Xepria with Jelly Bean

Android 4.1 updates will be available starting this week

Following the announcement that there would be an announcement, we now have the official roll out schedule of three Sony Xperia phones: Xperia P, Xperia go, and Xperia E dual. All three phones will get Android 4.1 updates beginning this week. The update roll out is planned to happen in phases, so not all phones will see an update notification by Saturday. Sony says as we finish April and get through May, the update schedule will ramp up and eventually reach all users.

The convergence of Sony's software with Google's Android 4.1 Jelly Bean promises to bring some useful features to these three Xperia phones. New versions of the WALKMAN, Album, and Movies apps are included in the update. A 'Battery STAMINA Mode' is now part of the OS, and aims to shut down battery draining apps when device screens are off. Sony's launcher gets new features for its homescreen and app drawer, making it more customizable and easier to use. The normal Jelly Bean features, like Google Now, are also included.

Not all Xperia models will be able to download the update over the air. Updates that are especially large, like the one for the Xperia go, will need to be downloaded using Sony's PC Companion or Bridge for Mac. An in-phone notification will alert those still running Ice Cream Sandwich.

The next devices in line for updates are the Xperia S, Xperia SL, Xperia ion, and Xperia acro S, which will be getting Android 4.1 starting at the end of May. Good news indeed for Xperia users.

Source: Sony


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Sony Xperia P, Xperia go, and Xperia E dual Jelly Bean updates rolling out soon


@Casey Rendon

Thanks for the information.

It's really cool to hear that at last SONY are rolling out JB update for Sony Xperia P, Xperia go, and Xperia E dual phones.

Thanks in Advance

hi.. im having a problem after i updated my phone to jelly bean suddenly my photos not show in album..i restart my phone so many time but nothing happen. is there something i need to do?

hi i have updated the xperia go from ICS to JB and unfortunately i m not able to view the album .i have restarted the phone and tried to restore the back up many times but unfortunately i was iunable to view album.please suggest..asap....thanks...

Hi...i have the same problem...but i fix it already...try go to SETTING and BACKUP and RESET....just reset ur phone so it will reboot it self...just remember to save all your data in your computer or in Google's backup....

Im facing the same problem too. It was initially working fine untill I did a Force Stop in the running apps settings. Tried all ways .. even a hard reset. Didnt work out. Im in the same condition as u r. Someone please help me fix this issue. :(

Hi I'm also facing d same problem. After updating to jb I'm not able to view my album photos pls anyone do reply for the solution. Thks in adv

Hi, I have upgrated my XPeria Go to Jelly Bean and I'm facing a big problem with phone calls. After dialling and pressing "call", the phone is completely frozen ! It remains frozen from several seconds to about 1 minute !! During this time I have no information about the call setup progress. The call can be established, and the celled party can talk "alone" : I'm not able to know when the call is established and to hear him speaking !!! Then, my phone is no more usable !!!!

I don't know if anyone has already experienced this problem ...

Best regards.


my problem is the same after instaling version 4.1.2 , and after restarting my phone (pressing in same time volume up and off button) problem is soleved for now.

Hi everyone,
I found the solution.
Go to Settings>Apps>All>Album>Clear Data>Restart your phone.
The album will work now. Hope this helps. ENJOY