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Two different T-Mobile MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) carriers have confirmed that they will be offering prepaid LTE service as soon as the network goes live, according to statements obtained by FierceWireless. Both Solavei and Ready SIM executives have indicated that they intend to offer LTE on T-Mobile's network to its existing customers as soon as possible. Ultra Mobile, another T-Mo MVNO, has hinted as to its LTE prepaid options as well.

This is great news for users who have decided to go with the prepaid route to have a more affordable wireless bill every month. Until this point it was unclear whether or not T-Mobile would hold its LTE network for its own postpaid customers, and MVNOs operating on AT&T's network have yet to receive access to LTE. Although there is no confirmation at this point, this likely means that T-Mobile's self-branded prepaid offerings -- called "Monthly4G" -- will be offering LTE as well.

This is going to be an exciting time for both T-Mobile and its prepaid MVNO partners when the LTE network finally goes live later this year. Previously leaked device roadmaps seem to suggest that March 27th may be the date for the network launch.

Source: FierceWireless


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T-Mobile MVNOs confirm prepaid LTE as soon as network is live


Now for the next big question... Will data plans both on T-mobile postpaid and prepaid (both T-mobile and their MVNOs) remain the same?

T-Mobile can welcome me as one of their newest customers
when my contract expires with Verizon, 5/20, for the
Galaxy S4!!!


LTE costs the carriers less through better efficiency yet they want to charge customers more for their perceived privilege. If T-mobile can thoroughly complete their PCS refarm (in testing I've encountered EDGE in a few areas in manhattan when I out a few days ago), build out their LTE, and leverage it on the prepaid side which no other carrier is currently doing it will be a interesting thing to watch. It should definitely have positive financial results.

True Verizon showed their stance by only offering 3G on its new prepaid plans. Sprint is offering LTE to Ting which is an MVNO but that won't take off until Sprint's LTE network is really up and running (probably not until 2014) and Sprint allows LTE handsets to be ported to Ting (you can buy LTE phones directly from Ting but its much more expensive than buying a Sprint phone from ebay or Craigslist).

T-Mobile is really great. Finally in USA we have something that the rest of the world has had for a while. BTW for people in South Jersey, T-Mobile's 1900 mhz HSPA+ is lightening up all over the place.

I'm in South jersey. Have a friend who is on Solavei and he's saying he gets great speeds on it. Surprised because coverage map for our area wasn't that pleasant looking.
I'm going to Tmobile 30 buck plan when i get the chance.

Absolutely, that's what I am having. Was pleasantly surprised when I got 4g Hspa light up on my unlocked ATT One X in Pleasantville the other day. Sure enough, more and more 1900 MHz are showing all around now.

I think they're coming around to 40 markets now live with 1900MHz. And these are 40 of the biggest markets in the U.S., not little random ones.

It's really only out in the boonies of central NJ that doesn't have good t-mobile coverage. I'm on Solavei myself and I live in Central NJ and my parents live in south jersey and even driving down to their house I can stream music the entire way. Speeds are fantastic where I live 8mbps or more 90% of the time.

This is why i'm holding off getting a nexus 4. I have a Gnex now and it works great with Tmo. Once LTE is out and about I'll get the next Nexus that has LTE. More than likely Spring or Fall of this year. Have to say not been disappointed by Tmo.

I hope you realize the Nexus 4 is compatible with T-Mobile LTE band and you can enable it. But fine by me if you want to do it the official way the corporation wants it.

It's really 2 reasons. One, yes the N4 does have the band but the question is does it have the antenna for it? If not then the radio is kinda gimped there. Now if they come out with a new upgrade to the N4 with the antenna and LTE enabled I might jump on it. Two, still looking for a new job and money is tight, ergo I can wait.

This has been answered many times but for some reason the answer keeps changing. Yes. The antenna and amplifiers are there to support LTE band 4. From what I read, they use the same amplifiers as the GSM/HSPA radio or antenna. They have shown on video Nexus 4 connecting to band 4 LTE in Canada. Same band that T-Mobile operates here in America, or I should say will operate with LTE (in live testing already in Kansas), so as long as that workaround remains open for the end user here (and I'm sure the hacking community already has this figured out) then Nexus 4 should be able to connect to T-Mobile LTE unless TMo themselves block it.

Let's hope Straight Talk jumps on board!
I'd like to get a LTE Nexus (we're assuming) to replace my G/N next Fall.

Great news, and I hope AT&T follows suit. I'm switching to Straight Talk once my Verizon contract is up in mod-March, but had to go with an AT&T SIM card over T-Mobile, as T-Mo coverage sucks once you get outside the Charlotte, NC, area. Although I was pretty sold on the Nexus 4, the Note 2 is awful tempting...

I haven't wandered too far outside of Charlotte yet with my N4. But I'm really impressed with T-Mobile HSPA around in the city. I live on the east side, right near 485. At my house, I usually get around 15Mbps down and 2Mpbs up. That is so much better than I was getting on Verizon.

We'll have to see what coverage is like when I go out riding my motorcycle.

Straight Talk's T-Mobile SIMs seem to roam more readily than actual T-Mobile SIMs - Makes sense, Tracfone has a lot of agreements in place.

I'm in Delaware and have been getting excellent speeds on Solavei via HSPA+. 12M down and 4-5 M up on my Nexus 4. I can't wait for the LTE addition. 4G LTE and Solavei's value pricing are going to be a huge win for consumers. Check my profile for more info.

I get better speeds on my HSPA Nexus than I do on my Verizon LTE iPad here in Salt Lake City.

Call it whatever G you want, HSPA is faster where i use it and I suspect easier on the battery. Simultaneous voice and data comes in handy too. Solavei is working out well for me also.

Will be interesting to test out TMobiles LTE when it becomes available here for Solavei soon.