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This is big. Really big. Based on the above leaked document (and assuming it's legit), it seems as though T-Mobile is poised to start offering unlimited data starting September 5th. You're saying wait, doesn't T-Mobile already offer "unlimited" data? Notice the lack of quotes around unlimited. We're talking completely unthrottled, uncapped, unlimited data available to any T-Mobile customer on a Classic Plan or Value Plan, for the simple price of $30 or $20, respectively. On both plans, that's only a $10 bump from the basic 2GB plan, which after that point is throttled to about 60 kbps download and 150 kbps upload. The only caveat, it seems, is that these new unlimited plans are not compatible with T-Mobile's Mobile HotSpot add-on. Those who want to go legit and pay for tethering on their plan will still be limited to 5 GB and 10 GB data tiers, at least for now.

If the above picture doesn't make you giddy as a schoolgirl, it really should. The combination of a T-Mobile Value Plan with completely unlimited data and an unlocked Galaxy Nexus from the Play Store is something smartphone nerds have wet dreams about. T-Mobile's Value Plans, if you're not familiar, are the exact same as their Classic Plans, but are cheaper and do not offer a device subsidy. This is perfect for those of us who like to buy and switch phones all the time, and don't want to keep paying the carrier for a device subsidy we didn't use. The unlimited data is just icing on the cake here, especially when we consider that T-Mobile is rolling out 42mbps HSPA+ pretty much nationwide at this point.

If true, this really could be a fantastic option for a lot of people who want truly unlimited data at speeds that are actually acceptable, unlike what we've seen from Sprint as of late.

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T-Mobile appears poised to offer truly unlimited data


I literally made same bad note singing of AAAAHHHH when I read that, I am so happiez. I must get my mom to switch us over.

Im gone to Tmobile if this is the case even though I recently signed a new contract with Sprint. However, I can't take this anymore and I can't take the fact that their 4g is so spotty and unusable..This will be a major win for Tmobile..IM all in!!! Also, if you don't know by now the different mobile technologies make a big difference in battery life. With that said Sprints voice technology makes for a huge drain on battery.

HSPA+...pointless. They should be starting the rollout for LTE Advanced at this point. Seeing as I'm checking GMail, Maps, etc. and not torrenting, no deal for me.

Disagree. T-Mobile should listen to their customers, stop wasting money on LTE and roll out 84Mbs HSPA+ nationwide. Our batteries will be thankful as well.

That's true, and 84Mbps theoretical sounds amazing, with that long battery life promise. Though perhaps I'd rather they focus on markets they have good coverage in already, instead of competing nationally (and shrink back on national coverage where speeds are sub 2Mbps down / sub 1Mbps up). They can build out again when they have their bases all covered. (Unfortunately I don't live in one of those - NYC)

I do know of a couple friends that live in markets that have great TMo coverage.

Whether HSPA+ or LTE is the future for T-Mo, getting Unlimited Data now will be worth getting a contract for later when that technology rolls out.

I'm on Jerkrizon right now, but I will probably switch when Jerkrizon doesn't get the Note 2. I hope it works on T Mobile. Also, I did a little side by side speed test with a Tmobile phone and it crushed my LTE GS3 yesterday. I had a thunderbolt a long time ago and it got like 20 mbps all the time. But now it may be slower than T mobile in my area anyway. Mesa, AZ

In AZ, only Phoenix and Tucson have VZW LTE coverage. I believe in Mesa you might be getting intermittent coverage. But at least you have some. A buddy in Maricopa for two years now with his second LTE phone with still no coverage. VZW customers in AZ need to make some noise I believe. But all those city councils against new cell towers even with those silly cactus coverings aren't helping I must say.

Around central Pa their coverage is not that bad. Only dead zone I had was just west of Chambersburg on route 30. Other than that voice coverage is similar as the big two. In the mountains Verizon is best. Data was another thing, but T-Mo had 3G live in Lebanon 8 months before AT&T did.

>"Get the only smartphone data plan without speed limits, caps, or overages! Only from T-Mobile"

What are they smoking? Sprint has had unlimited data plans with no speed limits, caps, or overages on smartphone plans for several years now...

Of course, Sprint's 3G is far from "fast" in most populated areas, and the 4G coverage is small. But that doesn't change the fact that the quoted line is very wrong.

Yep.... And how long 'til TMo's network slows to a crawl when everyone currently sucking on Sprint for unlimited data jumps ship for TMo's unlimited data? I'll stick with Sprint and watch my speeds go back to where they should be... LOL

Sprint is only unlimited on the Sprint network. They cap data at 300mb if roaming on Verizon. So as long as something similar doesn't apply with T-Mo, the headline is not a lie.

Of course it is while on the Sprint network. That is what they sell. You are not going to get "unlimited data" on *ANY* carrier while in roam. It costs the carrier far too much.

Besides, data roaming is typically very, very, very slow.

The headline *is* a lie.

Sigh...if only T-Mobile service in my house wasn't so bad. If only Samsung's phones actually had good radio performance. I would still be with them and be loving the unlimited life. But no, their coverage in my house had to suck so bad that my phone could drain the whole battery in 8-10 hours idle. Ah well. Verizon works in my house and everywhere else. By the way, I live in Brooklyn, NY.

I left T-Mobile the day after I read the post on this site, that they were starting to throttle data after 5Gbs of data. The very next day I received a text from T-Mobile stating I was being throttled. I didn't worry about the ETF; add another page to my credit report. But, if this is true I might actually pay the balance on that account.

If only I could place or receive calls on the T-Mobile network from within my home, I'd be there. Seriously, I tried them for one day and then had to ask for my money back.

Why bother? LOL! The entire expense won't be just those 30 bucks... you still have to go through the BS Voice/SMS paying what's ALSO DATA on a separate bill that adds up to DATA allowances... at that point why not go with Virgin Mobile... the lowest plan starts at $35 and gives SMS, 3G and 4G free and uncapped so WTH? You can get that and use Google Voice+GrooveIP to send and receive calls so... really why the amazement over t-mo coming late to the game in the first place? They are just catching up.

Don't get me wrong that's really welcome because the more competition the better... but that's not really a major thing and competition within the monopoly of wireless carriers can't be brought about by catch-ups like this. Companies that will roll out disruptive models and new ideas will. One that is trying to go in that direction is Republic Wireless... still in beta and just early adopters are getting slowly on board, but that's just one of the things that could be able to shake down a bit the old moldy models we are forced into still today where the old "voice, text and data" are all kept separate when it's all just data, period. Obviously can't overcharge for minutes or messages if such "fictitious and obsolete" distinction was dropped... and can't "entice" you into paying higher premiums to get "unlimited talk and text" if already giving you enough data to cover those too in a data plan.

That said I am in the same boat with T-mo and AT&T. I would need to stay by the window to get reception and I live in NYC... quite ridiculous if you ask me and no I do not live in an underground nuke proof shelter... it's simpler than that t-mo and at&t coverage reliability stink even today and they can push 4G all they want but while you won't always notice, in many areas you will still get 3G speeds or slow 4G which may be a bit of a boost over 4G but it's not what you supposedly pay for. Besides they clearly state it's "UP TO 4G" not 4G guarantees there... just falling for marketing is not a smart reaction there ;)

What is really good about this, for non T-Mobile users that is, is that it will start the ball rolling the other way for other carriers to start being more competitive with unlimited data plans.

Carriers seem to have been changing their data plans like crazy over the last year.

The only way that is happening is if they see a big number of customers jumping ship for it. If they only lose a few, no changes.

Why? You already HAVE unlimited data with no caps and no overages on Sprint. And at a price that is probably lower and with MORE COVERAGE than T-Mobile. The only thing attractive is T-Mobile's speed.... but Sprint's LTE rollout is moving along (just not fast enough for most of us).