Verizon HTC One

The One we know with a few subtle changes

We're not going to beat around the bush — Verizon is late to the game picking up the HTC One. A full six months after it was announced, and a few months after Verizon indicated that it would get the device eventually, you can finally walk down to your local store and pick one up.

Everyone is pretty familiar with the hardware and software experience on the One at this point, but there are a few differences between this version and the others on sale out there today. Stick with us after the break and see our first impressions of the HTC One on Verizon.

In terms of hardware, we're thankfully looking at that wonderful aluminum shell without any cosmetic changes aside from two small bits of Verizon branding on the back. "Verizon" and "4G LTE" are found on the back plate above the Beats Audio logo, and unlike the Beats logo they seem to be actually engraved into the metal. Luckily Verizon has kept its mitts off of the front of the device — no branding to be found here.

One thing that Verizon customers are getting for their wait is Android 4.2.2 pre-installed on their One, which is an update ahead of what you'll get on any other model in the U.S. right now. We've given an extensive look at the 4.2.2 update, which has made its way to international versions, and we're happy to report that Verizon's variant is nearly identical in terms of software to the others.

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Verizon HTC One appsWhen comparing to the international HTC One on 4.2.2, you're primarily going to see slight changes in wording and positioning of the new quick setting screen in the notifications, and changes in the ordering of the main phone settings. For example Verizon puts the "Data usage" function in the main settings view, and rearranges the settings categories into Wireless & Networking, Device, Personal and System.

Across the entire settings menu you'll see more small changes in wording and a few settings either missing or moved to a new location — luckily nothing major to report here. The biggest change will be the number of pre-installed apps — by our count you'll have 21 from Verizon. Luckily you've got 32GB of storage to work with, so you can simply disable them all and move on with your life.

In terms of performance, this is the One we all know. Everything is snappy and responsive, the screen looks fantastic and the camera performs just as well. Verizon-specific performance in terms of call quality and data speeds were right on par with our other Verizon devices as well.

Verizon HTC One

It's been a long time coming, but Verizon customers now have the HTC One and it's every bit the device you can get on the other carriers today. If you choose to pick up the HTC One at this point from Verizon, you're going to get a phone that is six months old but still worth the $199 on-contract price, just as it was the day it was announced. This is one device that has aged extremely gracefully, and there's no reason why Verizon customers shouldn't give it a look.

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Verizon HTC One hands-on and first impressions


Because a VZW logo is a deal breaker for the rabid Verizon haters. LOL

Hardware difference is the CDMA and 700 MHz LTE radios.

As long as the Verizon logo is not on the front of the device is the big issue, then its a deal breaker.

Would of liked to see some Battery discharge time under normal and heavy usage though with verizon's lte network. I find playing videos and uploading videos from my phone to the cloud eats battery fast over lte.

Maybe because there aren't any? You might want to read the article again. It specifically mentions that the only changes on the hardware front is the Verizon branding. Meaning everything else is unchanged.

If you read the XDA forums on the HTC One people are complaining about features missing from the Verizon One such as FM radio.
The One came out just in time for people to consider the Moto X, Note 3, and LG G 2 instead...almost like Verizon planned to give HTC the finger for some reason.

Tune In Radio free/pro will let you listen to any radio staion in the world, or at least has internet capabilities. Tune In allows recording and rewind as well, and some podcast

No live sports broadcasts on TuneIn, not to mention internet radio connection is very spotty on my mobile network. Lots of buffering. No issues with FM radio.

Maybe read the actual article next time?

Posted from my pure Google Nexus 4 using the Android Central app.

I did read the article.. perhaps you can't comprehend my point..

before the break the article talks about a few hardware changes on the verizon version.. then there is a paragraph about hardware changes and it just lazily talks about verizon branding.

What I was looking for was actual content to the article not just feeding the circle jerkers on this site and their verizon logo whines.

you know.. for example the verizon version supposedly doesn't have the same mic system because of a patent issue.. that would a been a worthwhile thing to research and report on.

so next time why don't you read the article.. and try using your pea brain a bit. thx.

You could have responded, without being a complete dick about it.

Posted from my phone, using your girlfriend's Internet, while you're at work.

THANK YOU!!! There is no way in this reality that this phone performs the exact same way as the launch devices because it has different parts, but nobody seems to be smart enough to take it out and do real performance tests. Considering the speakers are the ONLY distinguishing factor on this phone, my ability to record sound to playback on these speakers is significant enough to test.

I don't give a damn about branding... when I take my phone to record a lecture or a concert, is it going to sound like sh*t compared to the OLDER devices?

Props on sticking by your Nexus 4. Wish I had. I like my HTC One, don't get me wrong. I just don't love it like I did my Nexus 4. I still after 3 months cannot get used to the weird capacitive key layout and I had to root and install stock Android as I just can't deal with Sense. Sense is very well done, but no Sense is still far from the beautiful simplicity of stock Android. I want my Nexus back...:(

My One is always in it's case except at night when I take it out and lay with it and tell it about my day.

Picked mine up on the day Verizon finally released it. Have to say side from the bloatware I have no complaints. I was worried about battery life since its non removable but I'm getting through an 8+ hour day with just around half battery. I consider myself a power user too. HTC nailed it with this phone.

Posted via Android Central App

I agree, the battery life was a touch spotty to begin with but since properly charging it I can easy get through the day with moderate to heavy use. Helps that it is just an awesome phone.

Posted via Android Central App

Uhm hey , this is gonna be random. But then I need help my HTC one barely gives me an 8 hr battery life . I use around 2 hrs whatsapp which itself drains 60% battery . I need help :/

Don't set the screen to automatic, drop it to about 40%, it's still easily viewable, direct sunlight causes a little problem. Turn beats off, it's a pointless eq that drains battery big style. Check your apps, I found after downloading a certain game, even when not using it my battery seemed to drain quicker. Use the correct charger, and download battery doctor to ensure you get a full charge. Make sure you're not running apps whilst not using them. And finally keep power saver on! Hope it helps

Posted via Android Central App

Don't set the screen to automatic, drop it to about 40%, it's still easily viewable, direct sunlight causes a little problem. Turn beats off, it's a pointless eq that drains battery big style. Check your apps, I found after downloading a certain game, even when not using it my battery seemed to drain quicker. Use the correct charger, and download battery doctor to ensure you get a full charge. Make sure you're not running apps whilst not using them. And finally keep power saver on! Hope it helps

Posted via Android Central App

Welcome to the party,you're 3mths late but I guess better late than!!!

Posted via AndroidS Central App

At least you're rockin 4.2.2 unlike me.I can't stand Verizon!!!

Sent from my HTC One rockin Jelly Bean 4.1.2

And no root or unlock on the vzw one. Seems they finally are able to out smart the devs.

Posted via Android Central App

If you bought it on release day, you had full access to unlock the bootloader and root/recovery followed soon after. There's several custom ROMs for the Verizon HTC One available as I type including GPE, AOSP, and Sense 5 variants. The bootloader was locked by Verizon on day two of release, but the early bird got the worm ;)

Don't know but a lot of US carriers disable it. I have had quite a few phones that had the tuner but you couldnt use it

The same reason Verizon has always gimped phones. To get you to user their services and data as much as possible.

In the smartphone world it is. I have had my t-mobile HTC one since may, 3 months, and I'm already looking at what will be available this fall. Thanks t-mobile and no contract FTW!

In this screen size don't expect anything till spring 2014. Unless you get a nexus 5

Posted via Android Central App

or any of the 20 phones to be announced in the next few days, most notably the Honami which will be a slight upgrade to this I think (spec wise, not sure about anything else)

Or, since you are interested in six month old hardware. Ditch Verizon. Switch to prepaid T-Mobile or AT&T and get w the N4. $250 no contract 16gig. You won't miss Verizon, trust me. Or LTE.

Posted via Android Central App and my Nexus 4 or 7

Buy A phone that is a year old, with 2012 internals. Deal with a network that has no data roaming, thinks when your using loader droid app it this your tethering, AOL dial up speeds when you leave the city. No thinks I'll still with vzw

Posted via Android Central App

But the phone is unlocked and extremely cheap so really what have you got to lose. Honestly LTE on VZW really is pretty damn slow compared to what it us to be. And honestly even TMobile postpaid is cheaper then Verizon.

Posted via The Android Central App

Ummm... My Galaxy Nexus, from 2011, and my Nexus 4 can do anything that any newer phone can do.
I won't start a carrier war. I will say that I get great T-Mobile service, for a fraction of what Verizon charges.

See? You can use what works for you, without bashing another carrier =)

Posted via Android Central App

AT&T has network coverage extremely comparable to that of Verizon with much faster LTE. I can't tell you how many times I travel to rather large cities and get like 6mbps down with my work's Verizon LTE hotspot. Talk about a clogged network! AT&T is faster and just about the same network coverage and easily the best phone selection in the U.S.

Definitely a smart idea. Verizon folk are stuck on stupid anyway they think nothing is better than Verizon. Plain and simple Verizon sucks monkey balls period.

Posted via Android Central App on my Galaxy Note 2.

"they think nothing is better than Verizon." Oh? You mean in the same way you think nothing is better than T-Mobile? Pot. Kettle. Black.

"Sucks monkey balls"? What are you, 8? Surely a guy who looks to be 50+ years old could come up with some more intelligent sayings/phrases...

Also, saying they are "stuck on stupid", when you've claimed all kinds of outrageous BS in the past (such as how rooting was for "2plus year old devices", or how Nokia made Android powered devices ) is again, very hypocritical. Moron.

Being a person that has recently switched to AT&T from Verizon I endorse this statement. I get that same coverage with MUCH FASTER speeds. There were PLENTY of times with Verizon that my speeds got so slow I thought I was being throttled, COMPLETELY rage inducing. My current speeds are literally 4x faster.

Posted via Android Central App

Came from iPhone and sg3. Gotta say this the best phone I have ever used. Even Sense 5 is better than most phones. Biggest positive is the call sound quality sg3 was terrible as was touch wiz. This phone feels grown-up!

Posted via Android Central App

I think it's safe to say that the majority of Verizon's customers don't really care.

Posted via Android Central App

YAY! I'm staying in a 3rd world country and we had the HTC One before Verizon :D...not that it's any accomplishment ;)

Unless the brightness settings of the two phones were set differently it seemed like the Verizon One was noticeably dimmer at the start of the video. I'm curious to know if both were set to 100%. I'd heard rumblings that some thought that the Verizon HTC One had a dimmer screen.

Posted via Android Central App

Both phones were set to the same brightness if I recall, but the camera doesn't always meter them the exact same and they can look different.

Holding both side-by-side I noticed the slightest of color temperature differences between the two, but its much smaller a difference than you expect even between two phones that were manufactured in the same run and sold at the same time. They're nearly identical.

I phone ordered the One the day it came out... After some shipping tag, I finally got it last Tuesday night. Wednesday after work, I finally opened the box up... Perfect, beautiful and flawed...

I noticed the gap issue on the top of my phone, which I may not have noticed except for the thread here about it. I called VZW up and asked if I could switch at a local store. About an hour and a half later I had a new phone.

It was weird, because when I first met a rep, he looked at me incredulously, like I was lying, or stole the phone or broke. He asked when I got the phone... I told him, but I thought why does he care... It came out 4 days earlier (at that point), so it's clearly in the take-back period.

Anyways, it is a great phone. But I am coming from my first smartphone a Droid 2 Global (with CM7), so it is a little difficult getting used to Sense 5...

Does anyone know any good web-based tutorials to learn how to use phone...?

Love the screen and the speakers...!

21 apps of bloatware? Verizon and my carrier ATT have lost their minds forcing that stuff on us. Enough!

Thank goodness for my S4 Google Play Edition!

Sent from my GT-I9505G

I guess the OP doesn't consider the Google Play edition a US model because my One came with 4.2.2 installed two months ago, and it's been on 4.3 for almost a month.

Posted via Android Central App

Well the distinction is that while a US model, it is not a carrier model. Not sure of the wording of the OP but the article is about the Verizon model so....

Not only is the GPe One not a US carrier model, its not a Sense model. You could have easily bought an unlocked international version and ship it to the US and had 4.2.2 for months now as well, but that doesn't mean it's a "US" model.

This doesn't have the dual-membrane Nokia mics. That's a notable hardware difference.

Posted via Android Central App

I got my Verizon One Friday. A difference I noticed is no power save swith or htc flashlight app.

Posted via Android Central App

Bought the One on Friday with Verizon. Totally worth the wait! Love this phone. (Previous phone was the Thunderbolt.)

Posted via Android Central App

It's a shame Verizon made the bootloader unlockable a mere two days after the phone's release, screwing everyone who hoped to root their phones

Posted via Android Central App