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Sony Mobile returns in late 2012 with a new design, and faster hardware in its most recent flagship smartphone, the Xperia T. If the Xperia T looks familiar, it might be because it's channeling a little of last year's Xperia Arc, with an elegant-flag front and a curved back. And while the Xperia T is heftier than its predecessor, it feels just as great in the hand. Hardware highlights include a Snapdragon S4 dual-core CPU at 1.5GHz, a impressively bright and clear Sony IPS-based HD Reality Display and a 13MP rear camera (check out our initial photo and video samples).

On the software side, we're unfortunately still running Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich, though Sony promises an upgrade to Jelly Bean in due course. Being a Sony phone, the Xperia T delivers an understated skin on top of ICS, with Sony-branded apps including a Walkman music player and PlayStation Mobile. Timescape returns to perform its social media duties, and Xperia Link allows an easy way to tether the device to a Sony tablet, if you have one.

On the whole, it's a solid high-end package from Sony, and a marked improvement upon early 2012 efforts like the Xperia S. We'll have a full review written up in the days ahead. In the meantime, check out our full hands-on video and photo gallery after the break.


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Sony Xperia T hands-on video and initial review


I know this is strange, but anytime I see these kinds of galleries, I feel like I'm clicking through some weird techie porn gallery... and I like it. :D

I wish more companies including Sony and Samsung can come up with 4.1 Jelly Bean for their new line of phones. What's the point of having the old version of the OS when you are trying to complete with other companies(including other OS devices)?

I am still waiting for the JB update on my Samsung S III and I guess people who buy the Sony Xperia-T will also have to wait.

Just root your phone and flash a JB ROM. Not only are you waiting on Samsung, but also on whatever carrier you are using. I have a Galaxy S2 on AT&T and am currently running a stock JB ROM that is pretty much flawless. And I know there are some great JB ROMS for the GS3.

Unfortunately, there are those of us that don't have this option. For example, the AT&T HTC One X, after the most recent update to firmware version 2.20, has yet to be unlocked. Now, I'm not terribly upset, as the phone is running GREAT on 4.0.4 and I have no complaints, but the option has been removed for me to be able to upgrade myself to JB without advertising to HTC that I have no warranty.

At least the S3 was more or less fully baked by the time Jelly Bean dropped, and the upgrades are now starting to push.

Sony has no excuse, though. I thought they'd learned their lesson here, but apparently not. The only way they'll learn is if customers refuse to buy handsets running old versions of Android.

I just used my iPad to pretend I was making a phone call, I realized anyone who buys one of these Notes is pretty foolish and silly. You are going to look like a huge putz

Only an iTard would compare the size of an unwieldy iPad to that of a svelte Galaxy Note II. I and many millions of others will be buying the note and we'll all look cool, plus we'll be getting the most powerful, most functional and most intuitive phone known to man.

I like it! My first android was an xperia x10, replaced by a nexus s. If the rumors about many nexus devices I think Sony will definitely get their turn....and I will want this phone!!! I would love to have another sony device, and with the xperia s getting aosp recognition I think this is a sign of things to come.

This looks like a nice device. It's what I would expect to see from a new sony device. However, I'm still holding out for a sony xperia nexus. I truly thing we will be seeing one some time soon, and I'll be standing in line waiting for one when we do. As nice as this one is, it's not a nexus. Sorry. I do love its side-profile though....that curve looks really sexy!