Motorola RAZR i

Moving up to a £20 plan gets you a Philips SBT300 Bluetooth speaker as well

T-Mobile U.K. is offering a pretty sweet deal on one of Motorola's headline devices for the end of 2012, the RAZR i, for just £149.99 on a PAYG plan. You can nab this device at the aforementioned price with any PAYG plan of £10 or more, which will get you 100 minutes, 400 texts and 1GB of data for the month. There are a couple more popular plans at the £15 and £25 levels with more minutes, texts and 2GB or 3GB of data as well. If you bump up to a monthly topup of at least £20, T-Mobile will also throw in a Phillips SBT300 Bluetooth speaker, which makes the deal even sweeter.

Considering that the original PAYG price for the RAZR i hovered somewhere around £300 for most of its life, this is a pretty great deal if you're looking for a good device on a budget. The device seems to have just sold out on the T-Mobile U.K. website (at least at the moment), but you may still have a shot at picking one up from a local store.

Source: T-Mobile UK; MoDaCo


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T-Mobile UK offering Motorola RAZR i for £149 on £10 PAYG plan


That's an awesome deal for this phone. Would have been nice If it ever made it's way to the states

I wish that phone had made its way to T-Mobile US, that size is perfect for my hand size. Almost switched to Verizon for that phone, but didn't pull the trigger on a 2 year deal for a midrange device. Rocking the Nexus 4 suits my needs, just not my hands.. Haha

Good phone, I picked one up on orange last week for about the same price - battery life is great and it was really easy to unlock (I'm using it on three).