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This just came in through the Android Central app, and it lets us know that the Verizon Unicorn Galaxy Nexus should be arriving in select Radio Shack locations "this week".  The pricing will be $299.99 on a new plan or an upgrade, and a whopping $799.99 unactivated and off-contract.  Visual merchandising (a.k.a. in-store posters and other advertising material) can be displayed Thursday, Dec. 8, and it's likely that the phones will be available for sale if they've arrived in the store by then.  As we can barely make out on the last line, the Galaxy Nexus will be replacing the Samsung Droid Charge on the shelves at Radio Shack, which originally sold for $299.99 as well.  We're getting there folks, two more days.

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Verizon Galaxy Nexus arriving in select Radio Shack stores 'this week' with a $300 price tag


My God Man! There should only be one group of people looking at this phone.. The ones who are Grandfathered in at Verizon with Unlimited Internet Access and are now off contract.. Then I could see that group getting this phone at $300.00 and it would be a nice step up from the 2009 Technology phone they are coming from.. Other than that??? You mean to tell me you would spend $800.00 plus dollars for a 4G phone and be limited to 2Gigs of Data a month.. Or pay what? $50-$60.00 a month for 5 Gigs of Data? Just to say you have a Telephone with Ice Cream on it? Really??? Wow.. That just floors me... With next to no data available each month what in the world are you going to be doing with the Telephone?

If I'm signing up for a 2-year contract then the phone should be free. Better yet, I'll just bad esn my way over to an MVNO with no contract.
Oh, and just to make this clear for radio shack... the contract price of $300 plus the $350 ETF is actually less than the "unlocked" full price of $800 for the phone. Um... yeah, smart.

true but is an LTE phone I dont think it has the bands to work with GSM networks with that specific model, now you can buy the Gnexus unlocked at expansys for 749.00 so up to you.

Oh Verizon are you going to pretend this phone doesn't even exist. Is it going to be one of those phones even the store reps don't know about so they can peddle your Bloatzr and your rebloat.

Anyone think that Verizon is saturating their own Droid line (and its other Android Smartphones.)

The Nexus line died for me with its Verizon exclusivity and Verizon making Google their bitch by adding some bloat and removing Google wallet. It should've been released on all carriers from the start. There's no reason a person should be forced to wait for one that works on their network when the rest of the world already has an unlocked version available. Ridiculous. /rant.

Yeh, but too bad the Nexus line has never been available on all carriers. Don't kid yourself, it's all about the bucks. Google doesn't put customers and fans before the all mighty dollar any more than any other company.

I hear it's not that difficult to remove both those apps. And what's so bad about the My Verizon app?

Lemme guess.... "BUT ITS A NEXUS WAHHH WAHH it shouldn't have bloatzers on it! WHAHHHHH! Google loves us why did they do this to us WHAHHHHH!"

Come on dude.

That's nice. Now what about the non-Verizon versions? Is this really what the Nexus has become? Whores to carriers? Far cry from the intentions set forth by the Nexus One.

I don't see how RadioShack could be selling it before VZW corporate retail. So either RS isn't getting it on Thursday, or VZW is also getting it on Thursday.

$800 for a damn phone? Are these people nuts?... no thanks, what happens when a quadcore comes? $1000 price tag, nothing but highway robbery.

No way would I pay that kind money off contract for a so called pure Google phone that many will whine about once they get it into their hands, just to find out it wasn't worth the hype. I'll just wait for ICS to come to the Evo 3D for free.

That's not how that works. Just because someone is getting MORE shafted, doesn't mean you shouldn't point out that you are, in fact, getting shafted.

No one is forcing anyone to buy the phone either. If someone doesn't like the price move on. Or better yet, the whiners should band together and start their own cellular company and give the phones and service away for free.

It's pretty clear with this pricing that RS doesn't want to sell you a nexus. They want to sell you a contract. I remember best buy doing the same thing with a certain infamous BlackBerry, making their off contract price about 200 more than Verizon corporate stores.

Hey everyone. This is not a spam post. I have been scouring the web for the cheapest price on the Nexus for weeks. Negri Electronics has a pre-order price of $678.50. If you use coupon code:sb35offjkh it brings it down to $643.50 with free shipping delivery if you wait until Monday. The only thing is I asked if it was going to be 16GB or 32GB model and they said they don't know until they receive them. So, what do you think? A good deal? Order now and know I might have saved $122.00(roughly from the maybe $799.00 price and just have it on Monday and live with 16GB if that is what it is? Thanks! My luck if everyone thinks this is a good deal, when I order they might be out! So, let me know what to early I am confused and the more I read about what Verizon is doing with it, I am also getting a bad feeling about getting it now. PS, as of this morning the coupon is no longer working! Damn, I knew I should have gotten that deal. Will be looking for other coupon code now. Looks like all coupon codes for extra off are not working. They had been for the past week! But, still free shipping but won't get it until Monday. Grrrrr.....I always wait and lose out.

I'm so into the Galaxy Nexus. I wanted your opinions if I should buy it or not. I'm currently an iPhone user, but, as a geek, iOS disappoints me in some aspects. Now with ICS, android's interface is finally beautiful, and a little more fluid (not as fluid as iOS but it's ok). Do you think it's worth changing platforms? Does still Android crash a lot? Because I've used a few android phones and I had to force quit some apps quite often. Is it true that many apps that are paid in the app store are free in the marketplace? I've spent hundreds of dollars in iOS's store, don't wanna do it all over again. Are there any iCloud alternatives? And find my iPhone alternatives? Is it worth changing platforms and not having Siri anymore? If so, tell me why do you like android (besides widgets, customization). Are android apps bigger (mb) than iPhone apps? I use a 32 gb iPhone, and the galaxy nexus only has 16 gb.
Please answer me, I can't decide!!!!!

Trust me. Go play with some of the Android phones. That is the best way to get to know them and what they can do. No, they don't crash a lot. Yes, tons of free Apps that the Apple App Store charges you for. Google Voice Search is perfect for me. Almost like Siri. Yes, the 16GB/32GB might be a problem as SGN won't have an external SD slot to expand memory. But, there may be both versions available. I have always used Android platform since it became available. Long story short, Thunderbolt kept connecting to new Verizon 4G LTE tower next to me house, (It has been 6 months and they still haven't activated it. Anyway, after several problems with the T-Bolt, they sent me an iPhone. Trust me, you will not miss much about your iPhone. Unless you Jailbreak it, it just isn't customizable like an Android phone is. The only problem((and there are excellent DEVS out there that do amazing things!), is whatever limitations Verizon is trying to implement on this particular device. So, in a nutshell, YES to Android, you won't be sorry IMO.

Yeah, I think I'm gonna get the Galaxy Nexus. Now, one last thing. Do you know any good iWork alternatives? Google docs just isn't very user friendly and doesn't have presentations.

I don't personally as I never really got into using my iWorks. Search the Google Android Market and you will see plenty. There are equal to if not better alternatives on the Market as compared to what the iPhone/iOS offers. Good luck with your new purchase! IF it ever happens! Ha!

If I just got on Verizon 2 months ago, would I be able to upgrade my contract to get the phone for this price through RadioShack, or Walmart or Best Buy?

I doubt it. Unless you activated another line of service. With this being a new phone and potentially a hot seller, I don't think that the retention department would do much for you. The best thing is to sell your phone now say on Craig's List and then pay the early termination fee and then you would be able to buy at the subsidized price.

Think ill leave it up to fate if i hit a store and their in ill add a line and play with the GNEX if i like it sell off my razr and swap my data plan + number over and drop the line before day 14

So if you add a line, you can take the ESN of the nexus, put it on your current line that is in contract still and then cancel the added line by day 14 and they don't make you pay for the rest of the phone that is being subsidized? I wanted to get my husband this phone for xmas but he is not eligible for an upgrade until Feb.

I've never purchased a phone from Radio Shack, is their pricing similar to Best Buy? Meaning, is it about $100 more expensive after their markup than it is at a VZW store. Unfortunately, I'll be purchasing off-contract, and $800 is pretty steep, especially since the Rezound is $650 off-contract.
Anyone who has experience with RS phones want to weigh in?

So they won't sell it for no less? Even if you have $100 dollar credit from the new every two contract deal. I don't see after all this waiting why VZW wont let us use it.

So, from the last line. If mock units are not to arrive at stores until Dec 14th, would that not mean the phone will be sold on Dec 15th?