Motorola Milestone 3

Motorola will not be releasing the international version of the Droid 3, the Milestone 3, in the UK, according to a recent blog post by British online retailer Clove. However, Brits will be able to get their hands on the Motorola Pro, a smaller Froyo-powered phone with a QWERTY keyboard below its screen. The Pro was originally expected to miss out on a UK release too, but Clove is now listing the business-oriented phone for pre-order with an equally businessy price tag of £420 (~$680).

It's disappointing not to see any high-end Android sliders launching in the UK, but if you've got your heart set on this sort of phone, then may want to consider the HTC Desire Z or Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro.

Source: Clove Blog; via: Eurodroid


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UK will get Motorola Pro, but not Milestone 3, says retailer

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How are we supposed get a GSM Droid 3 now ?

Damn buzz kill , This could be because how the people treats Moto in their Facebook page
Motorola's payback , hum !
Thats sad , well let em be happy now , so far this is the most powerful QWERTY slider