Some users report Galaxy S5 camera failures

The Samsung Galaxy S5 has a fantastic camera, but it seems that enough owners of the new Samsung flagship have experienced errors that Verizon is taking support action to rectify. The error, simply described as "Warning: Camera Failed" freezes the camera app on launch and requires a reboot of the phone. Needless to say, that's not an acceptable issue for any user, and Galaxy S5 owners that encounter the issue are being advised to contact their carrier support for assistance.

The issue has proven prevalent enough that Verizon took to Twitter, telling Galaxy S5 customers plagued by the waring that they should contact Verizon support (@VZWsupport, naturally), and that they may just end up replacing the phone:

Galaxy S5 users in our own forums have also encountered the issue, with the error popping up on Sprint as well as Verizon. BGR is also reporting that Sprint has been replacing affected Galaxy S5 units, as have other carriers.

There's some sort of fatal glitch affecting a portion of the user base of Galaxy S5 owners. It's not everybody — we haven't encountered this on any Galaxy S5 in our possession, but it's enough users and bad enough that the carriers are resorting to replacing the phone outright. What exactly is wrong, we're not certain — all we can say right now is that if you are seeing this glitch, you should go ahead and contact your carrier for support.

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Galaxy S5 owners with 'Warning: Camera Failed' errors advised to contact support


what they're not telling you is there gonna give you a refurbished phone. Every GS5 on every network is having this issue. I'm sure samsung is working on a fix in the mean time I've heard that using the google camera works fine. I would be holding onto my new 200 device there's no way I would settle for a refurb

Hard to believe your statement. ""what they're not telling you is there gonna give you a refurbished phone. Every GS5 on every network is having this issue.""

We can't use the forums as a census, but so far it's just Verizon and Sprint GS5's. Also, where would they even get hundreds or thousands of "REFURBISHED" GS5's from when the phone just came out? Most phones take months before refurbished ones are available to hand out, i know this from experience with swapping out old Blackberry's, my HTC One X's and my Optimus G with a new one after 2-3 months.


I had issues with a phone when it first came out, they told me there were no refurbished ones yet. They did try to offer me an 'alternative' but in the end sent me another new one.

That being said, they one I am using has no issues, running on sprint

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Simply because if the issue is somehow hardware related...whose to say that refurb you receive isn't also affected? And, because Samsung has not provided a fix, I think it is probably more wise to hang on for a while until a fix has been identified then return it as necessary.

Yeah, you don't wanna get one of those old refurb GS5's.

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This happened with the HTC One M8 also. Some password apps using certain settings caused the camera failure.

It's the Verizon bloatware, sorry I mean software, that is causing this. I though Verizon was famous for spending months on end certifying that each device and all of its software works flawlessly...

It could be that all of the carriers are causing the problem on their own. Doubtful, but you can't say that each carrier isn't causing it in its own way.

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True, but the likelihood of a "perfect storm" of multiple carriers' bloatware causing the problem is incredibly remote. It is much more likely to be hardware related.

This "Camera Failed" message is not new. It's been a problem with Samsung phones going back to at least the S2. Had it happen with my Note 2 once. Was able to fix it myself, but it required root access to do it.

Can you teach me how to fix it? I have the same problem and had my phone replaced 3x already. Im tired going back and forth to the store. I hope you can help me. I just love this phone.

Could even be all the crap that Samsung packs in. Seriously 8GB for the system alone?

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i had the issue on my m8 it turned out to be lastpass . I had to set the camera as an exempt app in lastpass. What happened was the camera would only open in landscape mode, in portrait it would error out and crash. After putting the camera app on the exempt list in last pass it worked fine on the m8. Haven't had the issue on my verizon S5 at all and I do have lastpass installed.. Hope this info may help someone.

I had a similar problem with S Health after I disabled it and re-enabled. I uninstalled the S Health update and it worked again. Maybe the camera software need a reset. But after using the M8 for 2 weeks and then switching over to the S5, I can confirm that Sense 6 is smoother and better optimized.

Depends on the country. Also, Best Buy charges about $100 more than the carriers, generally, for the same devices. *NEVER* buy your phone outright from Best Buy, unless they're offering some kind of sale.

the iphone with its horrid iOS doesn't ship with carrier crapware installed. until when do we android users have to put up with this s***t?

Unfortunately, it's a different kinda thing. I'm not sure how Steve Jobs got the carriers to not put bloatware on there, but he was notorious for being able to get those kind of deals. I'd be a little surprised if we were ever able to get that same deal with Android devices. I'd be less surprised if the carriers started doing it to iPhones.

The first iPhone was a huge success. After that, Apple only told the carriers to sell their iPhone as is or go fuck themselves. Apple makes its own rules regarding carriers...

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This sucks for those affected. However, no device is immune from defects like this. Hopefully the carriers/Samsung's customer service team will ensure that the users are taken care of.

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Lol Sprint literally bricked my friend's S2 with its ota update - no signal = battery drain (5 hours on stand by) and after many complaints all he got was "sorry we can't reverse it and you have to wait for the new update..." After 2 weeks he bought an iPhone.
I had similar issues with s3 on vzw too.
Idk why, but somehow these 2 carriers are the worst when it comes to software management and Android.
Since I have 0 issues w Moto X now, I'm scared to upgrade. :) I'll do it when it dies on me.
I guess Apple simply don't let them touch the phone.
VZW Moto X

Unfortunately, I know from experience that this is not a new thing for Samsung phones. Had something like this happen with my Note 2 once. A quick Google search shows people reporting this issue going back a few years. Luckily, I was able to fix mine, because I had root access, but it's going to be a problem otherwise. Hopefully Sammy's able to get this resolved quickly.

Hi. I have rooted S5 with camera failed error. How did you manage to get your camera to work? I did memory card trick at first that helped. Turned phone off, took memory card out, switched phone on, did nothing, turned phone off, put card back in, swiched phone on and camera worked. After 2 restarts it wont work anymore. Warranty is voided because of these small scratches on one corner.

I have only had my GS5 for about 5 days, and I am getting this warning message. I got it the same day CSpire got them. So it's not just Verizon with this error. I'm about to contact my carrier ASAP.

Holy Crap almost returned my Note 3 because I would get a "camera failed" everytime i wanted to take a picture. After a few hours of Googling and resets and wiping cache and data and what not I found out uninstalling Go Flashlight app fixed it instantly.

Sprint is NOT replacing the devices unless you file an insurance claim and pay for it. Your other options are be without a phone and send to Samsung for repairs, upgrade(if eligible) or buy a phone outright for an outrageous amount.

Samsung Mobile Phone is the disappointment of all NO SMART NO GUARANTEED PHONES,
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Had to pay $55 dollars for them to fill in the failed phone form , the communication was none existence --picked up the phone after 3 wks new MEA front -OCTA assembly complete new complete A/S Assembly -PBA Main (Asia)
The total; repair was not under guarantee the cause and effect cost $541.76, which I duly paid grudgingly
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