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As rumored, and subsequently leaked, Verizon is indeed getting its own version of the Samsung Galaxy Camera, equipped with 4G LTE-capable radios. Other specs are identical to the international and AT&T-branded Galaxy Camera -- you've got a 16-megapixel sensor behind a 23mm Samsung lens capable of 21X optical zoom, equipped with optical image stabilization (OIS). On the software side, it runs Android 4.1 Jelly Bean alongside Samsung's TouchWiz software. Internal hardware isn't mentioned, but we imagine it's running the same quad-core Exynos SoC found in the other Galaxy Camera, or some equivalent chip.

Priced at $549.99, it's $50 more than the already expensive AT&T version. But Verizon customers will be able to add a Galaxy Camera to their "Share Everything" plan for a promotional price of $5 per month, which sweetens the deal ever so slightly. The device will go on sale this Thursday, Dec. 13, in white and Verizon-exclusive black.

Anyone looking to pick up Samsung's first smart camera on Big Red's LTE network? Let us know in the comments.

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zer0vette says:

it's cool.... but personally i never use my current digi cam. I just use my phone which is more than sufficient.

I bet they sell 10's of dozens of them ;)

nexus15 says:

especially with the tramp stamp they are guaranteed to put on the shutter button.

Cubfan says:

Many days late and 50 dollars short. Well done again, Verizon. Keep on showing me why I'll never be a customer of yours.

MattLaney22 says:

Every picture taken will have a Verizon Wireless logo watermark. That way when you share your pics, your friends know that you've been "Galaxy Noted"

duanedude1 says:

Can you get it without a data plan and use NFC to transfer the pics and video to the Galaxy S3... then use the (unlimited grandfathered) data plan on the phone to post the media??

I guess I don't understand the need for LTE/CDMA in ANY camera... regardless of carrier. Wouldn't you consider a gimmick at best? I understand being able to instantly post to FB/twitter/G+ etc... but is it worth being tied to VZW for ANY amount? Not sure how their selling any of these...

mithmal says:

Well it won't have CDMA just 4G LTE. It does not need CDMA because it will not make or receive any calls. Most data is now on 4G LTE. Soon all phones will be 4G LTE only (calls and data) and they will phase out CDMA, sell it or use it for there prepaid network.

robotaholic says:

Watch, they'll announce they sold 30 million! LOLOLOLOLOL

Viper says:

Let's see...this or a Nikon D5100 for the same price? Hmm...

I think I will take the hassle of learning how to use a DSLR and posting pictures to FB the old fashioned way. No thanks, Verizon.

toddjy says:

That's $5 a month too expensive, if I'm already paying for the family data plan.

And, duanedude1, I assume there's a version of the camera that doesn't have the wireless chip. And since it's a Galaxy, I would assume it would do NFC, since that's the big thing Samsung is pushing.