Xperia Tablet Z

4G LTE version of Sony tablet first to get the 4.2 update

Sony recently promised Android 4.2 for the Xperia Tablet Z in early August, and now the updates are beginning to roll out, starting with the 4G LTE version of the tablet — model number SGP-321. The Tablet Z LTE is getting a firmware update to version 10.3.1.A.0.244, which according to XperiaBlog is the same build how hitting Xperias Z, ZL and ZR. The update juggles around the on-screen controls, moving them to the middle of the system bar in the typical Android 4.2 style. And there's now a traditional notification bar up top, too. Similarly, you'll now find quick settings in the notification shade, just like on a Sony smartphone.

We'd also expect to see Android 4.2 features like lock screen widgets, Daydreams and multiple user accounts on the tablet, though we have no specific information on whether they're included or not.

Posts on the XDA forums reveal that while some users are getting the upgrade already, many aren't — so it seems we may be looking at a staged rollout for this particular update. If you've got an Xperia Tablet Z, be sure to check for OTA updates and new firmware via the PC Companion app or Bridge for Mac. Let us know how you get on down in the comments.

Source: XperiaBlog; XDA


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Sony Xperia Tablet Z Android 4.2 update now rolling out


This firmware number is the same that is supposed to be rolling on to Xperia Z phones - but like you so eloquently put it it has not rolled out across many handsets at all - in fact the 4.2 JB that has been supposedly rolling out since june 24th has not reached many handsets at all.

Most especially the ones that use the so called GENERIC firmware.

Maybe somewhere there at Android Central could assist us in this


Anyone know how I can circumvent the carrier and just update it. Stuck on 4.1.2 on my tablet z lte. Im in Canada on Virgin (Bell)

I hate that they have moved the home button to the middle. You can't reach it while holding in landscape mode. I'm seriously considering not upgrading.
That was a minor factor that made me choose the Xperia Tablet Z over the Nexus 10.