Galaxy S4 on T-Mobile

$149.99 up-front, then $20 per month on 24-month not-a-contract

Following AT&T and Sprint's launch last week, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is now available from T-Mobile USA. Right now the device is only available online -- brick-and-mortar stores won't begin stocking the T-Mobile Galaxy S4 until May 8.

T-Mo's GS4, which comes with 16GB of storage in "white frost" and "black mist" color options, will run you $149.99 up-front, followed by installments of $20 for the next two years. That's a total of $629.99, and under the carrier's new pricing arrangements, you'll need to add a service plan on top of that.

Naturally, the Galaxy S4 also includes support for T-Mo's burgeoning 4G LTE network in addition to its more widespread 42Mbps DC-HSDPA.

For more on the Galaxy S4, be sure to read our full review. And if you're ordering a T-Mobile Galaxy S4 today, shout out and make yourself known in the comments.

Source: T-Mobile

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T-Mobile Galaxy S4 now available online


Really enamored by my htc One but if I were going to get the GS4, I'd get the Black Mist color. It's so much more attractive than the white whatever they're calling it.

I ordered mine yesterday--The guy yesterday said the phone will be shipped today. I called today to confirm and was told by another tmob c/s dude that its not being released till tomorrow (5/1) and therefore wont be shipped until after.

What's so attractive about black???
I think black is depressing, black is what people wear
at funerals, black means gothic, black attracts heat.

Whitening is classy & elegant.

I am the opposite, I hate white. Black is classy and doesn't draw too much attention, it's dark and subdued.
White is bright and unappealing to the eyes, it's stark and kills the design of the phone imo.

@Illustrator Joe

Thanks for describing the details and in artistic way about BLACK. i like it too. but i also like every color in this earth, because everything has its own taste.

Thanks in Advance

Black clothes and black phones all the way

But with android phone black suits better

Just look at nexus 4 awesome

Glad for my Tmobile folk and Galaxy S4 buyers. We are inching closer to the REAL DEAL of the year the game changer the Galaxy Note 3. When that drops in September/October for Tmobile then talk to me.

Just ordered mine. Went from Classic. The guy was awesome. Changed me with no Migration fee (my 2 lines were up for upgrade, the other 2 were due in June). Got everything changes, and got 2 S4's with Expedite Overnight to receive it tomorrow, paid for shipping and got credit to my account for $50 (2 times $24.99).

Can't wait. Sucks, I dont have any sick time left, or I would stay home to get it. I guess a run to home 20 miles away for lunch tomorrow.

Did you order it in-store or online? Just curious because I have 1-day shipping yet it says it won't be delivered until friday.

Through Customer Service. No Tmo stores in Arkansas. There is no tracking number issued, but when I check order number, it does state that Estimated Delivery 4/30/2013 and shipping as UPS Next Day Expedite.

Also, something else I noticed. I got an email for the EIP agreement and had to sign it with a PIN number which was also in the email. It did state that the order will not process until I sign it. I did not have any text message or such. But the moment I signed it, I got a text message with the order number (which I did not have before).

Just something that they did not tell me on the phone.

Why didn't you guys get the free over night shipping? I just ordered about an hr ago and had the option for overnight shipping for $0.00.

Same here, I ordered mine over the phone.
Was told overnight shipping, haven't recieved
my tracking number yet though.

I don't know why some of you guys aren't receiving
yours til Wed or Thur???

"overnight" shipping for me turned out to be delivery date of the 3rd, although I haven't received a tracking number yet.

Ack, I was planning to go to Best Buy tonight and look at the S4 and the One. But apparently it's not in stores yet? :(

Edit: Oh wait, does this only apply to the T-Mobile version? Is the S4 for other carriers in stores now? If so, I'm assuming they are identical in size, shape, etc., right? So for the purposes of looking at it and using it, it's the same?

Sprint Stores have BOTH the GS4 and HTC1 on working displays but call your local store to confirm before you drive there. I compared at my local Sprint Store on 4/27/13 and just ordered my white GS4 from T-mobile because Sprint would take away my GS2 if i upgraded with them and if you travel outside USA with Sprint version, you MUST buy new SIM cards for each country you visit!

Hmmm no option to buy it outright. I guess I could just order it and immediately cancel my contract to pay for the whole thing up front? Will they unlock it?

Maybe I'll just wait for the note 3.

While trying to order it online and over the phone, both offered me to buy it outright and I plan to pay them off soon. Just getting 2 S4's and 2 more new iPhones when they come, is too much Liquid cash to get rid off.

I could be wrong, as its been a few minutes and been just too excited about getting them tomorrow, but I think the price I was quoted was $629.

Ballistic is a failure!!! The S4 is one of, if not THE
most popular Android phone in the whole world
and they don't have cases available --AT LAUNCH--!!!!!

They've had the dimensions and probably a dummy
plastic non-working model for 4-6wks.

There are Nooooo excuses!!!!!!

Just ordered WHITE GS4 after going to a Sprint Store and comparing the HTC One & GS4 side-by-side. Some people say the Samsung colors are overly saturated. My eyes say the HTC colors appear faded/bland. Other than that and fact that we can carry spare batteries for the S4 and expand memory via microSD cards, both very nice. I also like all the new accessories for the GS4.

Your comment should be deemed "illegal" and "Moronic" since I get full bar, 20-29Mbps HSPA+42 everywhere I go, and absolutely no dropped calls ever.

I've had very good service with t mobile. Now no contracts, the best phones. It saves me 80.00 per month vs AT&T and I can switch phones whenever instead of every 2 years. Suck it contracts, its prepay all the way for me.

I wwas thinking about exchanging my HTC One for the S4 but then I changed my mind. It has some good features but I love my One

Too bad im broke and I lost my job so now I can't even buy me this phone or the HTC One ugh FML!!!! :(

Someone on Tmonews stated they just received email with Tracking #. They had ordered thru customer service at 645am EST per the comment.

Mine still shows Delivery as 4/30 and Status: Being Processed.

Will update if anything changes. My fingers are already tired from hitting F5 or Refresh since 830 CT this morning.

I ordered mine this morning, early. Just happened to go to the Tmobile web site and it was there. Got a tracking # but I did have to "digitally" sign a form online in an email. Didn't get an email that it was shipped, but checked my order online and it was shipped... should get here tomorrow. I did have to pay the $24.00 for overnight shipping.

I ordered mine at 7:07am Central Expedited over night. my receipt says the estimated delivery is 4/30. 3 hours later I got an email saying 5/7. If I look online at T-mobile it also says 5/7. What gives??? I'm paying 25 bucks to Expedite it in 8 days?

I have conf #. to be delivered today. Thanks T-Mo... but ya could have saved me the stress.LOL

Hey I ordered mine at about 10 this morning and around 6 I got the tracking number and it says it will be delivered tomorrow

Just got my order in, 3 phones total. A white for the wife, a white for my son and a black for me. Cant wait!

Ordered mine this morning at around 7:30am with just ground shipping. Checked the status now and it says it left Louisville, KY and estimated arrival date 5/3 this friday.

I've always been an iPhone guy until now. I've had a hard choice between the s4 and the HTC 1, until I got to see them both yesterday. The s4 crushed the HTC in color, speed, battery change out ability,ect. Problem is my carrier doesn't get it for 1-2 weeks.

I don't understand how TMO prioritizes shipping. I ordered mine last night and haven't gotten a tracking yet. But order confirmation shows delivery date of 5/8. When I logged on to Tmo, it says shipped with a tracking #. But when I track it on UPS, there's no record to be found.

I had the same issue, ordered yesterday, but tracking number wasnt working till this morning...supposed to be delivered today.

When it says that, always remember to call ups and verify!!! Also most time it WONT show the tracking results on UNTIL it on the truck and on its way to you. Its happened to me to many times

I ordered mine yesterday morning with an original estimate delivery date of 5/3, but later got a UPS tracking number showing delivery today. Its status shows "out for delivery" so I should have it in the next couple hours...the suspense has turned my nerves into little jumping beans....

I ordered mine last night free overnight shipping is included for the GS4, also FYI if you switch your number over to tmobile you get a $50 rebate, but you have to order it online only. I added a line to my wifes account and Im paying $20 a month for my line. The email I got was just the order summary, when I place the order it made my sign digital documents.

Just got my confirmation number from T-Mo, over night delivery via UPS. 3 Galaxy devices on the way!!!!

Ordered from tmobile online yesterday 4/30 and got overnight shipping for free due to a free next day shipping promotion they are having (i had to call tmo to get my $25 shipping refunded), TMO order confirmation shows delivery date of 5/8 on webiste but UPS website shows delivery date of 5/1. When I logged on to Tmo, it says shipped with a tracking # so then I tracked it on UPS, there was no record to be found. About midnight the tracking number started to "track" and it showed my package on the way and should be here before the end of the day ( May 01). Woke up this morning checked again and now my S4 is "OUT FOR DELIVERY"...o the joy, i cant wait!!! Its like waiting for Santa all over again that why i told all my friends: S4 its what dreams are made of!