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We're all expecting to see a 32GB Nexus 7, amongst other stuff, unveiled at Google's "Playground" event in NYC next Monday. That'll probably mean one of the existing Nexus 7 SKUs -- the 8 or 16GB model -- will be put out to pasture. As such, high-street retailers in the UK have begun reducing the price of the 16GB Nexus 7, which until recently would've set you back £199.99.

Currys has dropped its price to £189.99, while Comet goes a tenner further at £179.99.  A 32GB variant may be on the horizon, but 180 quid for the 16GB version still represents decent value. Before it sold out, the 8GB model was available for £159 from the Google Play Store.

It's possible prices might drop further next week, but if you absolutely must pick up a Nexus 7 right this second, these are two pretty good deals.

Source: Currys, Comet; via: Eurodroid

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Zero1#AC says:

The PC World/Curry's price was £189.99 before the announcement of the 32GB Nexus 7, Will it drop anymore?

Grahaman27 says:

maybe they are already getting them from asus/google at the discounted price?

Dirty-Bird says:

I wonder how much the 8GB/7in version will be once the the new versions come out. I want a 10 inch screen but that will still be interesting.

Ryuuie says:

There's talk of the 8GB being phased out all together or dropping to $99.

I'm thinking 149 for the 8gb makes since 149.00 for 8gb 200.00 for 16gb and 250.00 for 32gb but they could do what hp did for the touchpad and discontinue the 8gb thus dropping it down to a cool 99 bucks

Zero1#AC says:

If there is a 10 inch Nexus 7 what do you think the UK price would be any ideas anyone?

unda1 says:

I was in HMV in canary wharf yesterday and they have reduced them to £169.99, but I think I'm gonna hold out for the 32gb model!

damo says:

Surely 16gb is enough for most users out there, can't see it being crammed with music, maybe the off film or 2, but that's it surely?

mwara244 says:

I live in St.Louis MO, and they have been sold out of the n7 8gb for a month and everybody says they aren't getting more.