymore due to his busy work travel schedule. Hes pretty much in trouble looking at this data tier plans.

If he's that busy, he'll always probably be around a wi-fi spot (airports, offices, restaurants, bookstores) so the data tier really has no effect for him since wi-fi is not charged.

Woow but I just can't see myself leaving Sprint, I just don't see how ppl r blind to keep on paying extra n with the EVO not only do I have a bad a s s phone but I love my plan...4 lines with 3 of them being 4g phone phones n one palm pre n I pay $250.00 for unlimited everything so i think ama stay with Sprint for a while longer n not to mention that my call qualities n signal strengths r very good

I think people are ridicules 59.99 plus 10 bucks for my epic and I do not worry about anything since I never call house phones.

Sprint and T-Mobile have the most competetive data plans where I am from (upstate NY), but the coverage of both is not very good, compared to AT&T and Verizon.

Not if those people are stingy with their money and will 'threaten' to leave to another carrier. Keeping a customer is more valuable than a $30 data package, in the long run.

Wow what a ripoff for $15. Lets say the unlimited was 5gigs, 150megs is 1/33 of 5gigs but only 1/2 the price. I could maybe see make it 500 megs, that would be 1/10 the data for half the price. verizon rips us off more and more. Big Red sticken it to the common folk. Go Big Red go!

Seriously????!!!! Verizon keeps unlimited data plans and you complain????? If you want something you have to pay for it.

Everyone always wants everything for free. They wonder why everyone can't have the same prices as T-mobile and Sprint. The reason is because if you want service, good service, it cost money to upgrade and maintain the towers. The main reason why T-mobile and Sprint are at the bottom when it comes to service.

So quit complaining about price and try to understand the concept of economics.

AMEN!!!!!! I So totally agree with you!!! You wont beat Verizon with anyone, anywhere, ESPECIALLY when it comes to customer service!!! Verizon is #1 in my opinion!!

that's how data plans work (or minute plans)

$40 gets you 450 (min)
$20 gets you another 450
$10 on top of that get's you unlimited.

Data for aircards:
$40 gets you 250 mb
$60 gets you 5GB

I wouldnt consider 3rd or 4th being at the bottom. Sounds like a slight case of tunnel vision. Sprint has made some major improvements in service, customer care, and coverage. They have always been the first carrier to introduce America to the latest and greatest (color screens, camera phones, Simply Everything plans, 4G service, 4G phones, etc) If anything Ive noticed other carriers imitate or follow what Sprint does, especially with their rate plans. Ive had Verizon and ATT and was so happy to go back to Sprint for the EVO...Im paying a lot less and actually have better service where I live. No data caps for this guy!!

Common folk don't need a smart phone, a cell phone should suffice. If common folk don't like the plan, there are usually other carriers to jump too.

So is the $30 for unlimited data really unlimited or is it unlimited as long as you don't go over 5GB?

The tiering concept is a good idea. However I do agree that 150MB is likely too little for the first tier. I am not downloading movies or anything like it and I average about 350MB per month. This is because I receive files in my email what I have to open and read - just like most people.

I actually think this is reasonable. I've only used 1.1gb on my Droid this month. If I use it primarily at home or at other places with wifi...1gb seems a reasonable fee for my needs.

Makes no difference to me as I have no plans for a tablet or trying to downgrade my unlimited data plan. I'm not surprised in the least that the people who were touting this to be the ultimate choke down on VZW data were fanboys of other networks. PS, I don't care how much more my cell phone bill is for better service with VZW. I work for a living so I can afford these things. It is what it is.

@uofmrules exactly, you all should be aprecciative you have a unlimited option. AT&T has up to 2gb which is notmuch. But since I'm grandfathered I'm happy for now(; pretty soon these carriers won't have the unlimited option anymore. So be happy.

The pricing seems fair to me for one reason. I chose (yes chose) to live in the country, and my SAT based internet was $200 for 1.25GB per 24 hours, but you can't VPN so we needed Verizon MiFi's to VPN into work.

Verizon MiFi 5GB = $60, do you want more. I did, so how about their 10GB plan, should be $120 right, NO, it is $200 for 10GB. So if they are going to make 10GB on a tablet $80 I say the MiFi should be $80 too.

Yes I chose to live in the country, but I shouldn't have to pay a kings ransom just for some basic services especially given the taxes in NYS.

As a Droid owner, I'm happy about the unlimited still staying at $30 (for now, at least). As a Family Plan subscriber, I'm not happy that the so-called feature phones are going up to $15 for data. My 2 teenage kids use their phones basically for texting (I don't think they know how to TALK on a phone). For them to get a halfway decent phone with a QWERTY keyboard, I have to pay $10 (currently) for a basic data plan even if they don't use any of the data services. It's either that or they get a horrible little flip-phone.

My kids don't need a full smartphone - they just want a decent phone where they can text easily. i'm willing to pay for a nicer phone, but not have to be forced to pay for data they won't use.

that's not what this is saying though.

Data for feature phones will be going away (though they will have an option for it, it won't be required). The cost of the actual device will most likely go up though.

I'm not crazy about the tiering idea. I've heard the rationale for tiering offered up by the corporate heads of AT&T and Verizon, but I can't help thinking that it's yet another money grab...Anyway, I agree with Joelist and others who have said that the low end of the tier - 150 mb - seems awfully chintzy. I'm a lighter data user and I'm still over 100 mb now and I have about 10 days left before my usage recycles. So 250 mb at the low end would definitely be more of a comfort level. At 150 mb, I have absolutely no incentive to switch to the lower tier plan. And I might be inclined to use more data after the tiers kick in to justify my $30 for so-called unlimited use. On the other hand, I am extremely happy that the upper tier is "unlimited," even if that really means only 5 gb. I'd much rather pay $30 for 5 gb than $25 for 2 gb. So bad news, good news, I guess.

Can you explain how offering a lower prices data plan while maintaining unlimited data as before equates to a money grab? If anything, this will lower revenue for Verizon as people who dint use much data will be able to save $15 a month.

Its a money grab when they go to 4g and decide that unlimited plans are unworkable and give you 2GB for your $30 a month... This is just the start of the changes coming to verizon's pricing. As for the rest of the users (those not on 4g) they can now charge you $30 for 300MB of data if you are trying to be cheap but end up going over, unless you have the foresight to move to the unlimited plan. Not many people do this.

So it's a theoretical money grab based on something that hasn't happened yet? With the apps Verizon no provide it's very easy to monitor your data usage. If you are going over your allotted data you can change your plan on te fly.

You guys complaining are freeking nuts. This is 100 times better than ATT who caps you at 2 gigs. And as far as 150 mb not being enough? Do you know how many blackberry users are on Verizon who do nothing but BBM, Text, Email, Talk and check the weather?? My wife is one of those people and she is LUCKY if she uses 50mb a month. Between this and Tmobile offering the lowest tier at $10, ATT's plans are becoming less and less competitive. I hope they make a few revisions. 3 gig for $25 would be a lot better.

God help you if she finds out about Slacker Radio (or pandora or lastfm or any of the other streaming apps). My wife was in the same habit of using well under 100mb a month until that happened. Now, its more like 250+mb a month. Verizon can keep on taking my money, i guess.

RETG believe it or not you are a common folk. stop being so narcisist, are you implying poor people should not be allowed internet? I am nowhere poor, but i think about others too not just myself. But seriously $15 for 150meg is ridiculous. thats only a few hours of web browsing for a whole 30 days. download a few aps, send a few pics, 2 or 3 hours of internet and your done.

Well I just checked my EVO usage for the past three months and the most I hit was 350 Mb. Now I'm not a crazy user like some and I use the wifi when home but if this is a hint of what the other carriers will do it's not bad.... not great but not bad. Sprint charges 60 for 5Gb on their hotspot plans so if they do the same for the tablets then Verizon's is better.

makes me very happy...I am already paying the 29.99 and use about 2gb a month on my droid!!! *sigh of relief*

WHY ALL THE SPAM!!!!!!!! /back on topic

I'm glad they are keeping the unlimited plan, kind of was hoping for a 5GB $15-20 option to lower my monthly, but it's ok for now! Happy they kept it the same price and quantity for me for sure!

I was on Sprint for almost 10+ years, I always put up with 1-2 bar coverage, but they always we there for me in customer service. I left them since they would budge on a renewal that was 2 months early, and I was tired of no signal in my house, even with an Airave I had issues, they always blamed the cable internet, fine, odd that Google Voice/Talk works fine.

I was paying around $100 with Sprint, with Verizon I am at $130, with unlimited everything, I can live with that and the fact my phone works EVERYWHERE I go, unlike Sprint that would drop out on my at stoplights, and the fact I had to keep using my Palm Pre, which was a pain in the ... Loving the Droid X though

I was afraid they were going to raise the unlimited plan which would have been a mega deal-breaker for my husband - so glad they left it alone. I have had nothing but outstanding service with Verizon.