Motorola Xoom 2/Xyboard

Verizon this morning in a press release talked up the first anniversary of the launch of its LTE network, pimping that 190 markets and 200 million people will be covered by Dec. 15 (that's covered, and not necessarily subscribed). Pretty impressive when you think about it, especially when you compare it to the other established 4G network. (Cough. Wimax.)

Oh, and expect a couple of Motorola Xyboard tablets this month, Verizon says. That's Verizon's version of the Xoom 2 and Xoom 2 Media Edition, and we'll likely see LTE on board, of course.

And in case you're wondering, Verizon says the Galaxy Nexus is still coming soon. Of course it is.

Source: Verizon

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butters619 says:

especially when you compare it to AT&T PoS 4G network....cough

huskers15 says:

I wonder if I switch to Verizon and they can pay the etf on my sprint account. Wishful thinking!

crxssi says:

You should also wish they would cover the 20+% more you would be paying each month on Verizon, too? If you are going to wish, then wish big!

j510 says:

Verizon, keep that pimp hand strong!

PhilR8 says:

What's the difference between the XYboard and the XYboard media edition? I still don't even know what the difference was between the Xoom and the Xoom Family edition.

Mobius360 says:

One is 10" the other 8" with an IR blaster, roughly.

As for Xoom vs. Family Edition difference is minor. Slightly different version of Honeycomb geared towards the kids. Heard It has a little bit better display as well.

hmmm says:

Lol, Pimps. Verizon preying on the vulnerable weak minded for monetary Sounds about right.

AsinX says:

It would look nice with CRT Livepaper from the android market. Best Wallpaper Around!

lds710 says:

Does Sprint 4g really exist

crxssi says:

Yes, but unfortunately not in my area.