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A new device bound for Barcelona next month?

Sony's CES press conference came and went without anything truly new introduced to the gathered media. Both devices announced in Las Vegas already exist in some form, but what we're seeing here might be a first look at the first properly new device for 2014. Several images have appeared of a device labelled as D6503, and at first glance looks like a refreshed Xperia Z1

And that's not too far fetched for anything we might expect from Sony heading into Mobile World Congress next month. The Z1 itself was an iteration from the original Xperia Z. There are some clear design differences between this device and the current Z1 though. The side bezels are slimmer – though top and bottom are still ridiculously large – there's a different design to the speakers at the bottom of the phone, and the lanyard strap has moved. The change in bezels could indicate a bump in screen size, but not by much. 

Otherwise, it's a pretty recognizable design. There's no word on the camera resolution since that image is pretty blurry, but we do see the obvious G-Lens logo on the back, so at the very least we'd expect it to match the current Z1's 20.7MP shooter. 

Whatever this may or may not be, or whatever Sony is planning to take to Barcelona in late February, we'll be there to bring it to you. For now, hit up the source link below to check out the rest of the images. 

Source: XDA via Xperia Blog


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Sony leaks start again, show possible refresh to Xperia Z1


Please make one for sprint market, so I can buy from your manufacturing company

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With those bezels it better. I been defending the stupid large bezels under the assumption that they need large bezels to make the phone waterproof.

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I prefer the large bezels, otherwise it would be no different to any other phone which is basically a slab of glass. You can tell that these phones are Sony as they have a distinct design and also I'm sure the large bezel will protect it from drops etc.
The phones with no bezel will be hitting the glass when droped on the corner etc.

The bezel and the screen is made from one continuous piece of glass, know it wouldn't make a difference.

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Magnesium is not the material you want to use in a waterproof phone.. Water can corrode it. So it's probably aluminium like in the Z1!

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Isn't the Z1 an updated Z?

Yo dawg, I heard you like updates, so we made an update to the update.

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Fingers crossed!! Can we get an unlocked LTE model for the us market, like the z ultra?

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I wonder if they'll release a new z ultra. I want to purchase one but I'm still on the fence about the size and is be so pissed if I bought one and a new one came out soon after.

I love the Xperia phones. Me and the wife had the z with T-Mobile and it's a great phone. Only reason I got rid of nine is because I missed my Note 2 and I hate phones with locked bootloader since I like to try different roms. But my wife loves it and I'll probably upgrade her to the z1s or the z2 if it comes to T-Mobile.

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Since they've just launched the Z1s on T mobile, it'll probably take forever if ever to bring it to the us.

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I've read the same thing on multiple websites. Two things that are important to me with a smartphone, fast webpage loading, and fast charging! So I'm excited.

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As long as it's waterproof I'm glad.
Due for a new phone in March and really want a waterproof one as I'm an avid swimmer and my phone is around the pool quite a lot.

Getting the z1s, this looks great but won't worry about it cause it'll take a year to get stateside

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I'm so tired of the Xperia after Xperia phone release. Sony needs to completely scrap this line of phones, get a new interface, and come out with something fresh.

Well the interface is getting another overhaul, but the Galaxy name is not going away anytime soon.

And it shouldnt really. You know how much time, effort and money it take to build that kind of brand recognition?

Me too but it causes nerd rage around here

Mommy posted this because I am not allowed to internets

I understand about having to many Xperia versions but what's wrong with the ui from Xperia? If you don't like their ui then get a different manufacturer. I actually hear less complaint from Xperia users than other manufacturers.

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This package is great just as many Sony products, they just spend to much time fixed on play station. PlayStation is safe but an aggressive advertising campaign is what is needed. You can have the best product but if now one knows about it what good does it do anybody?

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I believe the answer is yes, but go check the forums here. You'll probably get some better answers.

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