Moto X

Prices start at £379.95 on PAYG or £25 per month on 3G contract

Phones4u has announced that it's the first UK retailer to offer Motorola's Moto X for sale. The company says it's now offering Motorola's flagship handset on contract, pay as you go and SIM-free, both in-store and online. If you're looking to pick up a Moto X today you'll pay from £25 per month on 3G contracts or £29.99 on 4G. P4u's SIM-free price is £389.95, dropping to £379.95 if you buy on PAYG. And as previously announced, the retailer also has exclusivity over the white Moto X for the first three months of it's availability.

Phones4u's launch comes a few days ahead of the officially-announced Moto X UK street date of Feb. 1.

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Source: Phones4u

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NoNexus says:

Tantai wants to reminds you that this is a terrible phone, no one should buy it and that you should feel terrible if you do.

I want to ask are these 'foreign' models assembled in Texas as well.?

Good on the UK for joining the party, it's a good phone!

This post approved by the NSA.... at least I hope so.

Anon8154066 says:

Hail hail to the moto x bow to the master of all things active. I'm sure its a great device but is it that good?

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SASenfield says:

I replaced my S4 for the Moto X a few weeks ago and am loving it.

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ptikjp says:

Tried SGS4, Tried LGG2, Moto X is king... period.

snowdroid83 says:

For £250 I would have bought this. For £379 you're having a laugh

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Johnrb says:

Only 16 gig of non expandable memory,sorry,not good enough for a flagship phone.

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David Horgan says:

At to that its only a dual core with an out of date Adreno 320 GPU with a substandard 720p display.

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Far too expensive considering it's price in America.

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David Horgan says:

You are correct sir. At the current exchange rate, £380 puts it at $630. Motorola is banking in on the exchange rate.

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ptikjp says:

Okay then spend $700+ on a plane ticket to the US and order your own via MOTO Maker. I don't hear anyone complaining about the Xbox One price: 429.00 BP =
710.30 US Dollar

mcoutts81 says:

Caved and ordered one. Features are too good.

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