We guess Verizon finally realized their original method of fixing the faulty Motorola Droid battery cover wasn't going to cut it. After all, it was just a band-aid! This time around, they're actually offering new Droid battery covers to fix the issue, hopefully this set locks in better than what came with our Droids. It's currently out of stock, but hopefully they'll re-stock it soon since the battery cover has been the biggest design flaw in an otherwise wonderfully styled phone.

So who put in their order in time? We know a lot of you from the forums have!

big thanks to zandroid in our forums!


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Verizon Giving Away Free Droid Battery Doors


What about those people who bought phone from Best Buy? Will Verizon provide them a free door too, or do they have to wait for Best Buy to so something similar?

just go to verizonwireless.con and you can get the doors. they're out of stock and probably are forever. but worth filling out, just in case they resupply.

Yup I as well get no more free door :( That sucks. My cover came off in my pocket the other day , wasn't to happy but ohh well. Mine says 4.99 and thats the 2 year contract price LOL!!!

Mine was free last week, including free shipping from verizon wireless's website... i would follow "Droid" on facebook, they have the most updated news to find out immediately

For those with a Droid that need a new battery door. Just call Motorola, they'll send you a free door. Just let them know that yours is loose. It's a known issue and Moto will cover it.