If you're on Sprint and making use of a Galaxy S5, you might have an update waiting for you. Although it's a simple, small update it adds one feature we're sure at least a few folks will love to finally see arrive and that is Wi-Fi calling.

The update is noted to be software version G900PVPU1ANE5 and will be rolled out in batches so if you're not seeing it as of yet, well you'll just have to wait a bit longer because it's certainly coming at one point or another.

We've received several reports of it having arrived so we know at least some folks have already got it. Have you got yet? Let us know in the comments below if you have.

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Sprint rolling out Wi-Fi calling update for the Galaxy S5


+1. I have an old hole in the wall kinda bar that I do not get great signal in (typical sprint) but they do have good wifi to fall back on if needed.

I hear what you're saying. But if you are interested, Sprint will sometimes give customers a signal booster for free. I have one, and it works great. You do still need a WiFi network to use it, I think. But if you do not have a phone that can call over WiFi, the signal booster will do the trick.

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They are going to be phasing out the airave, hence the wifi calling. Have to say wifi works better than airave for me.

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Also Airave doesn't work well with Sprint Spark compatable devices. For them to be able to use an Airave they have to turn off LTE and set their phones to regular CDMA only. Kind of a pain to have to switch back and forth.

The WiFi calling only works on CDMA too, but the update switches it to CDMA when connected then switches back to normal mode (I have it set to Automatic) when you lose WiFi calling.

Non-CDMA devices aren't supposed to work with the Airrave, though every once and a while, my S5 will give me the oldschool 'DING-DING-DING-DING' of the Airrave.

I vacation in places where there is little to no cellular coverage for any carrier. However the places I stay have WiFi and WiFi calling is definitely nice to have.

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Same here, got it early last week. My reception is pretty bad at home as well so this helps a ton.

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All this custom crap just delays future updates. Why can't they just have it as apps and update thru play store like how Google does now a days.

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WiFi calling needs to be deeply imbedded in the OS. T-Mobile and Republic Wireless can't just make it an app either.

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To be fair, Verizon does already have great speed and coverage.

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One more thing to line up T-Mobile and Sprint for a merger...

I feel like this might really happen.

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You would be the only person who feels that way. Softbank is trying to hedge their loss on Sprint by buying T-Mobile, however the FCC will not let it go through. Softbank is essentially grasping as straws and Sprint will go belly up. There was just too much neglect for too long to turn it around and T-Mobile has become too strong for Sprint to compete with.

You are wrong. The Sprint T-Mobile merger will go through. If you think otherwise you are daft. And T-Mobile is bleeding money. They aren't healthy. And are just waiting to be bought. The merger will go through and be approved. I mean do you even know who the FCC chairman is.
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lol...your funny

I suggest you look up the 300 year plan that SoftBank has. They are looking long term, not just next year

I received the update and I must say. It's very useful where I'm at because reception is bad in my home.

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I've had Wi-Fi calling from T-Mobile since day 1 on my GS5. I think some Sprint users will really like it. Call quality over Wi-Fi is so crispy it's almost scary..

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I haven't used WiFi calling yet but is it good as VoLTE because that sounds like if you're right there in person.

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Noticed faster battery drain and it asks me to set the 911 info every 3 hours even though I am still in my house

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Network works just fine without it. At least where I am. Much more reliable than T-Mobile and AT&T.

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seriously, I live in the 2nd largest city in my state and their peak download in the city is UNDER 1 MBPS (and yes, that's on 'LTE')! It's been the same, if not worse, for the last 4 years. we were one of their 'first LTE cities'. meanwhile, in the same time, T-Mobile has gone from 3mbps HSPA, to 14mbps HSPA+, to 40-50mbps LTE all over the entire city. Sprint is a joke at this point.

I have the same problem with T-Mobile....thankfully Sprint is great where I am.

I cannot wait for the merger to go through.

If I get off their network and on to my wifi, maybe my call will actually go thru... I'm in the largest city in the Northwest, about half my calls and texts actually go through. Time to switch to t-mo.

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Dammit man, if this is an English speaking website, it makes no sense to post in some language nobody here reads.

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WiFi calling works great. Have it on my Note 3. Even works better with the HD VOICE. Sounds extra crispy.

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This is a great option for when you have little or no coverage in buildings or in a poor coverage area. The problem with it is that Sprint's implementation. They have only pushed it out to a very few selects phones and those are mostly Samsung devices. This is BS and no reason why it can't be part of newer phones running 4.0 or better. Especially the newest HTC, Samsung and LG phones

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The coding for each is a bit different depending on the skin. I do agree that it should be across all phones, and think it will be eventually, but they are going slow...way too slow...

I understand that each phone is slightly different but the core code is should basically be the same so taking this long to implement it to a wider audience is ridiculous.

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We are not really talking about the core though. We are talking about the way that calls are handled and unfortunately Sprint is CDMA so it is closed source

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No-no I was talking about the core code for the Wi-Fi calling. There will always be differences in the OS due to customization from each manufacturer. I do know what you are saying though. Still no excuse to get the option out to the masses.
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Fortunately, my fiance just got this phone after the update was rolling out. The GS5 has no damned signal at all in our house smack in the middle of a city here in Connecticut while I have a minimum of 3 bars on my T-Mobile device.