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Sony's been more transparent than most manufacturers in the way it's handled its Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich updates. It released a couple of early ICS builds for various 2011 Xperia phones over the past few months, and now the manufacturer has a fresh beta ROM prepared for yet another device -- the GSM Xperia Play. As Sony prepares to roll out the Play's ICS update, it wants advanced users to see how the phone's library of games holds up on the new version of Google's OS.

To get an early look at Ice Cream Sandwich on your Xperia Play, you'll need an unlocked device on the latest firmware, as well as an unlocked bootloader (check Sony Mobile's bootloader site). You'll then need to flash the new ROM onto your device using some command-line wizardry. After you're done, Sony wants to know what you think, and it's set up a thread over on the XDA forums to collect feedback from testers.

A word of warning, though -- Wifi connectivity is apparently not functional in this beta, and there are no Google apps included either, apparently due to licensing issues. The latter can be solved by finding, downloading and flashing the apps yourself, but the lack of Wifi will probably be a deal-breaker for many. That said, we expect enterprising Android hackers to have a workaround for that before too long.

For more info, along with download links, check Sony's dev blog, linked below.

Source: Sony Developer Blog


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Sony releases ICS beta ROM for Xperia Play, invites advanced devs to test games


For a company that was the worst for software updates in the past have surely turned it around. They make some of the best hardware and now have maybe the fastest software upgrades. This is a major turn around and hope they sell the USA customers their phones.

Perhaps things will improve for them, but it always seems like they have really nice hardware that just comes up short in some way and the masses will never buy it. Maybe it's the prior stigma of poor software update timing, but it would really take a lot for me to buy a Sony Android smartphone - even though I have no problem buying their tvs and laptops.

Why is there no interest in this phone? I guess unless your are Samsung no one cares anymore. HTC is trying really hard.