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Wider availability of the update likely not far behind the soak test

We've begun receiving tips from those who are using a Moto X on T-Mobile (aka the unlocked GSM model) that a soak test software update is on its way. This would be the first update since it made the jump to Android 4.4, and given the recent move to Android 4.4.2 on some variants of the Moto X that could be what we're looking at here.

Motorola has been pretty good about quickly releasing the soak test  — or just jumping straight to broad availability — after it sends out invitations to participate, so we shouldn't have to wait long to see. If you aren't part of the Motorola Feedback Network to get in on the soak tests, don't worry, your update should be heading out soon provided the soak test goes according to plan.

Thanks, Anonymous!

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T-Mobile Moto X owners receiving soak test invitations


Right, because obviously the first order of business at Lenovo when they take over Motorola will be to piss off all current customers so they don't return.

I think the Moto X/G will continue to get residual Googlrola support (fairly quick updates due to the near-stock OS) but after that, I don't know if we'll see such a quick turn around. If they decide to put 0 effort into it (release bone-stock cheap phones) then maybe, but if they revive Blur and make it a competitor to Touchwiz/Sense, then I expect updates will be... less frequent.

I'm sorry, but your original comment and this reply are full of so much fail.

Lenovo isn't going to intentionally "bloat-up" Motorola's devices just to slow down updates. That's retard statement number 1.

Lenovo isn't going to revive Moto Blur: that ship sailed with Gingerbread 2.3.6 and would serve no purpose now. As has been demonstrated, Motorola can have exclusive apps without the need for a "skin." That addresses retard statement number 2.

Go drink a few beers, before you start working on retard statement number 3. Please and thank you.

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He's so mean.You ought to see how he talks too me.He took it easy on that guy.I just stop crying today at 12pm for the things he called me last week :-D

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As pointed out by thatguy97, my reply was harsh and I do apologize, brother.

I should take my own advice: I'm always telling others to not get drawn into this mess, and what do I do? I get drawn into this mess.

Again, I do apologize, brother.

My prayers are answered,he actually apologized.God is good :-D

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I'm just messing with you Merc.I hope no one here gets offended by your/our comments.We're just one big happy family who supports "Nothing beats Samsung products." :-D

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Motorola and Lenovo are equal they both suck monkey balls equally.

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Says the guy who, until today, hadn't said one word about Lenovo. How do you know they "suck monkey balls", if you've never heard of them? Oh, right, in Richard's Wacky World, you don't ever have to see/experience anything to know how "crappy" it is, it just is. What a joke.

Especially phones like the T-Mobile g1 and HTC hd2 and palm pixi or palm pre not palm pre plus in 2011 palm was in denial that it was over but DAT palm os multitasking though

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hell just The original SGS to the SGS4 is a giant leap.

AHHH... the golden age of smartphone development.

That's if you have an Android device and not from that fruity company. Then you get very small incremental updates at a high cost.

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Another amazing thing is the price on these 2 yr contract s on Verizon u can get a sgs4 for 150 hell you can't shit phone and it will probably still have a touch screen but of course t mobile kicks everyone ass right now

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I upgraded to the S4 from the Droid Charge,...which Galaxy is the Droid Charge equivalent to? But that was a big leap for me!

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I had that one for awhile, It was like the Samsung Galaxy S2.5. One of the only phones I really didn't like that much...

I was fine with the Droid Charge, had a few problems with it though. I was definitely ready to upgrade when I got the S4 though.
9mo's I've had the S4, no problems at all so far.

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I liked the shape more than anything. People think tw is ugly, they really need to look at the brown used in the charge.

I guess overall it wasn't bad bad, but bad enough to bug me on things. The three hardware buttons was another..

This post approved by the NSA.... at least I hope so.

Yall are so full of speculation. This may be a good thing. Who knows. Sure know yall don't.

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That's the industry and plus right now we as consumers are the ones winning

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Buying Motorola, appearently is the only way Lenovo will ever get into the U.S. smartphone market!

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I think the most interesting thing is will they keep the name? They didn't with IBM, so I am gonna guess not. You never know though, they have the Verizon contract to take into consideration

This post approved by the NSA.... at least I hope so.

Didn't with IBM? What business of IBM's did Lrnovo buy out? The laptop business?

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That'd be awesome if the update is waiting for me when my phone arrives!

would have been hilarious if beiber totaled that rented lambo.

12 to 24 months to 4.4.2 if it even gets that high before those devices support ends. In order to get reasonably fast updates, you'll have to get a Nexus phone or the Moto X

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I don't think Lenovo is good with timely updates but that's not going to be the deal breaker for them. The Lenovo K5000 had a nice premium look to it and could very well create a very high end elegant looking smartphone, paired with near stock software and innovations from Motorola, they could bring some improvements to the western markets

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I agree! As short lived as it was. Just for nostalgia reasons, I just might get the sequel to the Moto X, that is if one more is squeezed out before Lenova starts to make changes.

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If Lenovo handles their Motorola division like they handle their ThinkPad division, you'll still be getting updates seven years from now.

I would also note that my customers have deployed a hundred or so of the existing Lenovo S6000 tablet for data collection and it is one of the least bloated, most pleasurable tablets to work with in terms of sticking mostly to stock UI (and it is a real bargain ~$210 for a quad-core 10 incher). There is some crapware, but it can almost all be disabled. No bloated UI skin.

News Flash:
Posters eager for Google-Owned Motorola to fail twice as eager in their predictions that Lenovo-owned Motorola will fail.

As I understand the soak tests have began a week ago and "may" have already ended. The question is: when will the official rollout start for Unlocked Moto X variant? I have unlocked moto x on T-Mobile, but still don't see any updates. Checking many times a day :)