We've been getting word that a soak test for Verizon model of the Motorola Xoom is about to begin, and we certainly hope that it's Ice Cream Sandwich this time around. For those unfamiliar, a soak test means that there's an update that the software guys think is ready to go, and they want to put it out for a few brave testers before they roll it out for everyone. If all goes as planned, the update will follow soon after for the rest of us. 

Now there is no clue in the e-mail that went out to potential participants, but we can't help but think it has to be Android 4.0 this time around. It's high time for the update, as this is the first Android tablet, and the Wifi versions (that came out months later) have all been updated. Motorola has said that we would see the Ice Cream Sandwich update for the Xoom 4G in the second quarter of this year, and a quick peek at the calendar says it's Q2. Now to hope everything goes well, and we see a smooth update for every one soon.

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Verizon's Motorola Xoom soak test begins, we hope it's ICS


People can sign up to be apart of software testing. If you are apart of the selected group, you will be sent a file to install on you device for testing purposes. They do this instead of sending the update out to the masses and finding out the update is borked.

Are there still people with a XOOM that haven't already installed an ICS Rom? I definitely won't be taking a step back from my EOS XOOM to install this locked down VZW version.

Yes - there are people who either can't or don't want to root. In my case I have an app (Good for Enterprise) that allows me to get my corporate email on my Xoom, but Good won't run on a rooted device.

Not completely true. My Droid X is rooted and running AOKP Build 35, which is ICS 4.0.4. The only issue that I've encountered with GFE is that it becomes unresponsive and FCs when zooming in and out of emails. Otherwise, no other issues with GFE. Can't wait to get ICS on my Xoom!

So all US Xoom's will be on ICS before a single UK Xoom gets the update... Am so P*ssed off that I believed the hype that the Xoom would be a GED worldwide...

outside of the US we are not only six months behind the states when it comes to updates but we are also forced bloatware from Motorola that we can't uninstall...

I really hope Google smack some F*cker about for this...

Ha, Verizon Xoom. What brilliant person purchased that device? Lol.
I have the Wifi version (ordered from Amazon), no 2 yr data contract plus I've been running ICS for 4 months already! I rarely need to use it somewhere where I don't have wifi. GPS works great in the car on the road, why ruin it with a contract. No soak test needed.
I'm already running 4.04, auto updates work like a charm.