Oddly named Xoom 2 sells for $429 to $729

Verizon Motorola XYBOARD

Update: Verizon now says you can get the Xyboard in stores starting Dec. 12.

Not sure if you can get them in stores yet (all signs point to no), but the new Droid XYBOARD tablets -- those are Verizon's horribly named 10-inch Motorola Xoom 2 and 8.2-inch Xoom 2 Media Edition -- are available now on Big Red's website. The 8.2-inch version starts at $429 for 16GB of storage or $529 for 32GB. The 10.1-incher's going for $529 for 16GB, $629 for 32Gb or a whopping $729 for 64GB.

Remember that they're launching with Android 3.2 but will be upgraded to Ice Cream Sandwich.

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Verizon XYBOARD tablets available now online, in stores Monday


Wow this seems like a great deal. Let me run to vzw to get one.

Price = FAIL
Name = FAIL
Honeycomb = FAIL

Look at the key features. Portable? Droid durability? Cinematic screen? Stylus pen? Lol. Wow very detailed and cutting edge stuff here.

NO KIDDING. who are they targeting with these prices?? You have to make the price attractive to get the majority of the soccer moms to buy it instead of the iPad...

You people amuse me.

iPad2 3G Prices
16GB - $629
32GB - $729
64GB - $829

XOOM2 4G (Yes, 4G) Prices
16GB - $529
32GB - $629
64GB - $729

Now quit complaining. It's $100 cheaper and has 4G and will be getting ICS when it becomes available.

NewSFLASH Dummy . . . You NEED a 2 year CONTRACT for the XOOMS/Any other Android Tablet.... MASSIVE DIFFERENCE. You don't need one for the iPAD the fact that there's a 2 year contract attached means the price of the Product itself should be drastically LOWER

Why would you by a 3G/4G product if you planned on using wifi 99% of the time? Just wait until the wifi only models come out folks. Stop complaining.

I don't know what you guys are complaining about. I think this is a great deal...for Bill Gates. No but seriously, who comes up with these prices?! With the TP coming soon, and a new rumored 11" Samsung tablet that boast an Exynos processor and a ridiculous 2000+ X 1000+ resolution on the way, what's my motivation to buy this tablet? $299 for 32GB and $399 for the 64GB, probably would be a better price point.

At least it doesn't have 4 completely flat edges, or else Motorola would be in court instead of selling tablets. Now on to the name:

It's a Droid, so we need something MORE to do with robots or else the hundred million we paid to George Lucas will be for naught: Lets mix the word cyborg in! Oh, but it already has a name, Sony in their infinite wisdom called it the XOOM instead of just calling it the Zoom because the thing has some sort of "X factor" right (not like the show...) So we have an X to fit in there, and we need to call it a cyborg something, but we still need something to give it that extra oomph to make sure that there is no possible way the name is anyway similar to anything like what Apple sells (tab, pad, iPad, Gtab... way too similar) so how about we skip trying to call it a pad, tablet, or anything like that! Ok what else is flat? Let's see, the earth (before Columbus,) Keira Knightley, Verizon's market share... NO no no. Oh OK I have it! A board! Boards are flat, just like this thing. That's perfect!

The Droid XYBOARD! I love it. Wait, no I don't.

XYBoard?? That is a name that is memorable and easy to pronounce! (I would expect 75% of the public to pronounce it "X Y Board" until someone informs them otherwise.)

Given the price and the terrible name, I think Motorola has yet another low selling tablet on its hands. Apparently no one is noticing that, except for the ipad, price sells these tablets - not marketing or a dumb name.

Funny they say 12th in stores...was in VZW store this morning and they said they had them for sale today.

Not that I wanted one...LOL