Supposed Sony Xperia Z3 specs have a lot in common with the Z2

It's time for another set of leaks on the upcoming Sony Xperia Z3, this time it's specs. We've seen peaks at the Xperia Z3 before, which looks to have a lot visually in common with its predecessor, the Sony Xperia Z2. The newly-leaked specs, some of which we've seen before, are also quite similar.

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 quad-core 2.4Ghz processor
  • Adreno 330 GPU
  • 5.15-inch 1080p display
  • 16GB storage
  • 3GB RAM
  • 20.7-megapixel rear camera
  • 2.1-megapixel front camera
  • Android 4.4.4 KitKat

For comparison's sake, that's a modest bump in processor clock speed and the rest is all around the same (or darned close) to the Xperia Z2. Which makes you wonder what the Xperia Z3 would be bringing to the table just a few months after the release of the Xperia Z2.

With these specs almost point-for-point what the current model offers, what would you like to see new in a Sony Xperia Z3?

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Supposed Sony Xperia Z3 specs have a lot in common with the Z2


Sounds right. Specs can always change though. Americans however won't see it in the US store until the Z4 is announced...

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Right what the hell happened to Z2 logo phone? Suppose to come the world's best carrier but still no signs.

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This isn't even worth of an S. Phone shave gotten bigger upgrades from manufacturing hardware revisions.

I sincerely hope the camera gets improved. As someone who has owned the Z1 and Z2, don't believe the hype. It can take great photos but usually it doesn't. The Superior Auto mode simply isn't reliable. Maybe this can all be fixed by software but they have had so many attempts to fix that sensor and optics... that I think they need a larger rethink.

Its a software issue definitely not a hardware issue, Sony needs to improve their algorithms although this is nothing new with Sony. Sony's professional cameras are usually always plagued with some kind of software issue as well, whether it be a confusing menu system or a another software issue altogether.

Superior auto isn't great. But throw that sucker in manual and it's damn hard to beat.. I haven't even used a Sony Superior Auto since the original Z - photos are always a bit too cold and washed out. I kept my Z1 and Z2 on +0.6 exposure and then tweak the general white balance a little bit as well and my pics can happily compete with, and sometimes beat the 5S and comes very very close to the S5.

actually, don't believe gilroyneil instead. DPReview gave this the highest rated smartphone camera so far for 2014.
/drop mic

I love Sony but the every 6 months flagship isn't a good idea. They are rehashing the same phone.

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Sony better put a 805 in it. Seeing as LG already placed one in their G3, it won't be long before everyone does it.
Unless the main feature of the Z3 is the new curved lenses Sony has been developing.

In any case, I'm only interested in the Z3 Compact.

Oh, and if it comes with 16GB of storage, they better have put in it the latest T2 Ultra firmware that restores the moving of apps to the SD card on KitKat.
Without that, 16GB is an immediate deal breaker to me.

I was talking about the Korea version. Don't forget, Sony's main markets are Asia and Europe. Even if only in Korea, there's already a 805 out. Which means Sony was already beaten at that there. So it's in their best interest to bring the Z3 to Europe and to the rest of Asia with the 805 to differentiate from the competition.

I would rather buy a Z1! Its $409 with almost exactly the same specs as the Z2 and it is the very same design compare to $699 for the Z2!! Bullshit

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Then do so (though I assume you speak hypothetically)... no one is forcing anyone to get the latest thing, and with these somewhat-too-frequent incremental device updates, I'd not expect anyone to.

Yes u right because I didn't intend to buy it anyway. But if i had to that would be the Z1 for sure. Will u be willing to pay an extra $290 just to have a Snapdragon 801 instead of a 800 and no change in the design? Or a 2.3 Ghz compared to a 2.2Ghz? Sony takes us for fools for sure and they have to wake up and realize that their policy isn't working at all. They even spend their whole time neglecting the US!!

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It has that...there is a dock in which you set the phone in it on its edge and it charges through magnetic ports on the side.

This is just very, very sad for Sony. Its like they had to move the extra Z2 parts and know that people who need to have the latest model will suck these things up. Talk about an early adopter tax....

Sony said over and over again that they adopted a 6 months cycle between flagships. The arrival of the Z3 in September is nothing to be surprised about, just like it won't be the arrival of the Z4 in February.

Well we don't know yet. This is just a rumour.
Also, Sony has been working on a 22mp curved camera sensor. So the improvements on the Z3 could be mainly on the camera, for example.
The improvements could also be in the hardware. For example, Sony has discontinued the wireless charging cover for the Z2. Which could mean that the Z3 could come with wireless charging built-in.

Upgrades don't necessarily need to be on the specs side. Let us wait and see. September isn't THAT far away ;)

Yeah I know it is just a rumor and I hope to see some bumps somewhere. I am not really a spec whore like others around here, features are more important but if your gonna run a 6 month cycle you have the opportunity to be on the cutting edge of things

I'll just keep my Z2. not enough of an upgrade. I may would consider if it had 32gb or even 64gb internal storage. The screen on the Z2 is much better than on the Z and Z1 but still not as good as the M8, S5, etc.

Ah, the same tired argument. No one's forcing you to upgrade to each new one as it comes out.
Heck, you could go by the model numbers if you really wanted: the Z and Z1 were C6xxx, Z2 and Z3 are D6xxx.
So if you were to upgrade yearly, you'd go got the Z then the Z2, or the Z1 then the Z3... or, heck, skip as many as you like until you feel there's been enough change. The increments since the Z1 have been pretty small, anyway, so you're not being punished for getting a Z2, nor are you under any pressure to get the Z3.

Besides, Sony have been pretty good with maintaining the many flagships: the original Z is still getting updates, at least.

As for my opinion on the device... it's nice. I liked the Z1, was keen on the Z2, but I got the Z1 Compact. So the phone looks hella snazzy, but I don't think I'd be happy going back to a 5-incher. Hanging out for the next "Z Compact"... hoping it happens.

Sony needs to change their design language. They are putting out the same phone over and over again. They also need something to set them apart from the competitors.

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Why do they need to change their design language? Apple hardly has since the iPhone 4 (or 5, if going 16:9 is as revolutionary as they claim). Samsung hardly has since the Galaxy S3. LG hardly has since the Optimus G (or the G2, really). A consistent design language builds brand identity.
That said, I do agree they're releasing new flagships a little too quickly, with not a lot to show for each one...

Man, I'm glad I don't use Sony anymore. With their horrible updates, huge bezel and phones not being released in the usa till their l they've been replaced by the next version it's just not good business.

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Just FYI...Sony was one of the first OEMs to release 4.4.4. So there's your "horrible updates". More, they're apparently bringing back features Google removed on KitKat like the saving of apps to the SD card. So...

(the bezel complaints I'm sick of so I'll ignore, the US problem...well, I understand it sucks. But it's a business decision and not a bad one from the economical point of view.)

That's definitely a Z2 in the photo. The only difference I see is that the navigation buttons don't have the black bar running across the bottom. Same bezels and everything. These specs are absolutely not possible. With 6 months of additional development time, having the only hardware improvement be a higher-binned CPU is nonsense.

I don't like the shape of the phone. Seems like the edges are a little too defined. Also, a 2.1 MP front facing camera is not going to cut it this day and age. 16GB of storage also isn't good enough. Also, dual front facing speakers. It's not as if HTC has exclusivity on that functionality.

Releasing the same phone is not going to somehow propel them into the mix of the leaders in the market. That's just banging your head against the wall hoping for a different outcome. Sony has to do something better than the competition and at a competitive price.

Well, after evleaks was way off wrong about the HTC M8 prime in which he even posted pictures and made a live gif image of a phone with orange trimmed huge rear camera, waterproofing, boomsound 2, and qhd display specs. I will take this current Z3 spec sheet with a grain of salt. I honestly believe that the Z3 will have better/improved features than what is being leaked all over the net. I mean why should Sony release a phone spec wise so similar to the Z2 and call it Z3? If anything this phone should be called Z2s just because of the small bump in processor clock speed if again this is the true specification.