Galaxy Tab facts

Verizon is excited to launch the Samsung Galaxy Tab, if for no other reason than to offer a second option to the 3G iPad (the WiFi-only version of which they are set to begin selling) on AT&T. They have created a "Top Things to Know" sheet to inform their retail sales people, and it was caught on camera by a tipster using nothing other than the official Android Central app. Verizon lists many of the features that would be common knowledge to our readers, but might not be obvious to the average tablet buyer. These include Flash, the thin and light design, Android 2.2, syncing with Verizon's V CAST Media Manager, and high-resolution screen. 

Verizon dedicates the final point to comparing the Galaxy Tab directly to the iPad, noting multitasking, front/rear camera, full Flash 10.1 support, and the zippy Android 2.2 OS as key advantages. They also say that the Galaxy Tab is able to be used in one hand, a slight dig at the larger and heaver iPad. Anyone interested in getting a Galaxy Tab should head over to the Android Central Forums for the latest information and discussion as we wait for the November launch date. 


Reader comments

Things Verizon wants you to know about the Samsung Galaxy Tab


I already have them controlling my mobile experience, because of them there is a bitter sweet froyo taste in my mouth. I am waiting for pc companies to start making these, like toshiba or sony, so it can and most likely by that time replacee my ancient laptop & netbook and I can love android for what it really is, and not what verizon wants it to be.

Yeah...get that...high quality unfettered no-BS Sony experience, such...such a great not-locked-down extravaganza.


Let's see. I could buy one of these... or the new nook, a PS3 with built in bluray, AND pay for one of my kids college. Yeah, this is way to expensive.

Or the alienware mx11 for $799 light super portable awesome design for slightly more money but completely compatible and usable. For price the mid size laptop is my choice over this tab.

What I want to see is something doing a good comparison with the iPad. For example, I've seen the iPad do a good job of producing and playing a presentation via a projector. Can the Galaxy Tab do that?

I would like it to replace my laptop and or NetBook. Can it do either?