Hey, hey! Looks like the DROID Eris will be joining the cool kids soon enough. The DROID Eris is set to receive the Android 2.0 software update in early 2010 that'll bring the already compelling device to the forefront of the discussion. HTC Sense UI + Android 2.0? How do you top that? From Verizon:

"The Droid Eris currently using Android 1.5, can and will be upgraded to newer a Android operating system software in first quarter 2010. The enhancement will allow customers to continue to enjoy the powerful HTC Sense experience while also gaining the additional benefits of Google Maps Navigation."

We're unsure if the update will be Android 2.0 or 2.1. Either way, we know HTC is hard at work in delivering an update to their HTC Sense handsets and we're going to take this in thinking that the Sprint HTC Hero will be eventually updated to Android 2.0 around the same time.

Now is as good a time as any to buy the DROID Eris because it's available for free!



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Verizon DROID Eris Will Receive Android 2.0 in 2010


So in short, this means the Eris will be the same as the Moto Droid with the following exceptions:
* Eris has HTC Sense
* Eris has no built-in keyboard
* Eris is smaller, but has a smaller display
* Eris will still be $100 less expensive

Am I missing anything? Obviously, I have an Eris. But this means the only reasons to by the Moto Droid would be the keyboard and the .5in larger display?

well not exactly,the droid's screen is not only bigger but has better resolution at 480 x 854 Pixels, and though they technically of the same battery, motorola hardware manages a lot better battery life, and the droid comes with a 16gb card, vs the 8gb, and also has dvd quality video recording, and the biggest difference is the droid can cook breakfest the eris can not, I wish the eris incluced this feature!

The Moto Droid specs are far better than the eris.

So its not just those things look at the specs for each phone and you will see there is a big difference outside the Android OS Version.

specs are better but the eris has a history with A. & the interface is a lot smoother. so the better specs actually don't really do anything. my eris actually ran smoother than my moto droid. Also the moto droid is ugly. looks like trash. the keyboard is so small and useless. Even w/ the droid i only used the screen. I do hope to have Android 2.0 soon. & about the battery, the battery is also better on the eris cause even though "moto hardware manages a lot better battery life", it is still powering a bigger screen (and a higher quality screen at that). The eris has a lot more widgets that are actually quite nice. It also has 7 screens compared to 3 (even though there is an app that will give the moto droid 5). I am not sure if there is one to add more screens to both or make the amount of screens unlimited. So when it comes to customization the eris has the moto beat there as well.

I can't speak specifically to the Moto Droid, but I do know there are Email apps that will support what you're looking for. I came from the Palm Treo and had a similar concern. Take a look at the Apps board in the forums and I'm sure you'll find something. If not, post your question there. There are many apps that help BB users retain the things with which they're most comfortable.

Totally agree, Eris has features I prefer much over Moto. Smaller, lighter, better looking, no keyboard, easier to hold in one hand, slights in and out of pockets. Only improvement I ask is Andriod 2.0 and a little faster processer would be nice. Otherwise, excellent phone for the money, hands down.

just letting you know that the yahoo account is possible on the Droid Eris..I have the phone and if you set it up as IMAP will both email address and password info set up it will work. syncs beautifully just like all other emails

It will only sync if you have yahoo plus but the youtube video shows you how to set up the motorola but for the Eris to use your Free Yahoo email you have to set it up manually type in your email and password then select IMAP for incomming server example ( imap.mail.yahoo.com and the incomming server port is 143 no security type and for outgoing there is no security type smtp.mobile.mail.yahoo.com and the port is 25 and it works fine with my droid Eris

I tried this and it's the only thing that's worked for me so far - thanks!! Not sure how a new user to the Droid would have known this. This info is not listed anywhere in the new set up.

Just moved from the Blackberry Storm 2 to the Droid. I am have an awful time trying to adjust. The Droid is not compatible with my yahoo email and work email so already I have a bad taste with the Droid experience. As of right now, I want my Blackberry back :(

Your so wrong, it is compatible with any email. Your not setting it up properly, you must have Yahoo plus, $20, they are competitors that is Yahoo's fault. Your work email...I set up my active sync in less than 5 minutes and my work has the most secure in the country, sounds like you have an idiot for an IT department.

Keep trying, call verizon until you get a good savy tech on the line. Or go to a store and just plain ask them who the best person in the store is to talk with.

look up on youtube how to set up yahoo mail on droid i was having trouble myself and did this there are videos to walk you through setup manually doesn't take long and now i have full access to yahoo mail free version not the plus i have heard the plus goes through automatically but the free version needs manual setup. I love Youtube.

I keep hearing reports of the Eris getting 2.0, but how do we know it's not going to be 1.6? As far as I know, Google Maps Navigation is available in 1.6. Verizon hasn't specifically mentioned 2.0, have they?

And where is the official statement saying it is going to 2.0+? All I have read/seen is a "newer" version of Android and Google Navigation. Android 1.6 supports Google Navigation. IMO I think Verizon will keep the Eris a step behind the Droid when it comes to software updates. Otherwise there isn't a whole lot of incentives to buy the Droid over the Eris. But then again Verizon surprised the hell out of me by not gimping an Android phone to begin with.

From the InformationWeek article:

"When asked to clarify exactly which version of Android the Droid Eris will get, Raney explained that, based on the timing, the Droid Eris will be updated to either Android 2.0 or 2.1."

The incentive to buy the Droid over the Droid Eris is the superior hardware. Also, who knows how well the Eris will run with 2.x compared to how well Droid will run with 2.1? Not I. It's entirely possible that 2.1 will scream (as is being reported) and the Eris will implode on itself, swallowing up all of existence. It could happen.

I hope Android 2.x runs at least as smooth as 1.5 on Eris. It would stink to find out that when 2.x is loaded the performance decreases and things start to lag.

I think this would be the first vendor-accented Android 2.x released. That's pretty cool. Hopefully this is not just potential, but realized potential.

If I am looking at buying the Eris does this mean I should wait until it comes out with 2.X or can I buy now and update when the new version comes out??

No, buy it anytime you want. The software update is free and available from your phone to update so you don't even half to go to the store to get it. When an update is available it will show up in that handy notifications bar, so no sweat!

I follow HTC on twitter and they announced that the Hero will in fact be getting version 2.1 which leads one to think the same for the Eris as it's basically the same device.

i like hearing that since the Eris, which i got just recently and love, will be getting 2.0 and that they are working with the whole HTC Sense stuff. They will hopefully be working WITH not against the hardware so its will end up being pretty zippy, not just producing a power hog that eats the battery and spits cruddy performance at ya. I never really liked the slide out keyboard since i always get nasty blisters or sores on my hands from them so the screen thing is always benifical to my hand heath on top of it all.

Doesn't the Motorola Droid have a faster processor than the Eris?
If so, that will make it maybe a bit faster with the same OS in both.

I reviewed the comments on the verizon page for the ERIS and by far the biggest 'con' is the battery life. Do we have to wait for the new phone to come out or is there anywhere that can explain if the battery will be better with 2.0?

Will 2.0 increase battery life at all? I've been told by no less than two different VZW dealers that the update will speed up the Eris. The biggest thing holding me back from jumping on the Eris vs the Moto Droid is the battery life. The screen rez is nice too, but I really like Sense UI, it's freaking HOT. I just wish the Eris had the Moto processing power and batt life, it would be a no brainer at that point. I'm just so hung up at the moment on the main complaint I've read about which is battery life with the Eris.

Battery life WAS my only complaint about the Eris, but in daily use, the battery life got better and better. For the first month I had it, I ran the battery down to dead, and then gave it a full charge as often as I could. Periodically I would call my other cell phone and just leave it connected. Most recently, I got a 4 hour and 40 minute call, 280 minutes of actual talk time. This is with both the OTA updates from Dec and Jan. About a week ago, I got the Seidio extended life battery that bumps the capacity up from 1350mAh to 1750mAh and fits in the same form factor with the same case back. With this battery, I've been doing the same thing, full discharges and full charges and it's at 5 hours and 40 minutes of talk time. Basically my conclusion is that, if battery life is the constraining factor in your decision as to whether to get the Eris, you can worry less about it as time goes on.

For sure the Android 2.0 os will come to the eris! And other similar Droid phones I agree battery life is a problem but I rather have a nice cheaper amazing phone than a more expensive one and plus I hate buttons cause my old crappy phone had buttons and they messed up that's y I got Droid eris! and its tons better than the old flip phone I had no buttons means that it will last longer in my opinion I love my eris!!!!! And has everything I've wanted forever! Once we get 2.0 it will rock a lot more I heard that blutooh file transfers will be available when we get the update. So all in all really amazing phone for the price u can't beat It oh and I forgot to mention I wrote all this on my Droid HTC Erises browser!!!!!!! I love this phone! Hmmm I was wondering if there was a way to take of the autodim when I place phonecalls? If anyone knows send me. an email @ edsan91@hotmail.com amazing phone!

Also there is a way to increase the battery life, they sell extended batteries that last more than what it comes with! I dunno the price but I heard that they sell them.

OK, So you actually got the 2.1 for your HTC Eris Droid....Please tell me how it is going and what part of the world you are in. Im in Texas (USA) ....just curious on how long I have to wait for the OTA upgrade....I love the Eris (best phone from verizon, although if this lags on any longer.....MOTO doesnt cut it) and I would hope to stick with Eris, but I am a Apple guy......but this little Eris is sweet.....even my friends with I-Phones 3GS are jealous.....Verizon Rules......Please let us know whats up and if we will ever see it here in Texas.....SOON!

As an amateur photographer, I like to import photos to the Eris and share with friends. We have chosen to stay with Verizon, so Eris is the iPhone compromise (and it has some nicer features as well). My photos are pretty decent (I use a Nikon DSLR), but they look awful on the Eris...especially compared to my first gen iPod Touch. Is it the Eris' screen's limitations or are there better ways to import photos or Eris apps that might help? I could bail (last day is Feb.2) and get a Droid, but the disadvantages are there, too: heavier, useless keyboard, really high SAR values, $100 more, and fewer viewing methods (e.g., no pinch-to-zoom).

There is Pinch-To-Zoom on The Droid By Motorola.......You need to download Dolphin Browser to get that advantage.

I checked my Droid I just bought from a Verizon store; and I think it's still 1.5; the Firmware Version is 1.5; Software version is 1.17.605.1; so that means I don't have Droid 2.0?

Correct. 1.5 is most definitely not 2.0. The only official news on Android 2.0/2.1 coming to HTC Droid Eris that it will be released "1st Quarter 2010". So, that means we need to wait at the most until the end of March. Hopefully it will be sooner as I am just as anxious to get the update as the rest of you. Patience!

the 1st quarter ends on december 31st of the previous year (ie. 12/31/09) and still no android 2.0 for droid eris. can you download an upgrade manually? any updates?

I've been following HTC on Twitter, today got a message regarding the eris, hero, sprint hero. Said eclair is goin to be available to us. So hopefully the update will be here n the next 2 weeks bc the end of Q1 is fast approaching.

I've been following HTC on Twitter, today got a message regarding the eris, hero, sprint hero. Said eclair is goin to be available to us. So hopefully the update will be here n the next 2 weeks bc the end of Q1 is fast approaching.

We are a delivery company with about 60 drivers currently using Nextel phones. We decided to move to Android phones late last year and had 3 different phones in for testing: Droid, MyTouch, and Eris. The Droids were the first ones we got and everybody was saying it looked like Motorola had rushed them out for Xmas, because they certainly didn't seem very good or finished. It was way too easy to tap an icon inadvertently and for the screen to register a tap when you're just putting your finger down to start a swipe. It felt clunky, and had a serious design flaw in that they placed the volume control button on the right side and up high, exactly where you would place your finger when grasping the phone; we were constantly shutting off the volumer by accident. Also, our drivers need to capture signatures on the screen. We tried our finger and 4 different capacitive styluses; none of them produced an acceptable signature, really not even close. The MyTouch had preety much the same problems (one of the styluses wouldn't work at all). Finally, the Eris; which solved all our problems; screen sensitivity was about perfect for whatever you were trying to do, the volume button was on the left and down low where it was very hard to hit inadvertently, and the screen was perfect for writing on with your finger. For our needs, the Eris was better than the Droid in every way, and we'll be ordering 60.

i have an update for the droid eris to take it from OS1.5 to Os 2.1 i am using it on my droid right now and it is amazing. it is so much faster and looks amazing

Hey sbirny - how did you get that update? I have been waiting for one since I bought the phone last year. Was it a beta update or have they started their OTA for everyone?

Can anyone give an update?

i upgrade april 28th, and there is no doubt im getting one of these phones. I want the eris! especially since im hearing bout the new 2.1 software. Do i have to wait to buy a phone withthat software? or can i buy one anytime and upgrade whenever 2.1 comes out????

The update will go out over the air. Go ahead and get the Eris now if you want. You'll get the update the same time everyone else will (including phone stores). :)

Re: Anonymous (03/16/2010)

I got the Eris in March and read everywhere that the update would come in the first quarter of the year. Had to go back to Verizon (my husband got a PalmPre Plus and opted to trade it in for a Droid instead...ha!), and while there I asked a few of the folks there what was up with the lack of OS update. Here's the skinny, as I understand it: Verizon is randomly selecting Eris users to give the update to initially (this started in Q1). They want to make sure it works alright before sending it out to the masses. It should go out to everyone by the end of July. It was also suggested that I should be ready for the update at any time, and to back up my files/contacts/calendar/etc. often "just in case".

I hate the wait, but based on what I've heard about the update, it's worth the added anticipation.