Galaxy Nexus

One of the hardest parts about buying a new phone is generally justifying the price, especially when the hardware is not brand-spanking new. The Samsung Galaxy Nexus on Verizon has been out for a while, and isn't the newest of news, but that doesn't mean that many of you out there don't want it still. What better way to get that Galaxy Nexus in your pocket than the cost of just a few minutes in the store, and a signature for another two years with Verizon? That's right, no cost to you, the device is simply going to be free on contract.

While it doesn't say just how long it will last, most Best Buy sales run until the next Sunday, so be sure to act quick. Now we sit back and wait for the Jelly Bean update to hit the Verizon units as well!

Source: Best Buy


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Verizon Galaxy Nexus now free on contract at Best Buy Mobile


Wow! It went from $300 on contract to $200 and now free. This all in less than a year on Verizon. Makes me wonder why they charged $300 on contract in the first place...

Seriously makes me wantbto switch to verizon but their data network ramdomly is tempermental and the break up fee for at&t is a big ouch

Well, if you're on verizon, a better way might be to by a used one off contract to keep your unlimited plan.

Just sayin'.