Sprint has announced a brand new Sprint ID pack aimed at fantasy football lovers. The Fantasy Football Fanatic pack will give you essential apps that will help get you through the season. The pack contains news apps, fantasy apps, podcast apps and even the popular Facebook alternative FriendCaster so you can smack talk with your friends.

Apps included in the pack are:

The app is free and can be accessed from Sprint now. If this list doesn't completely satisfy you, check out our Essential Apps for the 2011 Football Season.

Source: Sprint; Fantasy Football Fanatics Sprint ID


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Sprint announces Fantasy Football Fanatic Sprint ID pack


I agree. I liked the apps they had when they partnered with the NFL but the offerings now just aren't useful. I guess it is that whole quality over quantity issue. I like quality.

Evo3D is not a SprintID-enabled phone. Only these are:

Epic 4G
Optimus S