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All Moto Gs are now up-to-date with the latest software

Following up roughly three weeks after the European Moto G started receiving its KitKat update, the Verizon model is having its day of update glory. Several people, including one of our readers @JoshuaWorth, have started pulling down the update to Android 4.4.2.

Aside from the general improvements that come along with Android 4.4, the Moto G will now be able to take advantage of the latest Motorola apps that have been pulled out into the Play Store for easy updating, such as the recently-refreshed gallery. Seeing the update on your own Verizon Moto G? Let us know in the comments below.

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Moto G KitKat update


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Verizon Moto G now receiving Android 4.4.2 KitKat update



Here's what likely happened -

Motorola has an internal schedule to allocate their resources for Android OS updates. This team is probably not too large. This schedule dictates the update schedule for various models of the Moto X, Moto G, and the DROID MINI, DROID ULTRA, and DROID MAXX.

Google releases Android 4.4 KitKat. Engineers at Motorola take this and develop the upgrade path from 4.2/4.3.

The schedule has the Verizon XT1060 Moto X up first, followed closely by the AT&T, Sprint, and GSM unlocked variants.

Then Google releases Android 4.4.1/4.4.2. The Moto X/DROID 4.4 upgrades for certain devices are ready. Motorola decides not to re-do the work for the latest base Android version. Rather than delay other devices upgrade to KitKat, Motorola updates their base to 4.4.2 and continues on with their upgrade plans.

Getting devices to AT LEAST 4.4 is important for Motorola's Play Store strategy.

And rumors point to 4.4.2 launching for the GSM unlocked Moto X AND the US Cellular Moto X very soon.

Good guess, that is just about the way I see it.

You never redo your base code until you finish and it is time to move on, especially on an insignificant update like .1 and .2 releases.

Insignificant? The exchange email bug is not insignificant and that gets squashed with those updates. Bug fix updates are important updates

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I didn't say there were not improvements, but in the world of bug fixes it is insignificant.

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True, but not every single dot upgrade is a bug fix. Some versions can be skipped, especially if they're just introducing a feature that can be overlooked.

Or if they are device specific.

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My Moto X got 4.4.2 yesterday.....crickets for Verizon maybe because they take years to approve an update.

VZW was very quick on the first Moto X update, and they deserve credit for that. But what made it most notable is that they are consistently AWFUL about updates. One quick update does not change that well earned reputation.

I see it a 100% chance... if dennis and punit sont stays with the moto team there is a good chance it will be 100%

I don't.

They do not control the money. I am gonna stick with 50/50

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Wish lenova would hurry up and get 4.4.2 to my vzw X.

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Google will still own Motorola for awhile big deals like this take quit awhile to complete. Around 9 months when Google bought Motorola before the deal was approved and finalized.

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Wow no crap really. Man I must have just crawled out from the rocks. Thanks

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End March mid April from what is going around, nothing for certain from moto or Verizon

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That's funny your that clueless

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"Aside from the general improvements that come along with Android 4.4" ?
Sorry Andrew but that's simply not true with the Moto G.
Have a read through the Moto G section on this forum, or other well known forums, and you'll soon realise that the KitKat update on Moto G was more of a sidedate than update. Many have posted that their Jellybean Moto G was a nicer phone in use before KitKat.
Maybe that will change with future updates, I don't know...but as a Moto G owner I can assure you there has been no "general improvement" with KitKat, the touted speed and battery improvements don't exist, instead we got problems that were not there with Jellybean.
I'm sure there were "general improvements that come along with Android 4.42 on other phones...but not with the Moto G.

Exactly. I loved my Moto G, but now I can't stand how everything is more laggy compared to Jelly Bean, not to mention the awful battery life times. Man, I wish I didn't update :(

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Thanx for the heads up. My wife's Moto G is still on 4.3 so when I'm offered the update I'll leave it awhile until say 4.4.3 comes along..

I'm a European Moto G owner whose been on KitKat for best part of a month now, and I am overall happy with experience. A lot of the issues reported (a bit of lagginess, poorer battery life etc) were experienced in the few days or so after updating, but improved greatly with a bit of use and are not an issue anymore. A factory reset straight after updating often helps, and a cache wipe via stock recovery can solve issues with excessive location based wake-ups on the Moto G with KitKat.

Some of the new features may be of importance (I really love the easy switching between Launchers, and cloud printing whilst not of use to me may be important for some users), the lack of USB OTG without a third part app is a bit annoying but not a deal breaker. The only real downside to be is that the more advanced battery monitoring apps that can give wakelock data are hamstringed by KitKat unless rooted. That is a downgrade in my opinion.

Overall I don't regret updating. Battery life just the same as under JB after bedding in the update - 2 straight days with upto 7 hours screen time is pretty standard for me.

Does anyone know if Vzw will let you use this phone on on post-paid service? I know they were sticklers about using it on prepaid for a few months first in the past...

They still are. You need to pay for 6 months before switching the phone to post-paid.

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Ehh did take a while but its here I still don't regret selling my moto g great phone but got dusty in the drawer however I hope this phone doesn't get abandoned update wise but with cyanogen mod it will live on

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Arrogance is something that hinders opinion. So many people would be better off buying a G instead of contractual commitments. But urs collected dust?

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I might have to miss to hook your comment my apologies if I was rash.

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This phone was officially released on Verizon on January 9th 2013. I mean really dude wtf are you even taking about?

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The Moto GP is one of the best phones made especially for the price I don't know why anybody would be complaining about such a great phone for the price point.

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Like what? It's only been under a week since the Boost Mobile variant got its 4.4.2 update (its first Kit Kat update).
And both the Verizon and Boost variants were just released in the beginning of January.

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