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Last month Google’s Android Open Source Project lead Jean-Baptiste Queru (JBQ) announced the launch of an “experimental” project to bring the latest open-source Android to the Sony Xperia S (LT26). Sony quickly confirmed its support of the project, and today it’s followed through with the release of closed-source binaries to allow the project to continue. These are blobs of compiled code (e.g. graphics firmware) that cannot be open-sourced, but which must be built in advance in order for any AOSP build to work on Xperia S hardware.

In addition, Sony has reaffirmed its commitment to open-source Android “and the innovation it brings.” The company says that with the help of the proprietary files that have been provided, it expects the AOSP build should be capable of booting up and reaching the home screen.

The binaries are available to download from Sony’s developer world site at the source link. While the binaries won’t be of any use to custom ROM enthusiasts, they just might result in the quicker arrival of more stable AOSP builds for the Xperia S. There’s a long way left to go before Xperia S owners will be able to download and build open-source Android for their devices, but this is an important step along the way. We’ll be watching with interest in the months ahead.

Source: Sony Developer World


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Sony releases binaries to support JBQ AOSP project


Sweet now if sprint would get off it's proverbial as and release the binaries for the galaxy nexus, and i can get JB much would be appreciated.

I'm curious why the VZW had them released, but the Sprint one was not. They are the same phone with different frequencies, right cdma/lte?

The hardware on the Xperia series (except for the Xperia Play) have been gorgeous, in my opinion. I've always been a fan. Their skin is very nice looking too, but I can never go back to a non-Nexus device.

I'm sincerely hoping that Google decides to use Sony as the next vendor for the Nexus, rather than Samsung. I remember it being thrown around at the Oracle trial that the Xperia Play was going to potentially be the next Nexus.

A change in vendors away from Samsung seems increasingly likely in light of the lawsuit and continued lawsuits thrown by Apple. Fair or not, Samsung's image has been damaged in the US, and Google needs to move away from such heavy reliance on them.

I'm imagining Jelly Bean running on this hardware with instant updates from Google and I'm ready to tell Sony to take my money.