It appears as though Verizon has a lot more changes then we would have ever predicted coming down the pipeline to start out 2011. First the flood of new LTE devices at CES, then the unknown press conference scheduled for next week, then they changed the upgrade policy for two-year contracts, and now they plan to change their return policy to 14 days instead of 30 days. This change is slated to happen on the 16th of this month and no direct communication has been given as to why the change. Be sure to stay tuned for any further information we receive, and hopefully some official communication from Verizon to better understand the changes.


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Verizon to cut return policy to 14 days effective Jan 16th


Wow Verizon doing alot. Now you only get 14 days to use the phone and have to keep it for 20 months when you do. This is going to make lots of people happy. Bring on the champagne bottles we celebrating Big Red

They're still going to have 1 year contracts. You just won't have the early 1 year upgrade on a 2 year contract on plans higher than 59.

Well you can thank the people who abuse it.

Yea I will get this phone for 30 days until the phone I REALLY want comes out then just go take it back.

This is a result that some people caused.

Just like the raise in ETF.

It's about time, even 14 days is way too long.

Personally, I think it should be about 3 days. If you can't decide in that time, you're too stupid to own a PDA.

I always laugh when people try to claim that Sprint is as good as Verizon. I have had both (we have both Sprint & VZ corporate accounts at work).

I do wish VZ's service was a little cheaper of course, but it is absolutely 100% worth the premium over any other cell service available.


Being a Sprint customer, have to admit Verizon is getting some kick ass phones. But the policies their pushing out recently?? Changing return polcy, upgrade policy. Not to mention much higher price plans. I'm sure all in preparation for the iPhone. sucks to be with Verizon.

Being the best in coverage is no excuse to be the worst in customer service. Like att all over again. The second I can switch to sprint I'm doing it.

Besides, verizon may be talking about their new 4g/lte network, but sprint's been on it longer, and I can still get a newer device prepped for 4g without the ridiculous bill. Win/win as far as I'm concerned.

good luck on that 4g in building penetration with sprint. you can use it in the streets, but not inside your house. guy in the audience even said during a presser that he was on a wimax card and couldnt get any service inside the convention center.

Same on your VZW DroidX in Chicago worth crap so the Iphone4, we`r three of us in downtown the only phone working perfect on the 14 floor in the state bldg was the EVO, and in Midway Airport the smart DroidX was dead compare to the don`t think VZW working everywhere, all the same.

Is that a joke? Sprints so called 4G is nothing close to LTE. Not to mention the fact that you are calling Sprints sorry customer service as better than Verizons. It sounds like you have not used both like I have. I had Sprint for five years and it was horrible not to mention the service.

Yeah because the average speed that Verizon's 4G phones will have is 5-12Mbps which is SOOOOOO much faster than Sprint's averaging 3-10Mbps. I have used both and Verizon has had a drastic decline in customer service while Sprint's has improved leaps and bounds.

Am wondering how they`r the best,when Sprint and VZW sharing the same network! But I do agree with you on one thing them price higher that`s why they`r the best.

Sprint and Verizon do not share the same network. They might both be CDMA, but when you roam on Verizon from Sprint, your data speed is 1x, no 3G roaming.. Verizon also has a much larger footprint.

You are wrong sir, when I lived in Sierra Vista, AZ Sprint did not have 3G there yet but Verizon did so I would roam all the time and surf the 3G signal on Verizon's network..Who told you Verizon didn't allow 3G on roaming?

LMAO that's the funniest thing I've heard all day...Verizon has pretty good coverage I will admit that but honestly it's not light years beyond sprint or even t-mobile for that matter. Honestly I think Sprint has better call quality and I get coverage everywhere VZ does cuz sprint has roaming contracts with them. Verizon is about to be the new AT&T 14 day return policy 20 month contracts 120 dollar plans CAPPED DATA! I just don't think it's worth it.

i have verizon. i have had no problems with their service. but things like this are going to push customers away or not get new customers due to these changes.

Its not an accident they are sneaking this in at the same time they are rolling in 4G.

Offer something everyone wants, and tighten the screws with their other hand.

If Sprint's coverage was a little better or if AT&T had an unlimited data plan for $30 I'd seriously consider switching to Sprint or AT&T after being a Verizon customer for over 20 years. I don't like how Verizon is screwing their customers.

I don't think this is right. But they don't charge upgrade fees for phones along with the price of the phone like Sprint does. or at least that's the way it was when I sold wireless 3 yrs ago. I would call customer care and do my best to get Sprint to credit back the upgrade fee for the customer. I think that is a rip-off. Sprint's phones aren't as varied as Verizon. I sold Verizon as well. worked for a multi-carrier before going with a Verizon indirect. I did have a lot of customers make the switch to Verizon for that reason alone !

You`r talking about three years back! I been with Sprint almost 10 years,I never had any problem like what you`r talking about! Just to your information Sprint changed in the last 2 years alots,so your story it`s tooooo old dude. VZW salemans tryed many tim to let me switch but they can`t get close to what I get offer from Sprint.

Dude. 2007 called. They want your opinion of Sprint back. Seriously. I just switched to sprint in November. Called up when I found I was getting crap reception in my house. Sometime this month they are sending out an Airave free of charge along with free monthly charges and I think I spent 15 minutes on the phone with them to get this.

they cant do it in CA state law 30 days to return bought goods gamestop tries to pull that crap all the time

Wow..Can't believe folks won't make a statement to a cannablistic company such as this..Verizon seems to really be anti-customer just in the name of protecting profits. Sprint is the best from a customer standpoint, price comparison and policy. Anyone that doesn't want to save 60+ per month is beyond me. Sprint has a clean opportunity to gain millions all they have to do is bring in the better choices for phones.

I wouldnt really call them anti-customer as a whole. Their customer service is the one reason why I'm still with Verizon. Too many times they looked out for me when they didnt have to, went above n beyond.

You sound like an anti-corporate troll that wanted VZW to bend over backwards for you to pay for services you "never used" - and when they told you "no" you ran off to Sprint to leech off of them. Sound about right?

It's happening because of the Apple. I bought an Ipad and returned it but only had 14 days. Apple's policy not Verizon's plus had to pay a restock fee (Apple's policy not Verizon's). They are doing it to cut done on confusion. I will never purchase an Apple product again because of that and I am a loyal Verizon's customer. Always been treated well and happy with my service and reception just hope they don't start letting Apple dictate all their policies.

if at&t had unlimited data i would jump in a heartbeat or if sprint got the iphone. verizon is really starting to screw things up. If they get rid of their unlimited data plan i could see a lot of people jumping ship. You can only do so much before you start forcing people to leave I mean they have a great network but their prices arent the best and they keep this up man. smh

You guys really don't get it do you? LTE is a much larger pipe. Unlimited plans are MORE likely with LTE instead of an increasingly more clogged EVDO pipe. What a miserable negative uninformed bunch you guys are.

About darn time! Hell you don't need 30 freaking days to decide if it's the phone you want. It's good because it stops people returning their phone when some phone out of the blue releases and they go "mmm think I want that one, had this phone 28 days" Now Verizon has all these crappy used phones. So yeah it's just people abuse the "30 days return" service. To be honest 2 weeks is kind of long. It's 2011 we all know what phone we want before it's even released.

*mumbles more and walk off

I agree. A friend and I were talking about this over facebook about an hour or so ago. If you can't figure out if you like the phone within 14 days you really don't need the phone. 30 days is WAY to long to decide.

Just because you can make a decision like that quickly doesn't mean everyone else can. What happens if your phone messes up after the 14th day? Your going to be stuck with this phone for 20 months you want to make a good decision. You shouldn't have to pay 375 dollars if you find out there is something wrong with your phone and you need to get a new one simply because you didn't have enough time to realize there was a problem. And we also don't know when every phone comes out. The Verizon iPhone proves my point.

That's a terrible argument. The same thing can happen after 30 days. That's what insurance and warranties are for.

how does the iphone prove your point? Its not even out yet and also you get a 1 year manufacture warranty so if your phone stops working you take it in verizon and they will replace it. ha do some research smh

I thought Verizon had that as an extra feature??? Vaseline included with your monthly bill... $15 per month.

Unless Best Buy changes their policy you get 30 days to try a phone and exchange it for a different one with no restock fee. As to whether this applies to the iPhone I don't know because I never purchased an iPhone from Best Buy. I did get it at the corp AT&T store, dumped it after 6 months and happily returned to Verizon and Android. I have choice and I choose to stay. I can plan my phone needs and get the best deals, it just won't be at a Verizon corp store.

I can practically bet you that authorized retailer policies will have to change as well. They have to follow the same rules for the most part.

All in prep for the ijunk... Like the other story said; Can't say we didn't see this coming. You get in bed with the rotten apple and you have to bend to their whims. Get ready for all the bad press that was hurting AT&T, much of it richly deserved, to come to Verizon with so-called poor network and signal.

You my friend are incorrect, Best Buy has 14 day return policy on GPS, computers and cameras.

T-Mobile has 14 day return policy on phones and I work for a retailer in Charlotte, NC.

Where did you get your info. I have been in the car business in NC since 1978, and there is NO return policy, never mind 60 days.

So. Now you just have to be a persistent pain in their butt and go through every phone, return them until you find the one with the least bloatware. I know I will. "No, I don't like this one anymore, let's try this one... and so on" lol

That was a joke...Take it easy Mrs. Johnson. I know what phone to buy or not to buy thanks to the info I get from the guys on this site. But thanks for playing.

It looks like a new COO and now we have all new rules. Just more profits for the most profitable wireless company out there. Evo people are worse than the iBots. Your phone didn't even win device of the year. Get over it already.

Yeah. I think its funny how no one said Tmobile. I love them. I've had a G1, Cliq Xt, Mytouch 3g, Vibrant and now a Mytouch 4g from them. I love the service, the price of the plans and even the coverage. The only place I've seen Verizon coverage that Tmobile didn't have any was like 20 minutes outside Couer D' Alene Idaho out in the mountains.

The story was verified twice, by two different contacts. It's true. You'll be reading it somewhere else eventually, and maybe they will give up their source, but we don't reveal ours -- company policy.

Seems like an over reaction, in 15 years I had to return one phone and it didn't take 14 days to know it was junk. I think the winers like to test drive phones until the next big thing. And I have three phones on vzw, one with unlimited data and only pay 125 per month. I've seen much worse on att...

I agree. 2 weeks is more than enough time. I bet most people bitching forgot that the policy has not always been 30 days. People that abuse the policy drive up prices. Thanks Verizon for taking proper action for the HONEST customers.

Verizon was charging a $35 Restock fee if you returned the phone within the 30 day window ... so will they be raising that to $50 or $75 while they cut the return period from 30 to 14 days??

14 days is totally cool for me though it does kind of suck they're dropping it from 30 days (which was awesome). but as long as they keep the unlimited data plans I'm cool with them

i think they will keep it atleast for 3g but who knows I mean if they cap data and dont grandfather us who have unlimited data I will be gone. Yes verizon has great service but so does sprint and tmobile in my area where i would get unlimited data and cheaper plans. If they are so worried about the stress the iphone will cause on the network do what at&t did make data caps for new customers and allow us with unlimited to keep it

I wonder if they are doing this to try and push customers away because of the stress Android puts on the network, then the stress Apple will bring from all the prior ATT customers. Add both groups up equals ATT network on a bigger scale, BIG FAIL.

They are probably doing it because 30 days is overkill. Most people make their decisions within the 14 days. I bet they are going back to 14 days (im sure at&t will follow) because people were abusing the system just like they were with ETFs.

This is awesome. Seems the iPhone wrecks whatever carrier that sells that POS. Now Android will take a back seat to the iPhone just like ATT has been doing for the past 3 years.

Blackberry and other smarphones suffered on ATT during that period.

Now Verizon will put everyone else in the back seat so they can take care of the precious iPhone.

Glad I'm still on ATT and I love my Captivate but looking forward to some of the new Android phones they announced a few days ago.

Me too. I had a X for a few weeks and found the service to be way worse. I am curious to see what happens to AT&T 's networks when some iPhone people leave thinking they will get service with verizon. I have a theory that they big screen phones just don't make as good calls as regular phones for some reason.

I'd like to point out a few things number 1 the best carrier is totally opinion based. The main reason a person chooses a carrier is if the et service in they're are. Trust me VZ does not get great service EVERYWHERE as they would have us all believe. That being said no carrier does. But lets assume for a second you get service from all four carriers at your home and workplace no problem then what....

I've had every carrier over the past 10 years AT&T is a joke I won't even mention them. I've had good experience with tmobile namely the fact that most of they're phones have wifi calling alot of people don't know that mainly BB's so srv was never really an issue it would automatically switch to my wifi when I walked in my house. For me coverage wise Sprint and Verizon have been about the same for coverage call quality on sprint has been better and 3G was a tad bit faster

I've had sprint the whole ten years and I'll tell u y. they continue to improve. Where I live now is the first place I've ever lived where I don't get srv. So I call sprint they send me the Airvana 2.0 3G enabled waive the cost of the unit 99 bucks and the monthly fee 4.99 no contract nothing. I have perfect srv in my home and my battery last FOREVER cuz I basically have a tower in my living room.

In all my years of buying cell phones I've never returned 1. If you research what you want this shouldn't be a problem. Phones being defective uses insurance and if they can't fix or replace they have to give you another or something else regardless of how many days you've had it. It just beats you guys that like to buy a phone to test it and try another.

VZW is just chipping away a little here and little there. Data caps are next, then rate hikes. You have to pay extra for all this good service. It should be interesting to see what happens when the Apple hordes defect to VZW and cripples their network.

This is all the consumer fault most likely.

They change policies like this and raising the ETF because too many customers abuse their policies. I see people post how they are just getting a phone to return it 30 days later when new phone xxxx comes out so they can just get off the POS they are on now.

Gggrrrr @ Verizon. Between this, the 2 year contract thing and my overpriced plan I am seriously considering dropping Verizon. The Droid Bionic is probably the only thing that will keep me with Verizon. Anyone know if Sprint or TMobil will be getting a Bionic/Atrix type phone soon? At&T is not an option, I got fed up with their horrible call quality and service.

Meh. I do enough research up front that I know within a few days whether I'm keeping a phone or not. This is still more than reasonable. I think people just like to complain.