Xperia Play

Sony Ericsson has certainly remembered that we love videos for the Xperia Play marketing campaign, and while there is no dismemberment and cyborg thumb-bots in these, they are every bit as good.  They are also a little NSFW (you've been warned).  There is nothing more that needs said -- see them after the break.  [SonyEricsson YouTube via 9to5Mac] Thanks, Rene!



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Sony Ericsson shows off the 'play' in the Xperia Play in a series of videos


These sure do make the Experia play seem like its the best device to be rolling out. I'd definite play with one a bit, and that gamepad is made by playstation, so you know its super good. I think i might even be able to out type a few people with one of those over a real physical qwerty like the evo shift 4G. But my eyes are on a Droid 3 or a Targa.