Sony Xperia J

Good news for Sony Xperia J owners - the official rollout of Jelly Bean has begun. This will bump the Android OS up to version 4.1, bringing with it new features from Jelly Bean like Quick Settings in the notification area. A new version of Sony Select has also been packaged into the update. Xperia J users should be getting an update notification on their phones automatically in the coming days/weeks. If any users are unable to update over the air, they can check out Sony's official page for a manual install method.

Source: Sony; More: Sony Xperia J Forums


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Sony Xperia J updated to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean


Help... keep getting this messsag...
Keeps popping up
What am I supplies to do with that?

Go to the forums and ask the question under the phone you have. Also let them know if you are stock and rooted.

Generally it is because one of the Google apps is hosed and need to be cleaned up