Nexus S 4G

Since its release, Sprint customers have had quite a number of complaints about the Nexus S 4G and have been patiently awaiting an update that they hoped would fix some of these issues. Earlier this month we saw that the update was delayed, but Sprint has come out and confirmed that the update will begin rolling out on July 25, only three days away.

These enhancements should increase 4G data speeds and signal strength for users. The software update also improves Wi-Fi connectivity, speakerphone audio quality and adds TTY support for the deaf and hard of hearing.

This should come as warmly welcomed news by all Nexus S 4G owners, and while the update is scheduled to start on July 25, it will be a staggered roll out as usual, and should reach everyone's device within three weeks from then.

Source: Sprint


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Sprint rolling out Nexus S 4G update on July 25


That's good news to hear. I bought my Nexus S last week because I wanted that no skin pure Android experience seeing I was coming off of a tweaked out Palm Pre that I customized the heck out of thanks to that home brew community along with Palm/HP allowing us to do that since day 1. So I looked at all my options for my upgrade and really liked the fact the Nexus S was free of skins and bloat ware that normally slows the Android OS down, bricks it and puts crazy delays on Android updates. (can't wait for some ice cream sandwich) the only thing I seen wrong was reception issues but decided to take the gamble this update would come soon. Hopefully this gamble pays off and out does fix these issues I've heard of. I'm in an area that has a very strong sprint signal so it hasn't been an issue with me.always fast and strong connections. But I do travel and hopefully I won't have any issues now when I do that.

Great, now where is the Gingerbread update for the Epic 4G? For a phone that is running practically the same hardware minus the NFC, I can't figure out why they can't get an 8 month old OS released for rest of the Galaxy S line.

A: The update that sprint provided. Stops me from tethering arrg...

:O( Tethering the internet your phone already gets, is a feature of the phone and not a feature of the service provider.

Does any one else agree?